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Dessert I have out and about!

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

After lunch at Mirdif City Center, we really felt like dessert. It is pretty hot so I wanted something to cool off. While walking around, we passed by Pinkberry. It was full. So we took another round to find a place to sit.

About 15 minutes later we found a few empty places, so we ordered! The staff were really polite and really friendly.

They have a few flavors of Frozen Yogurt, but most of them are seasonal. The Original and Chocolate are permanent, but their Strawberry, Mango, Peanut Butter and Watermelon are seasonal, they end at some point. The latest addition though was the watermelon. So that’s what we tried.

I ordered half Watermelon and half Original. It comes with 4 toppings. The lady at the counter offered a special Watermelon Puree which I could have instead of 1 of the 4 toppings. I was intrigued and as it turns out its a thick watermelon sauce that was ICE Cold, so after being poured it gets frozen around the Yogurt. I liked that, especially on the original flavor’d Yogurt.
For the rest of the sides I took some Strawberries (for 1 more topping) and Hazelnut (for 2 toppings).
So, how was the Watermelon Yogurt? Pretty good! If you like watermelon (or even if you do not actually) you will like it. It has a clear flavor of watermelon and yogurt. I liked it. I still prefer the Original to be honest, especially if you can get the watermelon puree. The Strawberries were fresh just like most of their fruits from the way they looked.

Verdict: A very nice, cool, freshening and different alternative for having something cold compared to Ice Cream. It is healthier too (if you stick to fruits and normal flavors). They have a nice variety of flavors which they will let you try as you wish. I really liked Pinkberry and watermelon is a nice addition to their flavors. If you want something to cool off, try Pinkberry. The small size is very sufficient for one person, only go for the large if you are two or more!

For 23 Dhs you get a small sized Yogurt (Which you can have as two flavors as above) with 4 toppings.

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Pinkberry for dessert.

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More Cafe for Dessert at Mall of the Emirates

After my last Dinner at More Cafe (You can check my review of that Dinner here) I decided to have some Dessert at More Cafe.

They do have a good selection of Desserts and a whole list of Ice Creams (Including some rather unusual ones) I, though, went for their Chocolate Mousse. Their menu described it as:

“Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce on the Side” 

I like Chocolate Mousse, although the Chocolate Fondant looked intriguing.

The first thing I was shocked to realize was the sheer size! The plates are big, and there is a lot of Mousse on the plate! It was topped off with custard. The sides of the Dessert came on another plate.

The chocolate sauce was lovely, thick and delicious. The Vanilla Ice Cream was ordinary Vanilla Ice cream about the size of one small scoop.

So how was it?

Verdict: Something absolutely inconsistent about their portion sizes. The Chocolate Mousse was good. It was thick, creamy and did not disappoint. It was yummy. The confusion was why it was so massive. It was good for 2 or even 3 people. The taste went well with the custard, but was not mind blowing. The Chocolate Sauce was nice, but did not fit perfectly with the Mousse.
The Ice Cream was a small scoop size and I do not know why it had to be. I would have really preferred if they had provided half Chocolate Mousse serving and double the Ice Cream.

Due to this big amount of Mousse, the Dessert cost 38 Dhs, which is slightly pricey considering it wasn’t necessary to be this much. Cut the portion by half, and cut the price by half and we’d all be more appreciative.
It tasted good, so a service for two people would be more suitable.

When the waiter came to pick up the remains of my Mousse, he was like “It’s big right?” so I am sure they get that a lot. Also, after finishing the Dessert, he was like you should try the Fondont, it is nicer. Great.. Thanks for telling me after I am done.

Rating: 6 / 10

I’d recommend More Cafe for Dessert, especially after their good food!

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Cinnabon at Dubai Festival City

There are many kinds of desserts around the mall, but one of the special places is Cinnabon. So, while walking around, that’s that we went for!

There is quite a few places inside, from tables to couches. There is also seating outside. The weather was not too good outside, but with the open door, it was just right to sit in front of the door. They always leave it open though, so the first table is like a special table.

We ordered a Mini Caramel PecanBon and a Chocolate Cinnabon. The Chocolate was still in the oven so I had to wait a little.

The Mini PecanBon’s official description is:

“Classic Roll is topped with Caramel and Pecans”

That is exactly how it was served. It was a little hard on the outside, but the insides were soft, warm and just right on sweetness. The sauce overflowed and that is useful for dipping in a little. The Pecans were nice too.

After about 10 minutes (They estimated 15 minutes), my Chocolate Cinnabon arrived!

It was fresh out of the Oven so it was a little hot, but that was not a problem. I could not find the Chocolate Cinnabon’s description, but it is essentially their Original Cinnabon (Warm dough filled with their legendary Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting) with Chocolate on top and in side of the dough.

The outer layer was a little hard but only on the top, and the rest was super soft! The sweetness again was spot on for Cinnabon (It is a little over sweet compared to normal sweets, but that’s how they do it!) and it was delicious. The normal sized Cinnabon should be the Large because it was big. Should be for two people actually. There was plenty of chocolate and cream to go around, and the Center (Usually the most amazing part) was perfect. Sweet, Covered in enough sauce and super soft.

