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Soho Grill – Wafi Mall

It has been quite a while since I have had my steak fix and after getting back from travel, I have been in the mood for some steak! I have interacted with Soho Grill on twitter a couple of times, and when I was planning my lunch, I happened to see a tweet by them. Co-incidence? I think not! It was a sign from the steak gods.

So I went to give them a try and see what all the fuss has been about. They are available in more than one place but I chose the Wafi Mall branch.

Soho Grill - Seating Area


As it turns out, they are located in Wafi’s Cafe Court (The new side of the mall), which is supposedly some kind of classier food court. I mean, look at the picture above, they did manage to pull that part off.

But in typical food court style, ordering and paying (while ordering) has to be done at the counter and they shall serve you. I think Soho Grill deserves more of a full on restaurant experience, but hey, that’s what they got right?

Soho Grill - Front Counter


They claim they have a “stripped back design with industrial accents” I guess with all the boxes styled designs they use, I guess it works.

So they got their own little spot to order from. The servers were glad to help out pick stuff and answer any inquiries. I certainly did not know what to pick, so that came in handy!

Soho Grill - Menu


I liked their menu. It isn’t crazy lengthy nor too short. It had a good selection of starters, combos, steaks, burgers and desserts with a few sides. It did make picking stuff a bit easier, and also seemed to keep them within their field and range of cuisine, which is essentially, a Steak & Burger House.

I always appreciate a place that doesn’t over bloat themselves. There are no claims to be the best Steak in town and all that nonsense, which always boosts expectations and increases disappointment often. They are a unique and focused place and that is about it. They do claim that they have “big bold flavors” which what I was now hunting for!

So, enough blabber right? Time for some seriousness here!

Soho Grill - Soho Wings

What you see above is their Soho Wings, which is rather unique, why you ask? because:

They are Char-grilled, smoked and cooked in the oven and are served with a light blue-cheese sauce.

Grilled, smoked and finished in the oven? “Sounds like a lot of work for some wings, hope it pays off” is what I was thinking.

It did. They were delicious! There are some very delicious flavors popping out of the wings. They were cooked well with a slight crisp to the outside, which was very satisfying. If I would have a request it would be that I would have liked some more of the sauce they glazed it with, other than that, lovely wings. The sauce was light, not so strong on flavor, but was quite aright.

Another cool thing about the dish was, naturally, they are to be eaten with your hands! The way the buffalo wing lords intended which would get messy, but Soho thought of that (Thankfully) and they provide a little bowl with hot water and lemon to help clean them sauce-coated fingers just enough to get you by without getting sauce all over your phone’s screen.

As for the “piece de resistance” (I hope I am using it right, excuse my French), I went with their 8OZ Sirloin Steak (For the rest of us, that’s about 225 grams)

Soho Grill - Sirloin Steak


I ordered my steak with the sauteed mushrooms, French fries and mushroom sauce.

Let me begin with the Steak as that’s the vital component obviously, I ordered it medium well, and it was for temperature, but for preparation I got to give them a well done! It was delicious, the steak looked appetizing and tasted really good. The sirloin cut was just right, with nearly no fat. I really enjoyed it.

The sides were very nice too! The mushrooms had this lovely creamy sauce which had herbs and garlic in it, I really loved it. The fries had some herbs sprinkled on top which gave them flavor and were crispy. The mushroom sauce was slightly on the thick sauce to my liking and had very light flavor. I wished it had more flavor, it would have been even better!

I think the dishes overall were well thought out and executed. I really enjoyed the meal (Plate wiped clean alert)

Value: The menu above has the prices at the Wafi Mall branch where I went, the food is of a good quality and has good flavor and I think it has overall good value.

Verdict: I think by now my verdict is quite clear, I enjoyed my lunch and was satisfied with what I was served without doubt.

The Food: 7.5 / 10

I recommend you try out Soho Grill. If you like steak house style of food, they do not disappoint.

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Fern W Fekhar for Dinner at Uptown Mirdif

Uptown Mirdif has a big Food Court but I didn’t fancy any Fast Food, so we headed towards Fern W Fekhar. They are a Lebanese place and have all the Salads, Grills and more.

One nice thing about the place is, that very little is actually happening behind the scenes. There is the Grill Station in the middle, the Shawerma station on one side and the Bread and Saj oven on the other. You really do get to see most of your food being prepared.

Another thing that is interesting is their counter.

