Texas Chicken For Dinner

25 Jul

After a drive around several nice restaurants in the area for Iftar nothing really caught my attention. While filling petrol though at a station near festival city I saw Texas Chicken. They really expanded over the past year and they are a place trying to gain some market share of the Fried Chicken fast food business.

The branch at the petrol station was quite big, and typically of a decent modern fast food place, they had different seating arrangements and color schemes
Texas Chicken Restaurant Interior
I do like restaurants that are clean and have a nice decor.

Walking in, we were greeted and welcomed quite loudly. For the meal, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a sandwich or actual chicken but in the end I went with their meal of Chicken Strips.

Texas Chicken 4 Piece Chickn Strips
The meal comes with a soft drink, their own zig-zag style fries, a tray of 4 pieces of chicken strips, a bun (cut in half), a medium sized (compared to other places) cup of coleslaw and two cups of sauces; Herbed Mayonnaise, and a sauce called “Purple Sauce” which is essentially a delicious sauce that is sweet & spicy.

First of all, I love their fries. Sure, it isn’t really the best fries in the world or the most special, but it is unique to them. It this thick, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were well salted too.

The coleslaw was nice, and it had about 4-5 big spoonfuls. The branch wasn’t busy so everything was provided on the tray, I didn’t expect any spoon, straw or tissues to be missing and they weren’t.

For the chicken itself, it was quite pleasing. I ordered it spicy but it was a light mild spice. The chicken was crispy, hot and was quite nice. I liked it and again, surely there are many alternatives in the market, some being more famous but this is a nice change, especially with the fries, sauces and all.

The Service: There isn’t much to talk about in terms of service, but when I had asked for extra sauce cups which were not ready they offered to bring it, which they did with a big smile.

The Value: The good thing about Texas Chicken is that its a decent value, it is on par with other brands in the range. This meal (without upsizing it) is 22 Dhs. Extra sauce cups are at 1 Dhs each.

The Place:    6  / 10
The Service:  6  / 10
The Food:    6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.2 / 10

It’s another fast food restaurant, as good as the rest of the big names available here. I’d recommend it for a change.

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