Circle Cafe – Best Chicken In Town!

20 Oct

Circle cafe is commonly known in Media City for being a nice restaurant with calming ambiance serving fresh and healthy food from an interesting menu. I had tried their food and juices a few times, but never written a full-on review.

Fortunately though, they had opened a new branch in Jumeirah, Beach Park Plaza and it was about time I reviewed them!

Circle Cafe - Interior Shot

Circle cafe is such a warm place to be. A lot of warm looking colors, beautiful simplicity in every corner and feels like a modern comfort hub.

I really like their decoration and furniture as they are really pleasing to the eye.

Circle Cafe - Interior Shot - Tables

The Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza branch has plenty seating options all the way from outdoors (which is essentially in the mall) to comfortable warm seating inside, it is quite medium sized branch.

Walking in, we were welcomed by the staff as the location wasn’t really busy so we caught everyone’s attention and were offered to sit anywhere we felt like. Thinking outdoor would have been a nice change, we picked a table overlooking the mall.

Circle Cafe - Newspaper Menu

As soon as we settled on a table, we were presented with a Newspaper called Circle Times. This is actually their menu, but there is a classical element to Circle Cafe, and this Newspaper menu was just right!

Circle Cafe - Menu

Their menu is quite large (The above image was left high resolution to see their entire menu) with a broad range of healthy options ranging from starters, salads to main courses from all over the world.

The waiter was extremely helpful and had quite a lot of suggestions for us to try, and since I am writing this after the experience, he did not disappoint.

We did have quite a feast at Circle cafe, which is what makes this review a good mix of their menu, but for starters, great experience just visiting here.

We started things off with two small bites (Appetizers):

Circle Cafe - French Fries

Their french fries were pretty straight forward. I was hoping to see something different here, but they were regular fries and were fried well. Nothing special and nothing disappointing. This was served with some Ketchup on the side.

That was probably the least interesting thing in this review. Moving forward, I have a lot to say!

Circle Cafe - Pumpkin, Beetroot and Green Pepper Hummus Trio

This is another special small bite at Circle Cafe called “Pumpkin, Beetroot & Green Pepper Hummus Trio” which came served with basically baked slides of bagels with herbs. This was quite delicious actually and just the right starter for our meal!

The Pumpkin, Beetroot and Green Pepper Hummus was delicious, creamy and light flavored. It was just right. The baked bread did get everywhere and was a bit of a mess, but a delicious one.

Before jumping on to the main courses, we tried one of their bagel sandwiches.

Circle Cafe - Grilled Chicken Salad With Quinoa Tabbouleh

This is their, recommended, Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Quinoa Tabbouleh on the side.

The sandwich has grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, mustard and mayo. it tasted very fresh, light and the flavors were perfectly complimenting each other. There is a special thing to this sandwich that made it a unique one.. The chicken!

The chicken we often get in the UAE, frankly, is a bit bland. It is often spiced up and marinated to give it much flavor, but this chicken was a tad more stringy, juicy and actually flavorful by itself. At first I thought this was probably very good marination, but later came to find out, it wasn’t just that.. more on that in a bit!

For now though, that is a very nice sandwich. The quinoa was fresh, and had a little tabbouleh-ness to it, but still was nice.

Lets move on to the mains, shall we?

Circle Cafe - Circle Lamb Kofta With Vegetable Couscous

The first main dish we ventured into was the Circle Lamb Kofta, served with Vegetable Couscous.

This was very nice as well! The kofta was very succulent, marinated well and grilled to a good temperature. It was well done, but hardly dry.

I would have expected some more flavor to it, but it was very nice. It was served with a garlic yogurt sauce on the side, as this is supposed to be an Arabic style dish.

The Vegetable Coucous though was very nice. I had a bit of couscous before, but never really liked them. This was very nice, soft, full of flavor and the vegetables were very nicely cooked. It did feel a bit like it was home-cooked.

Circle Cafe - Flattened Chicken

The star of the show for me would definitely be their Flattened Chicken. This was served with spiced sweet potato fries, thousand island and peri-peri sauce.

The fries were delicious, very well fried and full of flavor. Definitely better than the regular fries and the herbs on top gave it more flavor too.

The chicken was incredible! The grilling was perfect, the flavors were spot on (as mentioned before) and the peri-peri sauce was actually very spicy, just the way I like it!

I was still very curious about the chicken, and when I asked the waiter, I found out that the chicken is actually brought in from Brazil, which is why it distinctively tasted different than local chicken. Without a doubt, this chicken is worth trying.

We were absolutely stuffed but the waiter insisted we try a dessert, so we did..

Circle Cafe - Four Layer Cake

This is their Four Layer Cake, essentially four layers of chocolate cake. It was actually quite nice, thick and quite chocolate-filled but did not have anything special except that it felt like it was, again, home-made.

Lets face it, home-made food is delicious, but doesn’t necessarily blow your mind. I was still happy with this.

Overall, this was a very good dining experience. The place was just beautiful, the staff were very friendly, the menu was unique, fresh and healthy and the food was very appetizing and unique.

The service: It was brilliant. The staff were always smiling and helpful, we had a lot of questions and requests which were all catered for with a smile and when we had questions that the waiter did not know, he was more than happy to go find out. Overall, I could not complain about the service and they were always very quick to come, listen and serve.

The value: Circle cafe is known to be slightly pricer than average, but when you think about the lovely ambiance, location, staff, menu and quality of food, I think the place is quite reasonable. I would definitely pay as much and more for that Brazilian chicken again, that’s for sure!

The Place:   8 / 10
The Service: 8 / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.8 / 10

I’d really recommend this place if you want a great selection of fresh, healthy and delicious dining options. It even gets better, they have a few branches located around Dubai.

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One response to “Circle Cafe – Best Chicken In Town!

  1. khristinescott

    November 26, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Everything in Circle’s menu are recommended. My all-time favourite are the bagels though..


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