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Food enjoyed while being in PJ’s in the comfort of my home!

Al Tawasol

A while back I tried Mandi (A traditional dish from Yemen, more on it here) and I really found the concept to taste really good, and then I was introduced to Muzbi, where the chicken was not cooked in the rice but grilled. This tasted even better! I had tried a few places with Muzbi and the search for the best Muzbi had begun.

I heard about a place, near Al Riqqa street on the road towards the Clock Round-about in Dubai, and even though it didn’t look like much I wanted to try it, I believe looks in food can be seriously deceiving.
I called them up and made an order for two Muzbi.

Al Tawasol - Delivery Bag

The delivery did take a while, but then again it was Ramadan and we were near Iftar time. They had an ordinary plastic back with their logo and all their dishes.

Al Tawasol - Unpackaged

Unpacking the bag revealed two aluminium plates (the two Muzbi we ordered), 6 small cups of their tomato sauce, two cups of lentil soup and two plates of salad (which is essentially just one piece of a few types of veges)

They did not bring anything other than two spoons. I have had Muzbi/Mandi places that sent tissues and even thin plastic table cover (the same plastic cover they used to put food on when eating on the floor in their sitting area in the restaurant)

On the plus side of things, Al Tawasol are quite generous in another way. We had asked for hot sauce, they brought a new small bottle and they had not added any charges, and in other scenarios, asking for additional lemons or onions, etc are actually given free with no additional cost. That is quite good.

Al Tawasol - Muzbi Plate

So the Muzbi itself, before anything it was really good. The rice is plentiful, certainly can satisfy a hungry person. It has herbs and spices inside which is important to look out for. I really never liked to chew on a whole black pepper seed or a cardamom, but there weren’t many in there though. The rice is two colors and tasted quite nice. The chicken has was quite red, and indeed, this redness was from the spices. It wasn’t really spicy or anything but certainly well spiced. The taste is quite nice actually.

The only thing I have to say about this is, I have had better grilled chicken in Muzbi dishes, but they weren’t spiced. This was spiced but wasn’t grilled as well as other places I have tried. So a bit of a give and take.

Al Tawasol - Tomato Sauce and Lentil Soup

On the side of every Muzbi/Mandi they provide a small cup of Lentil soup. It is a bit watery and certainly not the best lentil soup, but it does give a little change of taste to the palette and it isn’t bad.

The Sauce they provide is rather interesting. The tomato sauce is diced tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and chili peppers. It doesn’t taste as good as I would have expected it to, and did have a little weird flavor to it. it works, just not perfectly.

Overall, certainly a very good dish to have considering they are generous to your needs, and the dish actually tastes good.

The Value: Here is the part where the trade off comes into play, other places that had better chicken or had more rice or so, cost more. Each Muzbi cost 24 Dhs, without any delivery cost. Keeping in mind they offer a cup of soup included in the 24 Dhs does give it more value. Additional Hot Sauce or Onions or so, are free. I think that is very good value for a large plate of rice with half a chicken.

The Packaging:  5   / 10
The Food:         6.5 / 10

Overall: 5.75 / 10

I’d recommend Al Tawasol for Mandi/Muzbi lovers. They are quite cheap and the food quite good. Certainly a good experience.

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Man2ooshe & Co

Man2ooshe & Co is one of the famous places for Manakeesh (Mana2eesh, Manakish, how ever you want to read it) so it was about time I give them a review. They do have several branches and thankfully one near where I live.

They have a good selections of Wraps, Pizzas, Manakish and Mini-kish. For all who may not know, Manakish is essentially a dough that is put in the oven and could have several toppings from Cheese to Meat. The dough once out of the oven can be served face open like a Pizza or folded. There is also a nice little story written about how they started up and reached where they are, all good and interesting but I rather the food do the talking.

I selected a few things off their menu and let it rip! First of all, I tried their Pizza!

