Biella for Dinner at Mall of the Emirates

06 Nov

I have often passed by Biella in more than one mall but have never really tried them. Its weird because their decor and ambiance is all calm and relaxing, something I really like actually. So, while at the Mall of the Emirates, I thought I should give them a try.

We walked in and were greeted at the door and welcomed. The waitress asked if we would like to sit outside or inside. They have two seating areas, one on the outside where you can see all the mall goers pass by and have a view of a big fountain, and a more calmer and classier inside. Certainly went with a table inside!

Everything looked very nice and calm on the inside. Lovely colors, plenty of space and they do have a good number of tables both inside and outside, it is a fairly big restaurant.

They have booths and tables, all with nice lighting. There is reading material for people who I guess come alone or… aren’t speaking to who they are with perhaps… It is really calm in there.

The simple beauty continues with the table settings, with white table sheets, white plates, white salt and pepper shakers, glasses, tissues and a candle. Lovely.

Alright, I am impressed by the place, the layout, the decor and all, but all that is meaningless if they don’t do great food! So time to get down to business!

The waiter came and gave us the Menus, and going through the menu they have a big selection of Pastas, Pizzas, Specialty dishes and much more! The thing I did not really enjoy was everything had a heading that is in Italian. Which means, I have to read the description for every entry in the menu to have a clue of what is going on. I found that annoying. I understand their view and where they are coming from, but certainly not my thing. I do not want a menu filled with entries I cannot understand and having to read every single description to find out what it was, especially with a big menu.

After quite some time figuring out what to order, we were ready to order. It did take quite a bit to get someone’s attention, which is weird since there are a lot of people going and coming in the Restaurant, but everyone seemed a tad too busy.

When we did get to order, the waiter was polite and knew all the Italian dish names, which was a nice thing to know.

A little bit after ordering Water, Drinks and the food, they had brought over the Bread Basket (apologies for the blurry shot)

I was sitting in supposedly a classy nice place, I would expect more than one type of bread, and expect it to be warm. It wasn’t. It had a touch of “just throw it together” to it.

Moving on… I ordered the “Contro filetto di manzo”

yes, it is a Grilled Steak. The menu describes the dish as follows:

“Grilled rib eye steak accompanied by rocket salad and shaved Parmesan, served with balsamic hollandaise”

Pretty straight forward I believe. I had ordered it Medium Well. At this point things started to take my attention away from the lovely place. The food had arrived but the Water and Drinks had not! Maybe I had indulged in conversation not to notice but when the food came and the drinks didn’t I was surprised.
I called a waiter and told him that the Water and Drinks had not come and he said he will check on it right away. I few minutes later, the Drinks came but the Water didn’t. I had to point that out again and then they brought over the water.

So putting that beside me, I dug into the steak. First of all, the temperature wasn’t perfect. It was more close to Medium than the Medium well I asked for. The Steak itself, as a component in the dish, was good. It wasn’t amazing, and I have had much nicer steak before. The rest were not bad on their own. The Rocket Salad was alright, except I did not really like the fact there were long stems. At least cut off as much stem as possible. The Balsamic Hollandaise sauce was nice, but I just didn’t feel it went perfectly with the steak.

I do not really care about it being a flop or not, as much as the fact that I really wanted to love Biella. It didn’t make me fall in love with them.

The Service: It is hard to put a finger on a decision of good or bad because there were moments where the service was really good, like when interacting with the waitress while walking in, or the waiter who brought on the menus or the manager that took the order. They were all polite, listened and were willing to help and explain. On the other hand, having to find someone to call for a few minutes even though people are going and coming does show a little lack in attentiveness and secondly, the whole incident that the Drinks didn’t automatically show up right after ordering was a bit of a confusing factor, which became alarming after I had to remind them even after the food came! Upon leaving again, things switched back, they were very polite and very welcoming. I just think they do have good standards of service, but there are important factors that drop from them, like attentiveness, an expected scenario where drinks should leave right after the order is made, etc

The Value: 1 Large bottle of water, 1 Soft drink, 2 Main dishes (Cost near similar) came to just under 200 Dhs. I was not happy with that, I don’t feel the experience was worth it. They have the right looks, the right feel, but the  overall experience and food didn’t cut it for me.

In no means am I doing a comparison, but I did take a look back at my More Dining Experience Review after I finished this review and I really see why I was not happy with the Dining Experience.

The Place:    7  / 10
The Service: 5.5 / 10
The Food:    5.5 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I would usually recommend a restaurant with an explanation in their defense if the rating was over 5, and recommend a restaurant if they get a 6, and really recommend a restaurant if it gets 7 or more. but with so many restaurants so close that serve similar cuisine much better… I am not sure I will recommend it this time…

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