Man2ooshe & Co

03 Nov

Man2ooshe & Co is one of the famous places for Manakeesh (Mana2eesh, Manakish, how ever you want to read it) so it was about time I give them a review. They do have several branches and thankfully one near where I live.

They have a good selections of Wraps, Pizzas, Manakish and Mini-kish. For all who may not know, Manakish is essentially a dough that is put in the oven and could have several toppings from Cheese to Meat. The dough once out of the oven can be served face open like a Pizza or folded. There is also a nice little story written about how they started up and reached where they are, all good and interesting but I rather the food do the talking.

I selected a few things off their menu and let it rip! First of all, I tried their Pizza!

I really do like their Cartoon character logo guy, and the whole Pizza box is fairly modernized and interesting. I had ordered the Chicken Pizza, it had arrived quite hot.

The thing that bugged me though, was they provided no utensils at all. Sure, I do not need a fork and knife for a Manakish and a Pizza but Tissues? Ketchup? Other Sauces? Anything?

I started off with the Pizza so let me start it off here as well

The main ingredients that I could identify were Chicken, Olives, Corn, Cheese and Tomato Sauce.

So how did I find it? Missing something was exactly my reaction… First of all, the Chicken, it was overcooked and dry, so that on it’s own was a downfall, but putting that aside there was something different, or should I even say odd about this Pizza.. It wasn’t bad, just something felt missing. The Sauce did not have a rich enough flavor, and the quantity put was very little, the Cheese wasn’t as delicious as I would expect and with the dry Chicken it just didn’t turn out too well. On top they gracefully seasoned the Pizza with Black pepper, for some reason I really liked that!

Had a few slices of the Pizza, and enjoyed nibbling on the corn bits that seemed to not be a part of the Pizza but just fall off so I thought i’d move on to the Manakish.

I ordered two to give a comparison and try more off their menu. I went with the Hot Dog with Cheese and an original kind of Manakish, a Cheese Manakish. They came in their own individual wrappers inside the Brown Paper bag shown above, also with their Cartoon Character dude.

First of all, unwrapping them showed me that they both looked the same so there will be just one picture!

I started off with the Hotdog. I got to say, it tasted quite nice. There was plenty of Hotdog inside but a little lesser Cheese than I would like. The Dough was soft except for the edges where it was a little hard and without any Hotdog or Cheese with the edges it was a little dry. Overall, a not bad Man2ooshe.

As for the Cheese, it was better. Same Bread, same problem with the edges being a little hard and tasteless without the main ingredient, but the rest was very good. There was sufficient Cheese that was really nice, thick and yummy. Not the best I have had, but quite good indeed.

The thing is that they have all the necessary elements to be outstanding, but they need a little more effort, maybe a little creativity, a little more emphasis to be special and they could do it, with ease!


The Medium Sized Chicken Pizza was for 30 Dhs, the Hotdog Manakish was 13 Dhs while the Cheese Manakish was for 10 Dhs, including a 2 Dhs delivery fee the total was 55 Dhs. Which is quite good value for the amount of food ordered.

The Packaging:  6   / 10
The Food:         5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.75 / 10

I’d Recommend Man2ooshe & Co for a change of tastes as they do have nice Manakish, but I’d prefer dine in so things might be a bit better than they did in the review.

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