Park Central

24 Oct

Park Central is one of those healthy places that boast their Organic Products. I am not one to give a lot of interest in that, but it is always worth a try! I went through their website where they describe their Organic-ness. They had a take away menu which surprised me with one thing, and it was that they have 24 hours delivery. That is impressive.

Now, I made two orders that were unlike the usual orders of a Burger or something, I wanted to see what they could really do!

I made an order. Unfortunately it did take them over a hour to get to me!

Keeping that in mind for the review, I took notice of the bag

It is quite clear that Park Central is out for a serious mission! To write that on their bag must mean they are really into it! I have read a few posts they have made on Facebook suggesting that they are now the alternative to the typical excuse of fast food at night because everything is closed. I think that is smart, but do they have the food to back all this up? Time to find out!

I thought I’d start off with one entry in their “Starters” section to start things off, The Mushroom Buttons

Before I talk about the Buttons I received, I have to mention something quite important. The menu does have a lot of entries and a whole lot to choose from but not everything is explained or described. For instance, the Mushroom Buttons in the menu was stated as follows:

“Mushroom Buttons
Crispy, Hope you like Garlic”

Lovely but what are they?! Eventually turns out they are lovely Mushrooms with a Crispy Battered outer layer.
The Mushrooms were rather big and juicy on the inside. It was a little cold but nothing discomforting (I can imagine the food being a little cold with the long delivery time I experienced). The Garlic sauce was nice, was a bit more Garlicy than I like, but I was warned by the menu right? It was nice, I liked it.

For the main order, I was not sure what to go for! There are so many nice options, but I wanted something different, something unusual, something… Until my eyes fell upon something called “Bavarian Chicken”. Come on, when is the last time you heard anyone say, I feel like some German Food?! This I had to try!

The food came with no short of Utensils. It came with two sets of Utensils, Tissues, and two cups of gravy (which weren’t bad but needed more salt I think)

So what was the Bavarian Chicken? The menu described this as:

“Bavarian Chicken
“Very Well Made” Free Range Chicken Breast Breaded with Organic Bread Crumbs over a bed of Hand Mashed Potatoes and Peas”

The “Very Well Made” part seemed very German by itself. The meal was actually very good! I did not expect much but it was great. First of all, the Chicken was good. It was two breasts, breaded. It was Crispy and the Chicken was cooked well. If I have one comment it would be that the Chicken needed to be cooked a little less, it was slightly beginning to be over cooked. As for the Mashed Potatoes, it was new to me! as what I had expected was Mashed Potatoes with Peas on the side, or on the top, or inside the Mash as a whole, but as it turns out, it was Mashed with the Peas. I was a bit skeptical but it was really good! It needed salting, which they had not provided by the way, but once I did, it was really good!

I did enjoy this meal, it was unusual, out of the blue, and worth while. The food came in Microwavable Plates which always shows care for detail, quality and this even continued with the Utensils, there was something about them that seemed of a good quality. As it turns out, Park Central wants to be the place of everything, as the Dine In seems to have the Take Away contents and much more added to it with the place being a Cafe as well.

They are doing really well to fight off Fast Food, and are very appealing (Love the look of their menus) Lets hope they can actually save the world of Fast Food!


Before I say anything, Organic food is usually more expensive than traditional food. The Mushroom Buttons were 29 Dhs and the Bavarian Chicken was 44 Dhs and including a 5 Dhs delivery charge, the total was 78 Dhs. The value of the food was fair enough considering it being Organic, Fresh and available in a wide variety.

The Packaging: 7   / 10
The Food:        6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.75 / 10

I’d recommend Park Central, they got a high rating because of their good tasting organic food, attention to detail, quality and variety of food offered.

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