You could look at a menu in your hands, or just.. look at the counter, the entire menu is right there. I just had one thought about this, if they are busy and there are people with trays and all, the menu will get covered. Other than that, when empty its a very big and clear way to see what they have.

We went with Shish Tawooq Sandwiches.

The Sandwiches came with 2 plates of Pickles and Tissues. We had ordered 3 7-up drinks on the side. The presentation was simple and to the point. Plain paper wrappers in two layers. One on the bottom and one on the top. I always found that simple to eat, just Pull the top out and start away.

The Pickles were crunchy and tasted really well.

So, I picked one, unwrapped it and…

Was impressed! I mean, I have had this sandwich before, but it was a long time and I had forgotten how it was.
The Chicken was perfect. The whole Sandwich had about 4 Chunks of Chicken. It was not over-cooked or under-cooked in any way. The Chicken was soft, tender and juicy. No dark sides or anything, they grilled it perfectly.

Essentially what they do is (and I know this of course, because I could see them do it) they prepare a Skewer with Chicken and Green Peppers, place it on the grill and once done they place the skewer on the prepared bread and just pull it away, leaving everything the way it was on the Skewer.
Speaking of the prepared bread, they traditionally would put Pickles and Garlic, but you can substitute it with pretty much any comparable replacement. We asked for Hommus instead of Garlic, and it was delicious.
They roll it up and wrap it up. Simple, straight forward, warm, with a lovely flavor.

Value: Each sandwich is 10 Dhs and the 7-up (Or any similar soft drink) is 3 Dhs. Two sandwiches is filling for a person, so that would make it quite a good value.

Verdict: They have very good, straight forward and freshly prepared food. The Shish Tawooq Sandwich was very simple, and apparently the quality and taste comes from this simplicity.

The Food: 7 / 10

I’d really recommend this place, especially the Shish Tawooq, whether Sandwich or otherwise.

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While walking at Festival City, felt like pasta but did not feel like Dining at a restaurant for it. Thought of a few places and I couldn’t think of many but then.. Vanellis popped into my head!

For all those that may not know Vanellis; they have branches in many malls, they have ready Pizza slices and whole Pizzas, but mainly cook Pasta to order. That’s their main attraction.

At Festival city there are three burners, and the chef (Is he considered a chef? I think so..) can handle three pasta dishes at a time.
So how does it all work? Like this:

– You select your ingredients (These are in front of the burners).
From what I do remember they are: Shrimp, Calamari, Hot Dog, Chicken, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and a few more things.

– You then select (After the ingredients are cooked in some oil for a few minutes) your pasta of choice (or a mix of them all)

– Finally, you select the sauce you would like (White – Creamy Sauce, Red – Tomato Sauce, or both together) and add Cheese to your liking. Optional toppings of Chili Pepper and Oregano are there too.

I usually discuss Value at the end of the review, but there is an important point I need to explain. The charges for the Made-To-Order Pasta varies a lot. The main factor of price is your main protein. For instance; Pasta with Sausage is 29 Dhs and Pasta with Shrimp is 34 Dhs.
Adding Broccoli, Mushrooms and Tomatoes, Single or Mixed Sauce do not add to the price, but with every additional Protein, you get extra charges and Cheese is also an additional Charge. From our meal, the extras we had were:

– Cheese on top of the Pasta (Melted on top) –  5 Dhs
– Extra Squid (Calamari Rings)                     – 10 Dhs
– Extra Sausage (Cut up)                             –   5 Dhs

The important thing is, They do not mention this before ordering.

So, back to my dish!

I ordered a meal. The lady at the counter asked if I wanted a Salad or Drink (Not sure if the extra charges are the same or not). My dish contained Sausages, Shrimp, Broccoli, Mushrooms and Cheese with Mixed Pasta and Mixed Sauces. So how did it actually taste? Really good! It was cooked freshly in front of my eyes, I saw how it was cooked, what was put on it, and how it was served right from the pan to my plate. What more, in terms of standing there watching the food being cooked, is there?!
It was hot, the cheese had melted all over and it was really delicious (I had asked for a little Chili Pepper and Oregano)

The Pasta come Pre-Cooked from the Inside kitchen, and he finishes it off with the Protein, Vegetables and Sauce. It was done really well, nothing over-cooked and thankfully nothing under-cooked. I enjoyed it. The Hot-Dog is the usual frozen one found at the supermarket, the Shrimp are small cleaned and deveined (I appreciate that), the Broccoli was… well.. normal Broccoli but I realized I just had 2 pieces on my plate… where was the rest of my Broccoli?! and my Mushrooms disappeared in the sauce but I did occasionally meet one or two. Overall, no real complaints it was a good dish. After doing this once, you can definitely perfect your plate the next time.