I really do like their Cartoon character logo guy, and the whole Pizza box is fairly modernized and interesting. I had ordered the Chicken Pizza, it had arrived quite hot.

The thing that bugged me though, was they provided no utensils at all. Sure, I do not need a fork and knife for a Manakish and a Pizza but Tissues? Ketchup? Other Sauces? Anything?

I started off with the Pizza so let me start it off here as well

The main ingredients that I could identify were Chicken, Olives, Corn, Cheese and Tomato Sauce.

So how did I find it? Missing something was exactly my reaction… First of all, the Chicken, it was overcooked and dry, so that on it’s own was a downfall, but putting that aside there was something different, or should I even say odd about this Pizza.. It wasn’t bad, just something felt missing. The Sauce did not have a rich enough flavor, and the quantity put was very little, the Cheese wasn’t as delicious as I would expect and with the dry Chicken it just didn’t turn out too well. On top they gracefully seasoned the Pizza with Black pepper, for some reason I really liked that!

Had a few slices of the Pizza, and enjoyed nibbling on the corn bits that seemed to not be a part of the Pizza but just fall off so I thought i’d move on to the Manakish.

I ordered two to give a comparison and try more off their menu. I went with the Hot Dog with Cheese and an original kind of Manakish, a Cheese Manakish. They came in their own individual wrappers inside the Brown Paper bag shown above, also with their Cartoon Character dude.

First of all, unwrapping them showed me that they both looked the same so there will be just one picture!

I started off with the Hotdog. I got to say, it tasted quite nice. There was plenty of Hotdog inside but a little lesser Cheese than I would like. The Dough was soft except for the edges where it was a little hard and without any Hotdog or Cheese with the edges it was a little dry. Overall, a not bad Man2ooshe.

As for the Cheese, it was better. Same Bread, same problem with the edges being a little hard and tasteless without the main ingredient, but the rest was very good. There was sufficient Cheese that was really nice, thick and yummy. Not the best I have had, but quite good indeed.

The thing is that they have all the necessary elements to be outstanding, but they need a little more effort, maybe a little creativity, a little more emphasis to be special and they could do it, with ease!


The Medium Sized Chicken Pizza was for 30 Dhs, the Hotdog Manakish was 13 Dhs while the Cheese Manakish was for 10 Dhs, including a 2 Dhs delivery fee the total was 55 Dhs. Which is quite good value for the amount of food ordered.

The Packaging:  6   / 10
The Food:         5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.75 / 10

I’d Recommend Man2ooshe & Co for a change of tastes as they do have nice Manakish, but I’d prefer dine in so things might be a bit better than they did in the review.

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Chili House

I have seen Chili House before, but I never really knew what they served. While going through I came across their menu so I took a look and figured out they essentially had Salads, Sandwiches, Burgers, Hotdogs and Chili Spaghetti. Okay, I was intrigued.

I made a quick order online, and wished for the best! I always get a little doubtful when trying new places, but it is starting to wear off since starting this blog..

The food did take a while to arrive, about 40 minutes and the driver did explain that they were busy.

The Packaging was interesting

The food came in 3 different bags, but it seems that each served it’s purpose. The one on the far left was for the drinks, so it was alone not to cool or to get moisture on any food, the one in the middle had the French Fries which I thought was for the whole moisture build up, and the rest of the food was in the thick white paper bag. I do think that is a well thought of way of packaging, I certainly appreciated the effort.

The first thing I did was unpack everything, and take a picture for all you hungry people

First up, I had ordered a Cheese Burger Meal, and a Spaghetti. I shall begin with the Contents, the Spaghetti and then the Burger.

The Packaging was pretty good from the start, the quality really did show. They had provided Forks, Tissues, Ketchup packets and a Straw.

The Spaghetti was a bit of a mystery while ordering, because at the time, I did not have descriptions and the available options/types of Spaghetti available were: One-way, Two-way, Three-way, Four-way and Five-way. What did that mean at the time? Nothing. I went with Two-way not knowing what to expect!

