Best Burgers Forever

06 Oct

About time the vacation ends and I got some food up in this place! Interestingly though, some restaurants that deliver to work do not deliver to where I live… the way I see it, this means more restaurants! A place I keep seeing every time I drive out of JBR is Best Burgers Forever.

Now here’s the thing, the name is very optimistic, so even before trying it everyone’s expectations are to sky-rocket.. I tried not to, but they are claiming they have the best burgers forever! They better mean it.

So I had to go with the basics to give them a chance to prove themselves and I made a typical delivery order. I ordered online through (An online portal to order all your food delivery with absolute ease) and waited..

It wasn’t too long that the delivery had arrived in two white bags.

That was a sign I was afraid off. Yes, I am not judging the place depending on what the bags look like but white bags have a bit of a history on this blog..

Quickly unpacked everything because I was starving and also, wanted to get to see what the rest of the packaging looked like!

Again, everything was pretty simple. White paper bags closed with their “Best Burgers Forever” sticker, their branded tissues, the ordered drink and a few tiny packets of ketchup.

The Main meal I ordered was their B-Cheese Burger Meal with Wedges instead of Fries.

The first thing I noticed was the “Happy Burger To You” written on the sandwich box… a bit random… maybe that is what was intended? Anyways! The Wedges. I did not really like them. They were soft rather than crispy, and outer layer/skin wasn’t tearing off or getting cut so easily. So when I took a bite it would squish the potato inside till it ripped off. It was fresh and tasted so, just wasn’t the best execution of Potato Wedges that I have seen

Still, it is Best “Burgers” Forever, I thought to myself, lets wait for the burger!

Before I begin, I ordered their B-Cheese Burger with Extra Cheese. Why I ordered the Extra Cheese I will never know but I just did. So how was the supposedly Best Burger Forever?

Good. Not Best, Not Forever, just good! I mean if they weren’t so optimistic it would have been great! They could call themselves “Good Burgers”… anyways, The bread and everything else seemed really fresh, even in the picture everything’s color is vibrant and it really did taste so. A nice touch was that the bread seemed to have been tossed on some flame and also, is shaped like the B in their logo.

So, the Beef Burger? Well the burgers are “Omaha Natural Black Angus Beef” as stated on their website and is nice. It does have a different flavor to it than any other burger I have had around town, whether fast food or gourmet, so it does give them a little distinction. Overall the burger tasted nice, although there was a lot more vegetables compared to the beef patty itself but I guess that is what the Double Burgers are for right?

For dessert, I wanted to try their New York Cheese Cake. I thought it would be a good ending to the supposedly Best Burger Forever.

Before I make the comment I have been waiting to make, since the moment I saw this, let me just say that the Cheese Cake was alright. It was in its own packaging with a fork and knife.

So the comment… If the slice of Cheese Cake looks exactly like the ones sold at KFC/Pizza Hut, and if the packaging of the Cheese Cake looks exactly like the ones sold at KFC/Pizza hut as well, I have the immediate impression that it is the exact same one. Was it? I have not had one in a while, but I could almost guarantee that aside from the stick, it was at least 90% the same. That was disappointing.

To conclude, Best Burger Forever? No. Nice burger, differently different and worth a try for a change but not the Best.

The Value:

This is where things got a bit weird. I was not sure what I was expecting in terms of a bill. There are the Gourmet type of burgers and there are the Fast Food Burgers and I wasn’t sure where Best Burgers Forever sat on that list. The B-Cheese Burger Combo was for 39 Dhs + 4 Dhs for Extra Cheese. The Cheese Cake was 18 Dhs and a 5 Dhs delivery charge. The Burger’s price might seem fair enough if one considers it isn’t necessarily Fast Food and is prepared on the spot with fresh ingredients but 11 Dhs to add a can of Coke and Fries/Wedges seems a bit overpriced. Also, the Cheese Cake… Overall, Not the Best Value either.

The Packaging:   5  / 10
The Food:         5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.25 / 10

I’d Recommend Best Burgers Forever for a try, the flavors might kick in for some people and the freshness is an appeal, just don’t go expecting what the name suggests.

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