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I got me a Facebook Page!

I just created a quick Facebook Page!

Like it, share it, you and your friends will get the latest of my Reviews right to your wall!

Thanks for all the views, shares and support!


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Re-Visits! A New Type of Review!

While at Dinner in Dahleez (A place I have already reviewed) I got a cool idea. In many places, not everything is always consistent, whether the food or the service may change. I also haven’t reviewed everything on the menu.

In my Re-Visit section, I shall review different dishes that I have at the same place, remind the reader of my previous ratings of the place, and provide a new kind of rating, “Deviation & Change Rating” where I shall express how much difference has the food, service or place gone through from the time I reviewed it.

More deviation would mean that the place is constantly changing, less consistent and accordingly shall describe whether it was a good change or a bad change compared to last time.

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Posted by on June 3, 2012 in Personal Notes


First Post!

Well I wanted my first post to be more of an introduction to what this blog is all about!

I decided to write reviews of dining experiences I have around Dubai mainly, and also shall include food that I order in.

I do not have any culinary experience nor am any professional but I do know that in Dubai there are so many expatriates and also tons of restaurants everywhere we go. I also know that most of the people going to restaurants are not professionals nor culinary experts as well, so I am a part of that majority of people who just enjoy good food!

My reviews aren’t going to just be about the food, I want to review the entire experience, service, layout, and anything I can think of actually!

I hope you enjoy the reviews and visit often! 😀

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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Personal Notes

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