For the review though, I did find out. The original Menu Described them as:
Hot bowl of our unique chili topped with diced onions, red beans and cheddar cheese

Amman’s unique style of chili, prepared fresh daily served over spaghetti

Amman’s favorite! Our famous chili served over spaghetti and topped with cheddar cheese

take our Three Way one way further and add onions or beans

Should be called ALL-THE-WAY! Top your spaghetti with chili, beans, onion and cheddar cheese”

So Two-way wasn’t such a bad guess after all! Okay enough with the descriptions, time for the food. In plain simplicity, it was quite nice. There was plenty of sauce on top which wasn’t so chili-like but more a Mince-Meat sauce. It seemed a little dry from the picture, and I thought so too, but once I dug in and mixed it up and down, most of the sauce had drained to the bottom. It was pretty nice for sure, but for further reference, I would go with Five-way and see how that goes. The Pasta was cooked well, not over or under cooked. The serving was sufficient for 1 person, I think it does need to come as a meal, which fortunately, they do offer.

Time for the Burger then..

My first thought was that it was very colorful! I had ordered a Cheese Burger Meal, which came with French Fries and a Soft Drink (Why do they call it Soft Drink though? How hard is it to drink water? anyways..) The Burger was very nice.

It had Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mayo, The Beef Patty and a Slice of Cheese.

I wished it had something Signature or Unique to it though, but it didn’t. So, it is hard to explain, it had nothing Special or Unique yet it is worth it… I shall give it a try though..

The Ingredients are very fresh, and on the box it does state that they do come fresh on a daily basis. Now I cannot put that claim to test other than the fact that the ingredients tasted fresh. The Beef Patty itself was nice, and tasted good. Again, there is a claim that the Burger is 100% Pure Beef and 88% Fat Free. Lovely! I really did like the Burger. I think what made this quite a good burger was that there was no attempt to make it Unique and failing at it, like I have seen in the past. If I do have one criticism, it would be the bun. It was a little hard around the edges only.
The French Fries were really good, thick, crispy and soft in the middle. Seasoning was quite good as well.

The Coke well.. How do you review a can of Coke? Cold and Coke-ish.


The Cheese Burger Meal was 35 Dhs and the Two-way Spaghetti was 28 Dhs, and there is no delivery charge. I think it is quite good value for the quality that Chili House has presented, from the Packaging all the way to the Food. I enjoyed it.

The Packaging:  8   / 10
The Food:         6.5 / 10

Overall: 7.25 / 10

I’d Recommend Chili House for sure! I do look forward eating from there again and seeing what else they have to offer. Good food, and attention to detail.


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Park Central

Park Central is one of those healthy places that boast their Organic Products. I am not one to give a lot of interest in that, but it is always worth a try! I went through their website where they describe their Organic-ness. They had a take away menu which surprised me with one thing, and it was that they have 24 hours delivery. That is impressive.

Now, I made two orders that were unlike the usual orders of a Burger or something, I wanted to see what they could really do!

I made an order. Unfortunately it did take them over a hour to get to me!

Keeping that in mind for the review, I took notice of the bag

It is quite clear that Park Central is out for a serious mission! To write that on their bag must mean they are really into it! I have read a few posts they have made on Facebook suggesting that they are now the alternative to the typical excuse of fast food at night because everything is closed. I think that is smart, but do they have the food to back all this up? Time to find out!

I thought I’d start off with one entry in their “Starters” section to start things off, The Mushroom Buttons

Before I talk about the Buttons I received, I have to mention something quite important. The menu does have a lot of entries and a whole lot to choose from but not everything is explained or described. For instance, the Mushroom Buttons in the menu was stated as follows:

“Mushroom Buttons
Crispy, Hope you like Garlic”

Lovely but what are they?! Eventually turns out they are lovely Mushrooms with a Crispy Battered outer layer.
The Mushrooms were rather big and juicy on the inside. It was a little cold but nothing discomforting (I can imagine the food being a little cold with the long delivery time I experienced). The Garlic sauce was nice, was a bit more Garlicy than I like, but I was warned by the menu right? It was nice, I liked it.

