Zaroob – The hotspot of Lebanese cuisine

20 Feb

Zaroob has secured a spot in Dubai’s nightlife, and people flock over there after their parties and nights out but there has to be a reason, aside from them being simply open for business and I had to find out for myself!

Zaroob offer a wide variety of Lebanese and Arabic dishes with quite an interesting menu including breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, and more.

Upon arriving, they have a welcome stand outside where they welcomed and seated guests. The servers are mainly Arab, are polite and quite hip and happy!

Zaroob - Table Placement

They have quite an interesting theme, full of color, Arabic nostalgia and an industrial feel to things. They like a lot of wood and metal and have implemented this all over the restaurant.

We were brought to a table, outdoors (but shaded) as the weather was quite pleasant and were presented the menu. Their menu is unique as you simply tick on the items you want to order and give it to the server. Of course, he can come and do it for you, but its a Zaroob thing.

The menu revolves around the Lebanese cuisine with Sajs, Manakeeshes, Levant salads, Shawerma and even goes to Egypt by serving traditional Koshari. It was recommended to stay on the Lebanese path though.

After giving in our order, the server asked if we wanted some juice, and we thought that would be a great idea.

Zaroob - Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice was served in a few minutes and was quite refreshing and served in a very nice jar like mug. More of the Zaroob personality started to appear with every passing plate.

It was fairly early, so it was a good time to start off by some breakfast

Zaroob - Egg and Potato

One thing that caught our eye was the eggs with potato dish, which was conveniently served in the pan it was cooked with (we assume). Lovely flavors, fresh, and the potatoes were cooked just right, soft. There were some herbs on top but needed a little salt and pepper to bring it all out.

Zaroob - Bread Basket

They had brought on this.. a bag full of.. bread bags. A Bag of Bags.. Bag-ception if you will.

Typical Lebanese bread from the nearest bakery.

Moving on from breakfast, we wanted to start off with some appetizers and try out their little bites.

Zaroob - Halloumi Cheese and Falafel

We started things off with their 8-piece Falafel plate (served in a tiny metal bucket) and their Halloumi, which was a server recommendation. The Falafel were quite nice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, not grainy or gooey as I have seen in some places. It was just right.

They did forget to bring the Tahina sauce with it but when we asked for it, they brought it right away and was quite delicious too. The Falafel were served with some yummy pickles.

The Halloumi was quite nice too, served with some fresh veggies, they were soft and with a slight crisp on the outside and was served quite warm.

Now the time for the main act! We had asked what were the two most popular menu items and they had told us the Garlic Chicken and the Turkey Ham Saj sandwiches. So it was!

Zaroob - Turkey Wrap and Garlic Chicken Wrap

They were both served with a side of french fries, which were actually very nice. lightly seasoned and had good flavor. Ordinary fries, but with a slight Zaroob touch of flavor.

Time for the wraps! They have two types of bread, one a Saj bread and one a Wrapped Manakeesh (thicker bread, used on their open Manakeesh)

Zaroob - Garlic Chicken Wrap

Starting off, we tried the Garlic Chicken, which is a favorite at Zaroob.

Within a few minutes, it made sense why it was a favorite! The wrap was a Saj bread, that was soft, thin, and inside it was quite a mouthful of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and garlic sauce. Unlike I was expecting, the sauce was quite creamy rather than an over-powering paste. The chicken was cooked just right with good bite that wasn’t dry nor undercooked. It was just right. It was oozing the sauce so it did get a little bit messy, but aside from that, it was a very nice wrap. Definitely recommended for any Zaroob visit.

Zaroob - Turkey Wrap

Next, we went on to the Turkey Ham wrapped in Manakeesh bread.

The flavors were there and it was definitely fresh tasting but it was off-balance. The contents of the Garlic Chicken was quite a mouthful in its Saj bread, but here, there wasn’t enough on the inside to balance out the thicker wrap, so you do feel you have more bread than anything else in every bite.

That aside, the ingredients were all fresh, juicy and delicious. I only wished they had stuffed it a little more, just like the Garlic Chicken. The Bread was really nice too, with a little crunch on the outside and it flakes off as well as you can see in the image above.

We were really stuffed but there was one menu item (among a few) that I really wanted to try out, against all stomach-capacity-concerns.

Zaroob - Fatteh Hummus

This is their Fatteh, which is essentially a Levant dish made from yogurt and toasted bread, which then gets soaked and goes soft. This is served with a selection of ingredients; hummus, lahmeh (meat), or shawerma.

We tried the basic Hummus one to get a taste of it, and although the taste was nice, it had slightly excessive garlic flavor. I would say it was nice but not great. Perhaps the shawerma one would have given it more of a flavor balance since the yogurt, hummus and garlic had nothing to balance out the flavors. I could hardly taste the hummus.

Speaking of shawerma, we also tried their regular Lebanese bread chicken shawerma. Tasted quite nice, quite similar to the Garlic Chicken, but with more shawerma like flavors. I would still suggest their wraps over them.

We were stuffed, so we ordered some Moroccan tea to calm things down.

Zaroob - Moroccan Tea

It was nice, steaming hot and just delicious after such a meal, but it wasn’t over yet, the server insisted we have some dessert!

Zaroob - Nutella Saj with Banana

This is their Nutella Saj with fresh Bananas. It was actually quite nice because the Saj bread itself was quite thin, which meant the balance of Banana to Nutella to bread was just right. We had a few bites but couldn’t finish it. Yummy though.

Overall, it started to all make sense why Zaroob has turned into a hotspot. Yes, they are open till late at night but they also have a nice place to sit, a very rustic and industrial look and feel and they serve good food. The servers are all happy, hip and quite funny too!

The service: It was quite nice. By the time the main dishes arrived, the place was practically packed but there were a lot of servers going around and were all quite busy. We always were able to get the attention of someone or the other within a few minutes when we needed anything and they were always more than happy to assist with a smile. Good service.

The value: Zaroob surprisingly is quite decently priced. Their average wraps are around the mid-twenties and everything on their menu doesn’t fluctuate too much. Definitely an average check price of around 50-60 AED per person or so, which is quite reasonable.

The Place:   7 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.2 / 10

I would really recommend trying out Zaroob if you haven’t already. They have quite a large selection but as everyone keep saying, stick to the general core Zaroob elements, Salads and Wraps for the best experience.

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