Value: Pretty Decent. The above dish was 48 Dhs. 44 Dhs for the Pasta and 4 for the drink. It is cooked fresh in front of you, and tastes really good. The quantity is good as well, it is really filling.

Verdict: It is quite a good alternative to Fast Food I believe. It is entertaining to see your food being cooked in front of you and you get to add your own touch to your dish. If you want Pasta but do not want to head to an Italian restaurant, Vanellis is worth stopping by.

The Food: 7 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Just be careful not to get too creative, they will cook what ever you want, it’s you who gets to pay and eat it!

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Pizza Hut for Lunch at Mirdif City Center

On the side of my main meal, I felt like trying Pizza Hut’s new Boneless Chicken Wings before the promotion ended.

The good thing is the Variety. In their theme “Wing Street”, the Chicken Wings come in two types Ordinary (With bones, called “Bone in”) and Boneless (Called “Bone out”) with 4 flavors: Original, Chili, Honey BBQ (Which is actually Honey Mustard) and Grilled Flavor (I forgot to ask what that is).

They come in 4, 9 and 12 Pieces (10 Dhs, 19 Dhs and 24 Dhs respectively).

I went with the 9 Pieces with the Honey BBQ Sauce.

They came in their Traditional Take Away Box but with a new design and color. They provided Tissues, Ketchup and Utensils. It smelled really good and I could not wait to dig in!

They had given me a Buzzer and the staff had been polite and friendly from the start. Welcoming and greeted us too.

I opened the box and was greeted by 9 pieces of Boneless Wings. I have had this issue before, why “wings” ? I shall not go through this again, but I always wonder. I quickly dug in and I really liked it!
The Chicken: They were hot, crispy on the outside and were delicious. What really made a difference was the sauce! There wasn’t a lot of sauce but sufficient for taste. The Honey BBQ was actually Honey Mustard. There was more Mustard taste than Honey which was very good. I absolutely loved it. A really good Appetizer!

Value: Pretty decent. 19 Dhs for 9 pieces of Chicken “Wings” is quite alright. Their ordinary Chicken Wings cost exactly the same, so it fits well especially since it is nicer.

Verdict: Go for it. Try it as an appetizer even if you want something else, it is worth it.

The Food: 7.5 / 10

I really recommend this Appetizer.

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London Fish & Chips for Lunch at Mirdif City Center

Once again, a new Category. I do believe this might be the last one I add though.. I decided to create a Food Court category because it would not be fair to rate the Place as it is the Food Court not their place, and the Service as you only spend 2 minutes at the counter. I shall mainly review the experience and rate the food.

The first thing was, I have not had London Fish & Chips in a while so thought it would be around time. I ordered me their “Mayfair”. At the counter the staff were all polite and happy to serve. They provided a buzzer for when the food was ready.

The meal came with Chips (Fries for the rest of us), Soft Drink and a cup of fairly liquidy Tartar Sauce.
The Shrimp: First thing I realized was that there is a good amount of Shrimp, estimated around 8 Medium sized shrimps. They are fried well. They have no shell just the tail, and are coated in a crispy outer layer. They do taste rather oily and that is a bit off putting, but with a little lemon that goes away. I cannot eat the whole meal without lemon as the oil will really get to me. That is a slight downfall, the other one is that the Shrimp aren’t all deviened perfectly. They tasted well, especially with the sauce. If you like to dip in, one cup is definitely not enough. Ask for more, you’ll need it!
The Chips (Fries…): Lovely. They are hot, fried well and the insides are really soft. Also, plenty Fries to go with the Shrimp.

The tray came with a packet of Ketchup, a Salt Packet and Utensils. No Tissues though.

Value: Pretty Decent for Sea Food. The Mayfair meal was 34 Dhs. I asked for 2 extra Tartar Sauce and that was free. One thing interesting is their Bill. The meal is mentioned as 34 Dhs for the Shrimp Dish, and the drink is Free. No.. It is not free, it is 34 Dhs that includes the drink. I found that funny.

Verdict: I like their food, and this Mayfair Meal is nice. The Shrimp is nice, Fried well and there is plenty of Shrimp and Fries on the plate for one person. I just wish that the oily taste didn’t exist, but I do remind myself, these are deep fried.

The Food: 5.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. If you feel like London style Fast-Food Sea-Food, London Fish & Chips is worth a try.


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