For the main order, I was not sure what to go for! There are so many nice options, but I wanted something different, something unusual, something… Until my eyes fell upon something called “Bavarian Chicken”. Come on, when is the last time you heard anyone say, I feel like some German Food?! This I had to try!

The food came with no short of Utensils. It came with two sets of Utensils, Tissues, and two cups of gravy (which weren’t bad but needed more salt I think)

So what was the Bavarian Chicken? The menu described this as:

“Bavarian Chicken
“Very Well Made” Free Range Chicken Breast Breaded with Organic Bread Crumbs over a bed of Hand Mashed Potatoes and Peas”

The “Very Well Made” part seemed very German by itself. The meal was actually very good! I did not expect much but it was great. First of all, the Chicken was good. It was two breasts, breaded. It was Crispy and the Chicken was cooked well. If I have one comment it would be that the Chicken needed to be cooked a little less, it was slightly beginning to be over cooked. As for the Mashed Potatoes, it was new to me! as what I had expected was Mashed Potatoes with Peas on the side, or on the top, or inside the Mash as a whole, but as it turns out, it was Mashed with the Peas. I was a bit skeptical but it was really good! It needed salting, which they had not provided by the way, but once I did, it was really good!

I did enjoy this meal, it was unusual, out of the blue, and worth while. The food came in Microwavable Plates which always shows care for detail, quality and this even continued with the Utensils, there was something about them that seemed of a good quality. As it turns out, Park Central wants to be the place of everything, as the Dine In seems to have the Take Away contents and much more added to it with the place being a Cafe as well.

They are doing really well to fight off Fast Food, and are very appealing (Love the look of their menus) Lets hope they can actually save the world of Fast Food!


Before I say anything, Organic food is usually more expensive than traditional food. The Mushroom Buttons were 29 Dhs and the Bavarian Chicken was 44 Dhs and including a 5 Dhs delivery charge, the total was 78 Dhs. The value of the food was fair enough considering it being Organic, Fresh and available in a wide variety.

The Packaging: 7   / 10
The Food:        6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.75 / 10

I’d recommend Park Central, they got a high rating because of their good tasting organic food, attention to detail, quality and variety of food offered.

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Bait El Mandi

Driving by where I live, I noticed Bait El Mandi. This was a place I had not tried and I personally haven’t tried that many Mandi places. I thought it would be a nice time to give it a try!

I checked online and found their menu. The surprising thing is, they only serve Mandi. Chicken, Meat, fish, but only Mandi. For all who do not know what Mandi is, it is Rice and Meat (or Chicken or Fish) cooked with rice in a special Oven often dug underground. More on Mandi can be read here (Wikipedia)

I gave them a call and placed my order. Within 20 minutes my bell range, and it was the food.

I was handed this brown bag that has the Brand Name and some information on it. At least it wasn’t plain white!

Before I begin the with the food, Mandi is usually eaten in a traditional form, which is sitting down on the floor and having the food plates/platters on a plastic table cover. Very simple, and usually eaten with bare hands. Most Mandi places even set their restaurant’s layout to sit on the floor.

I unpacked everything and these were the contents; The Mandi, a Plate that had some Greens, Onions, a serving of Tomato Sauce, a Spoon and surprisingly, the Same Plastic sheet they serve food on in the restaurant. This was a first time I get something like this in a delivery, but hey, it kept my table nice and clean.

Time for the main meal!

And there you have it, a Mandi serving. There was half a Chicken in there with plenty of rice. This serving is definitely enough for one person. The Chicken was very tender and soft, nice flavor to it, but not too much. Speaking of not that much flavoring, the rice followed the same trend. There was a bit of flavor but not by too much. The Tomato Sauce helped things from getting too dry as well. I did like the Mandi but I would prefer if both the Chicken had more flavors and the Rice had more herbs in it! Overall, it wasn’t bad.