Verdict: Cinnabon as usual has not disappointed. The service was pretty good and the Cinnabons were delicious. I really liked it and I would definitely come back. The Cinnabons were Sweet, Slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with sufficient sauce and cream to really enjoy every bite of the dough.

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Cinnabon for dessert.

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Leil Nhar Dubai Festival City

While walking around Festival City, I felt like something for Dessert. I decided to pass by Leil Nhar to sit a bit and also have dessert.

The menu had quite a selection of desserts, including a few Arabic ones too.

After making the order, the waiter brought the place setting.

Sitting outside was a little unpleasant but they were air conditioning units outside, that essentially blow slightly cool air. Shortly afterwards the rest of our drinks arrived and my dessert was brought.

I ordered myself something that seemed a little different, a Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. Quite a risk it seemed.

The presentation was nice, and it was time to dig in.
The Ice Cream: It was nice Vanilla Ice Cream, I could not identify which brand it was, but it was nice.
The Cake: Boring. It was thick chocolate cake. It had a weird taste, a taste one gets from those supermarket cake boxes that you make at home, a weird scent. It didn’t have the yummy bakery freshness or taste to it. The only good thing is they considered warming the cake. I could imagine, if it was cold it would have been quite hard. it was fairly thick on its own.
The Marshmallows: Small multicolored Marshmallows covered in chocolate sauce. They were interesting but I did not see them matching the rest in terms of flavors.

Verdict: I did not really enjoy this cake. It was pretty fine, but I ordered a Chocolate Cake, fine is not what I want! The taste of the Chocolate cake having that little taste usually found in cakes made at home wasn’t what I expected. Also, when going in, I saw a whole load of these cakes put on display. They basically use this chocolate cake for all their chocolate cake dishes. This isn’t made to order. The Ice Cream was the part I enjoyed. The rest wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good either.

Rating: 3 / 10

I wouldn’t recommend this dessert, try something else if you are there.

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Paul Cafe – Cakes and Pastries

I really felt like something sweet, and since Paul gave me quite a good experience the other day (Check out my Paul Cafe for Dinner Review) and they had some really delicious looking sweets, I went for it!

I took them home though.

They have a very neat, simple and classy box. I really liked it.

I ordered 2 Coffee Eclairs (I wished for Chocolate but they were out) and 1 Vanilla Millefeuille. Now, I am not 100% that it is a Millefeuille as I was not told what it was, but I think it is.

The Coffee Eclair: It was very nice. The outer was soft, coated on one side with a caramel like sauce and a creamy Coffee filling inside. The filling was thick, creamy and there was enough to go from first to last bite.
I am not the biggest Coffee Eclair fan, but it was very nice, I ate it and enjoyed.

The Vanilla Millefeuille: This was the really delicious one. The top and bottom were pastry of many thin layers (some people call it Puffy Pastry) and Vanilla Custard about 2 CM high in the middle. The Custard-like filling is a little thick to hold it all together. The top was glazed in a Sugary Coating. This one was the real enjoyment, too bad they only had one.

Verdict: Their Pastries (Like their food) were very good. I tried two random selections that caught my eye, and they were really good. They were fresh, soft and did not seem left there for long. Also, most of their pastries were gone by the time I came to make the order (There were whole cakes though) which does mean, there are many other people who share my opinion. I would definitely go back for more dessert soon!

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Paul Cafe for Pastries and Desserts.

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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at the Mall of the Emirates

It has been a while that around Dubai there are sign boards advertising Krispy Kreme’s new Doughnut holes. While at Emirates Mall, I thought I’d pop by and try them.

The Mall of the Emirates branch is tiny. There is a big counter and just 1 row of about 5 tables for 2, each. They have a wide variety of Doughnuts, and on the top there are 4 trays filled with the new “Doughnut Holes”. At first thought they looked different from the advertisements and I was expecting that but I thought they would be smaller and more circular.. in a more unified balls, kind of way.
I ordered a box with 24 Pieces for 20 Dhs.

It was not as attractive in the box as in the pictures, but I would not judge till I tried them. They come in 7 Flavors (Although only 5 were available at the time): Chocolate Cake, Original Glazed, Vanilla Cake, French Toast Crunch, Banana Cookie Crunch, Mocha Cookie Crunch and Caramel Cookie Crunch.

Verdict: I could not taste anything special but they were not bad. I had the Mocha, Chocolate, French Toast, Caramel, Original and well.. they were average. I liked the Chocolate and the Original because they tasted like their Doughnuts. In all fairness, it is nicer and easier to have, but having a Doughnut isn’t a Military Mission now is it! I did not like them much. They are nice to try, maybe have some, but if you are going for flavor and taste, go for a normal Doughnut in whichever Flavor you wish! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are usually very yummy.

Rating: 3 / 10

I’d recommend you stick with a regular Doughnut. Try if you feel like it, they do resemble their respectful Doughnuts and aren’t bad.

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