Bait El Mandi

21 Oct

Driving by where I live, I noticed Bait El Mandi. This was a place I had not tried and I personally haven’t tried that many Mandi places. I thought it would be a nice time to give it a try!

I checked online and found their menu. The surprising thing is, they only serve Mandi. Chicken, Meat, fish, but only Mandi. For all who do not know what Mandi is, it is Rice and Meat (or Chicken or Fish) cooked with rice in a special Oven often dug underground. More on Mandi can be read here (Wikipedia)

I gave them a call and placed my order. Within 20 minutes my bell range, and it was the food.

I was handed this brown bag that has the Brand Name and some information on it. At least it wasn’t plain white!

Before I begin the with the food, Mandi is usually eaten in a traditional form, which is sitting down on the floor and having the food plates/platters on a plastic table cover. Very simple, and usually eaten with bare hands. Most Mandi places even set their restaurant’s layout to sit on the floor.

I unpacked everything and these were the contents; The Mandi, a Plate that had some Greens, Onions, a serving of Tomato Sauce, a Spoon and surprisingly, the Same Plastic sheet they serve food on in the restaurant. This was a first time I get something like this in a delivery, but hey, it kept my table nice and clean.

Time for the main meal!

And there you have it, a Mandi serving. There was half a Chicken in there with plenty of rice. This serving is definitely enough for one person. The Chicken was very tender and soft, nice flavor to it, but not too much. Speaking of not that much flavoring, the rice followed the same trend. There was a bit of flavor but not by too much. The Tomato Sauce helped things from getting too dry as well. I did like the Mandi but I would prefer if both the Chicken had more flavors and the Rice had more herbs in it! Overall, it wasn’t bad.


This was the surprising part, the whole Mandi with delivery was 20 Dhs only. Very good value I have to admit

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         5 / 10

Overal: 5 / 10

I’d recommend Bait El Mandi for try or if you really love Mandi. They are quite cheap and the food isn’t bad.

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