This was the surprising part, the whole Mandi with delivery was 20 Dhs only. Very good value I have to admit

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         5 / 10

Overal: 5 / 10

I’d recommend Bait El Mandi for try or if you really love Mandi. They are quite cheap and the food isn’t bad.

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A new day and a new craving! I have been doing quite a few delivery reviews lately as I have been fairly busy, hopefully there will be more Dine In reviews soon. As far as what was for dinner is concerned, I really felt like Lebanese food!

There are several around but I remembered seeing one called Lebanos the other day in JLT. I guess now is a good time to try it out then!

They had all the expected out of a Lebanese restaurant such as Grills, Salads, Sandwiches and more, but I was hungry, I didn’t want no salad! Time for some Lebanese Grill!

I went through their menu and picked up some food.

Their packaging is pretty nice and simple. White paper bags with their Logo, Contact Details and Address.

I ordered a Grilled Chicken and Vine Leaves as a side dish

With the order of Grilled Chicken I got a serving of Garlic. I am not sure, but I think that is quite a large serving of Garlic for One Grilled Chicken. Maybe I do not eat that much Garlic but I would prefer if it was hommus instead. The Garlic itself was not too strong which made it quite nice to have without that strong Garlic taste or aftertaste for that matter.

As for the Vine Leaves, they were delicious! Soft, quite “Vinegary” and tasted really nice. I have tried these from many places, and I don’t necessarily have a favorite place, but this is one of the nicest I have had

Obviously, its high time to dig into the main meal! The packaging had the above platter covered in foil, a pack with Utensils, and a pack of bread.

On the platter, the Grilled Chicken was laid Flat and with a side of French Fries.

The Chicken was really good! Grilled really well and the only concern I had was, the Breasts were a little hard yet the Thighs were really juicy, tender and soft. I, of course understand that Breasts are thicker. It was really good, and is definitely delicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if their other grills are as good. The French Fries were ordinary really, nothing much to say about those. It was a little soggy but not too much. Tasted normal with little seasoning.


The Grilled Chicken was 45 Dhs and the Vine Leaves was 18 Dhs, totaling to 63 Dhs with no Delivery Charges. I think the Value is decent for the good food, but I personally just feel 18 Dhs for Vine Leaves might be a bit much, certainly shouldn’t be up to being 40% the price of a Grilled Chicken. It was yummy though.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food: 6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.25 / 10

I’d recommend Lebanos, they certainly do have good food.

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Sam’s Steak Hut

I got a recommendaton to try Sam’s Steak Hut by a friend and I thought I should give it a go. I did not feel like going there myself so I wanted to see how good
their delivery might be.

Their menu has a wide range of options, especially in Steak Cuts.

I really felt like having a burger, and since they are a Steak house or Hut.. they should be able to
pull off a Burger well! There are no excuses.

Made an order and within 30 minutes the food had arrived, I guess this is the general average around
this side of Dubai (Barsha & Media City)

This was something I did not want to see! A Plain White Plastic Bag! but let me tell you a bit in
advance, they deserve a nice thicker bag with a nice logo.

I quickly unpacked everything

More white packaging! I just hope that the food is good because plain white packaging and plain
white bags dont always go well.

I got no utensils in the bag, just these three packs. One big, One small and a Paper bag. Being the
first time ordering from Sam’s Steak Hut, I was curious to know how they work and what was in the
third bag since I had ordered only two things.

First of all, everything was covered in foil. It did help with the temperature and moisture,
especially with the fries. I have had Fries delivered from several places in similar white packs
that were soggy by the time the food had arrived, so I appreciated this.

I figured out what the third pack had! The Paper bag had ketchup Packets, Mayonnaise Packets, A
paper bag with Salt, Pepper, Tissues and finally a small container that had a slice of Tomato,
Onions and Lettuce!

