The Coffee Club – A lot more than just Coffee!

30 May

I have often heard about The Coffee Club and how relaxed and homely it’s ambiance is, so when I got the opportunity to drop by, I could not turn it down!

The Coffee Club is an Austrailian chain of coffee-house style cafes and now has 5 branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For this quick visit, I stopped by the branch in Wasl Vista Mall, Dubai.

Walking in, I was greeted by the lovely staff and welcomed to quite a warm, brown, calm looking cafe.

Images have been taken from Zomato, where you can find more images published by The Coffee Club and visitors.

The cafe has multiple seating options ranging from comfy couches, regular tables to booths. I was offered to sit where ever I felt like, even though the place was quite packed on a weekend morning. I went to a booth, which looked super comfortable. It was.

Their menu is quite big, with foods good for the entire day whether breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, burgers, mains, and desserts! You can find their whole menu online here.

Being that it was still early, I started things off with a nice breakfast and then a little naughty stop by the desserts sneakily sitting under “brunch”.

While the food was being prepared, I had ordered a Cappuccino, which was quite delicious. I later ordered myself a plain black coffee and can say that they have very good quality coffee.

Shortly after my coffee, breakfast was served!

This beauty is their Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, which is toasted ciabatta bread topped with cheesy scrambled eggs and beef chorizo.

To start off, the toasted bread had just the right amount of crunch to chew ratio, which may sound a little too techie, but is true! and the eggs were incredible. I ordered them medium, which was extremely soft, fluffy and not runny. The beef chorizo added that little meaty bite to the eggs and was just the right mix of flavors.

The scrambled eggs were delicious, and although cheesy, was not overpowering the main ingredient, the eggs.

The added sundried tomatoes provided a little extra juiciness when needed. The dish was served ready to eat, warm and eggs steaming missing a little salt and a lot of appetites to fill.

After the delicious eggs (and sufficient break), I decided to take things a little further and during my wait, the servers were extremely happy I had enjoyed my eggs and recommended I try one of their pancakes, and Red Velvet if I am a fan of it. I was, and I did.

This gorgeousness is described as follows in the menu:

Classic red velvet pancakes with raspberry infused mascarpone sauce, raspberry puree, and crushed pistachio nuts.

I really liked these pancakes but felt I was missing something, not sure what it was though.

The mascarpone sauce was delicious, thick and complimented the pancakes a lot and it is not like it wasn’t soft or anything, but I wished there was something to soften the bites even more.

That being said, it was lovely and I enjoyed every bite of it. The pistachio nuts did give it a nice nutty flavor as well, which was very well received.

At this point, I wasn’t just done for breakfast, but done for the day. The team did not let me go without a milkshake to end the day on a sweet high.

Introducing their Caramel Milkshake!

This amazing little drink has the milkshake in the jar, whipped cream on top, caramel popcorn and everything covered in heaps of caramel sauce – sugar overload!

It was delicious!! I would recommend mixing the caramel up with the milkshake as it did lack the sweetness without mixing it up. The popcorn was just a little extra fat-boy delight. They have Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel Milkshakes in this mad form.

Overall, the experience at The Coffee Club was very pleasant. The staff were friendly, had a smile on their face and always excited to answer questions or take an order. The place was pretty packed at the time of this review, but the staff managed the traffic quite well.

Their overall menu is quite extensive and it would be hard to entirely judge the place’s food based on two dishes, but what I tried were very promising. The Eggs were lovely and prepared to perfection, and the Pancakes were yummy and fun. To top it off, the milkshake was incredibly thick, delicious and sweet.

The Place:   6.5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.7 / 10

The Coffee Club is certainly a place you must try if you’re in Jumeirah and need a nice place to chill with friends, read or get some work done, while enjoying some good food and coffee.

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