Royal Kebab

09 Oct

I came to know Royal Kebab from people at work ordering from there a few times. That obviously got me curious! When I asked them, they all said that the place has good food.

Sure.. Time for me to find out then!

I went online to find their menu and as it turns out they actually deal with and so I could access their whole menu and I got to say, they have a huge selection! The variety is a broad range of dishes from Vegeterian Indian Food, Chinese Food all the way to different kinds of Grills.

Decided to try two things off their menu that they should be serving well.

I made my order online and within 30 minutes or so, the delivery guy had arrived.
The food came in two small white bags wth their logo, brand slogan, address, phone numbers and I am sure that if they had space they might have put the menu on as well!

I quickly unpacked everything and I was quite surprised…

Leaving the surprise for later though, I unpacked the first order.

The Chicken Tandoori

For starters, it was a bit of a mess. The Chicken was on the plastic platter but it was just placed inside the paper bag. Why didn’t anyone think of covering the Chicken with some foil at least? Instead, I got sauces from the Chicken all over the plastic bag, the paper back and on the table.

It came with bread, which was a bit stringy.

The Chicken did not go down so well with me. I do not mean to say its bad or that it isn’t nice but it was a little unusual. First of all, there is an excess in spicies used (Doesn’t mean it is overly spicy/hot) but there is a lot of this Tandoori sauce everywhere. The problem is, there is a taste but the excess isn’t necessary, and it isn’t increasing the taste either. The interesting thing is, with all the spices and sauce everywhere, it needed more salt.

Speaking of needing more things, the food needed more heat as well. By the time it was delivered it was starting to get cold.

The Chicken itself was done really well; soft, tender, juicy and cut up quite nicely. I think if they had cut down on the quantity of spicies, but focused on the right flavor (A mix between spice, heat, salt/pepper, etc) it would have been really good.

So, time for the surprise?

For the main dish, I ordered a Chicken Biryani. I mean, come on, how could I not right? and I was surprised to see what I saw…

I just sat there looking at this clay pot with bread on the top and thinking that this better be what I ordered! Fortunately it was!

This, atleast to me, is the strangest presentation of Biryani that I have seen so far. Essentially, they put the Rice and Chicken in the pot, cover it with dough and prepare it.
This certainly was the first time for me, but I got to admit, it was really appealing.
Aside from the fancy presentation, the Biryani was actually good! I always believe that there are two kinds of Biryani, the overly original one served in small restaurants at a cheap price, and the high class Biryani, where they do not flood the rice with herbs and spices that need removing. This is certainly on the higher class side of Biryani, as there was barely one or two things to remove and even the Chicken was boneless!

The one I ordered was the small Biryani and it is certainly enough for 1 person. There was plenty of flavor and the Chicken’s sauce was really nice. There was enough spices and herbs to give it a very nice flavor.

The meal did come with 3 small containers that had Raita, Yoghurt and Onions. On the side, there were some  Spoons, Forks and Tissues. So they pretty much cater for the sides and utensils, it does not seem like they are forgetting anything for the dining experience


Just a week before the order, they had increased their prices by a bit, and these are the updated ones. One Chicken Biryani was 32 Dhs, and the Chicken Tandoori was 26 Dhs, totalling to 58 Dhs. They do not charge for delivery. I think it is a decent value for the food.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food: 6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend Royal Kebab, they have a wide variety of food to select from and I believe their food is good.

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