That’s right, I had to prepare my Burger! I am usually not the kind of person who would like to
build my own food, but, I really liked that! I always would have a little complaint like forgetting
to remove tomato off my order or it having too many Onion sices, but here I get to choose perfectly!
The Burger was simply the Beef Patty with cheese in a bun, I decided what to put in and how
much Sauce to put on top. This also prevents ingredients being moved around during delivery or having the sauce all over the place, etc. Speaking of the Beef Patty, it was delicious! Tasted Fresh, Cooked Fresh and to perfection! It was Soft, Juicy, Tender and plentiful!

The menu stated that the Burger was 220Grams, and certainly was a big enough Burger.

The Fries were Crispy, well seasoned and really nice. I could just imagine these would be even better at the restaurant itself! There was something different about the fries than in other places.
When I have Fries at home, there is a slight distinctive taste to it. I am not sure really what
brings that on, maybe the Potatoes? maybe the oil? I do not know, but the Fries from Sam’s Steak hut
has it.

Finally, I had ordered Mozzarella Sticks as a side order. It was nice. Nothing special or mind
blowing here, just crispy on the outside and nice Cheese on the inside. I had to slightly reheat
these as I like the cheese to be hot and soft. It was nice.


The Burger with Fries were 33 Dhs and the Mozzarella Sticks were 12 Dhs, totaling to 45 Dhs
without a Delivery Charge. I believe it is good value for the quantity and quality of the food.

The Packaging: 6.5 / 10
The Food: 7 / 10

Overall: 6.75 / 10

I’d Recommend Sam’s Steak Hut, if they can pull off a good Delivery, dining in should be excellent.
I really cannot wait to Dine In and try out one of their Steaks!

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B to B

I am always on the look out for new places to try, especially ones around where I live or work, and suddenly out of no where, I found the menu for B to B. What caught my eye was the description of the place stating they have 20 hours delivery and they are the No. 1 Lebanese Chain! Seems very optimistic… I like those…

The menu was huge! They have a big selection of Sandwiches that come in various breads, Grills, pizza, Baked Potato, Salads, Burgers, Crepes, Manakish, Do I really need to keep going? They got tons of food options! Maybe a little too much..

Anyways, I picked a simple sandwich that should fall under “Lebanese” cuisine to see if they do manage to live up to the “No. 1 Lebanese Chain” thats claimed.

I placed the order and in about 40 minutes the delivery had reached. Being that I was in Media City and they were in Internet City, I did not expect it to take that long.

The food arrived in a white plastic bag

Fortunately though, the bag was not plain white. It had their logos around the front and back, they kept it simple.

I quickly unpacked everything and to my surprise, the sandwiches were massive!

They were really big and fat! Even before beginning, I could imagine that I was going to be full from one Sandwich.

After unwrapping the wrapper, my thoughts were confirmed! The sandwich was indeed huge.

But aside from the size, the taste was pretty good too. The Sandwich was essentially a whole combo! The Shesh Tawooq Sandwich I ordered had… what can I say, almost everything! It had the Chicken Shesh Tawooq Cubes (Which were a little dry, but not considered by much), Tomatoes, Pickles, French Fries, and Light Garlic Sauce. It was delicious and very filling! No way would I be able to eat both the sandwiches I ordered so I gave the other one to a colleague. The other sandwich was a Roast Beef Sandwich which was said to be nice as well, I did not get to try that.

As far as the Side Order was concerned, I ordered French Fries

The French Fries came in its own container, and was certainly big enough for two people. Due to the delivery time they were a bit soggy, and that always just ruins the French Fries, so obviously this wasn’t as delicious as it could have been, but it was pretty normal Fries.

They did come with Ketchup Packets, Salt, and this little plastic toothpick-like thing for the fries. I liked the thought of that! Don’t know why they did not provide any Tissues, but they did give a Wet Wipe.


