Sam’s Steak Hut

15 Oct

I got a recommendaton to try Sam’s Steak Hut by a friend and I thought I should give it a go. I did not feel like going there myself so I wanted to see how good
their delivery might be.

Their menu has a wide range of options, especially in Steak Cuts.

I really felt like having a burger, and since they are a Steak house or Hut.. they should be able to
pull off a Burger well! There are no excuses.

Made an order and within 30 minutes the food had arrived, I guess this is the general average around
this side of Dubai (Barsha & Media City)

This was something I did not want to see! A Plain White Plastic Bag! but let me tell you a bit in
advance, they deserve a nice thicker bag with a nice logo.

I quickly unpacked everything

More white packaging! I just hope that the food is good because plain white packaging and plain
white bags dont always go well.

I got no utensils in the bag, just these three packs. One big, One small and a Paper bag. Being the
first time ordering from Sam’s Steak Hut, I was curious to know how they work and what was in the
third bag since I had ordered only two things.

First of all, everything was covered in foil. It did help with the temperature and moisture,
especially with the fries. I have had Fries delivered from several places in similar white packs
that were soggy by the time the food had arrived, so I appreciated this.

I figured out what the third pack had! The Paper bag had ketchup Packets, Mayonnaise Packets, A
paper bag with Salt, Pepper, Tissues and finally a small container that had a slice of Tomato,
Onions and Lettuce!

That’s right, I had to prepare my Burger! I am usually not the kind of person who would like to
build my own food, but, I really liked that! I always would have a little complaint like forgetting
to remove tomato off my order or it having too many Onion sices, but here I get to choose perfectly!
The Burger was simply the Beef Patty with cheese in a bun, I decided what to put in and how
much Sauce to put on top. This also prevents ingredients being moved around during delivery or having the sauce all over the place, etc. Speaking of the Beef Patty, it was delicious! Tasted Fresh, Cooked Fresh and to perfection! It was Soft, Juicy, Tender and plentiful!

The menu stated that the Burger was 220Grams, and certainly was a big enough Burger.

The Fries were Crispy, well seasoned and really nice. I could just imagine these would be even better at the restaurant itself! There was something different about the fries than in other places.
When I have Fries at home, there is a slight distinctive taste to it. I am not sure really what
brings that on, maybe the Potatoes? maybe the oil? I do not know, but the Fries from Sam’s Steak hut
has it.

Finally, I had ordered Mozzarella Sticks as a side order. It was nice. Nothing special or mind
blowing here, just crispy on the outside and nice Cheese on the inside. I had to slightly reheat
these as I like the cheese to be hot and soft. It was nice.


The Burger with Fries were 33 Dhs and the Mozzarella Sticks were 12 Dhs, totaling to 45 Dhs
without a Delivery Charge. I believe it is good value for the quantity and quality of the food.

The Packaging: 6.5 / 10
The Food: 7 / 10

Overall: 6.75 / 10

I’d Recommend Sam’s Steak Hut, if they can pull off a good Delivery, dining in should be excellent.
I really cannot wait to Dine In and try out one of their Steaks!

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