St Moritz for Dinner at Mall of the Emirates

09 Nov

St Moritz is one of those places that give you a feeling that it is winter in the middle of Switzerland and not at all in the Middle East’s desert. This does have something to do with the location… or else it wouldn’t have worked at all.

The motivation behind St Moritz’s design is a cabin up in the snowed up mountains, and being right next to Ski Dubai, they are quite spot on. The restaurant is fairly large and has big glass panels overlooking Sky Dubai, and on the other side, the mall seeing all the people pass by.

Walking in, I was greeted by the staff, welcomed and was offered a table or a booth. I selected a booth and I was told I could choose where ever I like, facing the Ski or the mall. I decided to face the Ski for the full on Mountain Cabin effect!

They do pull it off in a way! Especially with this little thing to my right

That is right! A Fireplace! Okay Okay I’ll admit, it isn’t a real Fireplace. It is a Television, but come on! Stone wall with pictures and a live fire is such a fitting effect. They did pull off the feeling they wanted people to have.

Realizing I was in a restaurant I am to focus on more than that.

As soon as I sat, the waiter had brought me the Menu. The tables are set up with Sugars, Salt and Pepper Shakers, and a little pictured sheet per customer. The menu did have quite a bit of Salads, Soups, Main Dishes and Desserts. I was concerned they might have taken things too far and offer Winter Dishes and ruin everything but they had not. They did maintain the influence but it was ordinary plain, easy and simple cuisine.

Right after I made my order, they had brought over the Water and a Plate with Utensils and various sized Tissues.

I was wondering about Tissues earlier but now I had the option of two sizes. So far I did not have almost any criticism, and if I were to be extremely picky, I would say the Stainless Steel Utensils had so many scratches and that made me feel they were a bit old. Not something that really mattered as long as they were really clean, which they were.

In a short while, my main course had arrived. I usually have a starter, and although they did have a good selection of Soups and Starters, I didn’t feel like it because I had something else in mind, more on that later.

For my main dish, I went with their Grilled Shrimps. Essentially, the menu stated that they were grilled with a special blend of herbs.
The Dish had Arugula on the side, a Partially Grilled Lemon and a Cup of Sauce which was basically Ketchup with some spices.
The main factor was obviously the Shrimp and I got to admit, it was really good! The Shrimps were Grilled perfectly, not stringy nor too soft. and they have applied a sauce of herbs along the back of the Shrimp for flavor. The Shell came off quite normally and the process wasn’t too tedious. The flavor really showed and I certainly wanted more than 4 pieces! But that is the thing with Shrimp Dishes, they usually serve around 4 pieces. You may need an Appetizer and/or a Soup. I really liked it.

The reason I didn’t go for a starter was because I was rooting for a dessert!

That is right, that is a Nutella Crepe! It looked absolutely beautiful, really appetizing!

The Crepe itself was done really well, very soft, not too thick, not too thin, and it was nice and warm. The Whipped Cream wasn’t really required, more like visual aid. There was Nutella in the Crepe and on top, but the only thing I really have to say was, it needed a little more Nutella! It wasn’t necessarily little, but I would have appreciated more Nutella. I really liked this too!

The Service: It was good. When I had arrived I was welcomed and greeted, upon sitting the menu was there with him. The food had arrived quickly, and taken away quite quickly as well. Waiters have been around going and coming so there was never a problem making any request or orders either. The only bump I had experienced was the waiter I had didn’t catch on to me as fast as I would expect, I had to slow down and be a bit clearer, but that isn’t something wrong with the service of course. In the end I got my right order and in good time.

The Value: 1 Large Bottle of Local Water, 1 Grilled Shrimp and the Nutella Crepe totaled to a little over 100 Dhs, which I think is very good value considering the quality of the food and place.

The Place: 7.5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food: 7 / 10

Overall: 7.2 / 10

I’d really recommend St Moritz. Good Food, Good Service, Warm Decor and Lovely Views, Sweet.

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