This is one of B to B’s cool factors, they are good value! 1 Shesh Tawooq Sandwich is 16 Dhs, The Fries was 11 Dhs which seems ordinary but the quantity is quite large. Good Value.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food : 6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend B to B. Of course, with such an enormous menu, it is not fair to judge the entire place based on a Sandwich, but they did not let me down. They certainly have good food.

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Royal Kebab

I came to know Royal Kebab from people at work ordering from there a few times. That obviously got me curious! When I asked them, they all said that the place has good food.

Sure.. Time for me to find out then!

I went online to find their menu and as it turns out they actually deal with and so I could access their whole menu and I got to say, they have a huge selection! The variety is a broad range of dishes from Vegeterian Indian Food, Chinese Food all the way to different kinds of Grills.

Decided to try two things off their menu that they should be serving well.

I made my order online and within 30 minutes or so, the delivery guy had arrived.
The food came in two small white bags wth their logo, brand slogan, address, phone numbers and I am sure that if they had space they might have put the menu on as well!

I quickly unpacked everything and I was quite surprised…

Leaving the surprise for later though, I unpacked the first order.

The Chicken Tandoori

For starters, it was a bit of a mess. The Chicken was on the plastic platter but it was just placed inside the paper bag. Why didn’t anyone think of covering the Chicken with some foil at least? Instead, I got sauces from the Chicken all over the plastic bag, the paper back and on the table.

It came with bread, which was a bit stringy.

The Chicken did not go down so well with me. I do not mean to say its bad or that it isn’t nice but it was a little unusual. First of all, there is an excess in spicies used (Doesn’t mean it is overly spicy/hot) but there is a lot of this Tandoori sauce everywhere. The problem is, there is a taste but the excess isn’t necessary, and it isn’t increasing the taste either. The interesting thing is, with all the spices and sauce everywhere, it needed more salt.

Speaking of needing more things, the food needed more heat as well. By the time it was delivered it was starting to get cold.

The Chicken itself was done really well; soft, tender, juicy and cut up quite nicely. I think if they had cut down on the quantity of spicies, but focused on the right flavor (A mix between spice, heat, salt/pepper, etc) it would have been really good.

So, time for the surprise?

For the main dish, I ordered a Chicken Biryani. I mean, come on, how could I not right? and I was surprised to see what I saw…

I just sat there looking at this clay pot with bread on the top and thinking that this better be what I ordered! Fortunately it was!

This, atleast to me, is the strangest presentation of Biryani that I have seen so far. Essentially, they put the Rice and Chicken in the pot, cover it with dough and prepare it.
This certainly was the first time for me, but I got to admit, it was really appealing.
Aside from the fancy presentation, the Biryani was actually good! I always believe that there are two kinds of Biryani, the overly original one served in small restaurants at a cheap price, and the high class Biryani, where they do not flood the rice with herbs and spices that need removing. This is certainly on the higher class side of Biryani, as there was barely one or two things to remove and even the Chicken was boneless!

The one I ordered was the small Biryani and it is certainly enough for 1 person. There was plenty of flavor and the Chicken’s sauce was really nice. There was enough spices and herbs to give it a very nice flavor.

The meal did come with 3 small containers that had Raita, Yoghurt and Onions. On the side, there were some  Spoons, Forks and Tissues. So they pretty much cater for the sides and utensils, it does not seem like they are forgetting anything for the dining experience


Just a week before the order, they had increased their prices by a bit, and these are the updated ones. One Chicken Biryani was 32 Dhs, and the Chicken Tandoori was 26 Dhs, totalling to 58 Dhs. They do not charge for delivery. I think it is a decent value for the food.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food: 6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend Royal Kebab, they have a wide variety of food to select from and I believe their food is good.

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Best Burgers Forever

About time the vacation ends and I got some food up in this place! Interestingly though, some restaurants that deliver to work do not deliver to where I live… the way I see it, this means more restaurants! A place I keep seeing every time I drive out of JBR is Best Burgers Forever.

Now here’s the thing, the name is very optimistic, so even before trying it everyone’s expectations are to sky-rocket.. I tried not to, but they are claiming they have the best burgers forever! They better mean it.

So I had to go with the basics to give them a chance to prove themselves and I made a typical delivery order. I ordered online through (An online portal to order all your food delivery with absolute ease) and waited..

It wasn’t too long that the delivery had arrived in two white bags.

That was a sign I was afraid off. Yes, I am not judging the place depending on what the bags look like but white bags have a bit of a history on this blog..

Quickly unpacked everything because I was starving and also, wanted to get to see what the rest of the packaging looked like!

Again, everything was pretty simple. White paper bags closed with their “Best Burgers Forever” sticker, their branded tissues, the ordered drink and a few tiny packets of ketchup.

The Main meal I ordered was their B-Cheese Burger Meal with Wedges instead of Fries.

The first thing I noticed was the “Happy Burger To You” written on the sandwich box… a bit random… maybe that is what was intended? Anyways! The Wedges. I did not really like them. They were soft rather than crispy, and outer layer/skin wasn’t tearing off or getting cut so easily. So when I took a bite it would squish the potato inside till it ripped off. It was fresh and tasted so, just wasn’t the best execution of Potato Wedges that I have seen

Still, it is Best “Burgers” Forever, I thought to myself, lets wait for the burger!

Before I begin, I ordered their B-Cheese Burger with Extra Cheese. Why I ordered the Extra Cheese I will never know but I just did. So how was the supposedly Best Burger Forever?

Good. Not Best, Not Forever, just good! I mean if they weren’t so optimistic it would have been great! They could call themselves “Good Burgers”… anyways, The bread and everything else seemed really fresh, even in the picture everything’s color is vibrant and it really did taste so. A nice touch was that the bread seemed to have been tossed on some flame and also, is shaped like the B in their logo.

So, the Beef Burger? Well the burgers are “Omaha Natural Black Angus Beef” as stated on their website and is nice. It does have a different flavor to it than any other burger I have had around town, whether fast food or gourmet, so it does give them a little distinction. Overall the burger tasted nice, although there was a lot more vegetables compared to the beef patty itself but I guess that is what the Double Burgers are for right?

For dessert, I wanted to try their New York Cheese Cake. I thought it would be a good ending to the supposedly Best Burger Forever.

Before I make the comment I have been waiting to make, since the moment I saw this, let me just say that the Cheese Cake was alright. It was in its own packaging with a fork and knife.

So the comment… If the slice of Cheese Cake looks exactly like the ones sold at KFC/Pizza Hut, and if the packaging of the Cheese Cake looks exactly like the ones sold at KFC/Pizza hut as well, I have the immediate impression that it is the exact same one. Was it? I have not had one in a while, but I could almost guarantee that aside from the stick, it was at least 90% the same. That was disappointing.

To conclude, Best Burger Forever? No. Nice burger, differently different and worth a try for a change but not the Best.

The Value:

This is where things got a bit weird. I was not sure what I was expecting in terms of a bill. There are the Gourmet type of burgers and there are the Fast Food Burgers and I wasn’t sure where Best Burgers Forever sat on that list. The B-Cheese Burger Combo was for 39 Dhs + 4 Dhs for Extra Cheese. The Cheese Cake was 18 Dhs and a 5 Dhs delivery charge. The Burger’s price might seem fair enough if one considers it isn’t necessarily Fast Food and is prepared on the spot with fresh ingredients but 11 Dhs to add a can of Coke and Fries/Wedges seems a bit overpriced. Also, the Cheese Cake… Overall, Not the Best Value either.

The Packaging:   5  / 10
The Food:         5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.25 / 10

I’d Recommend Best Burgers Forever for a try, the flavors might kick in for some people and the freshness is an appeal, just don’t go expecting what the name suggests.

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