N_K_D Pizza

03 Oct

To be completely honest, I have seen N_K_D delivery bikes many times and I have always brushed it off and never tried it. Why? Absolutely no clue. Recently though, I got a menu left at my door (Do they know I’m Ihab?! No other door had one! Spooky!) and at the same time, I interacted with them on Twitter, so I said alright alright, I’m giving in!

There is so much to N_K_D than I actually thought! This might actually be a long review.

First of all, I wanted to know what I was going to order, so I picked up the menu, and they have a fixed set of Pizza’s that you can choose from, like any other place but also, they have Custom Pizza, what more could I say to explain this? You can have any pizza with any combination or amount of toppings you wish! I did not want to risk a weird creation and review it so I went with 2 Small Pizzas off the menu.

I saw they had an order online option, which was intriguing so I went ahead.. Their website is nice and after creating my account and set everything up, I came to make the order and I was asked which branch of the restaurant I would want. I mean, I dont know! Dont ask me that! Just bring me my pizza! The rest was pretty cool, I do assume some might find it a little complicated but there are some really awesome features like the ability to select toppings for the whole pizza or on a particular side! A friend who hates Green Peppers comes to mind, and if you were to share a pizza with someone you can just add/remove toppings you like/dislike. That is awesome.

Back to my food, they estimated 35 minutes to delivery, and they even let you watch this little time bar that fills along every step (Ordering, Making, Delivery, etc) I just find that really cool! They really wanna keep the customer involved and up to date, like it is some high tech up to the second project. I like that a lot! More importantly, the food arrived. Hot.

What was funny though was the Delivery guy. They apparently asked the Delivery guys to greet their customers with a line that goes something like “Thank you for ordering NKD Pizza for your dinner” or some thing similar to that, and after payment again, there is another line they say. I mean it is a nice touch, but the poor fellow just wanted to leave and he felt a little embarrassed having to say all that he did. It’s a nice touch but isn’t really necessary.

The boxes were very orange! thats all really (Weird since their logo is usually Green). Normal Pizza boxes, but there is a thing about them that I liked, more on that later..

First up! Firehouse. Yes, that a name of a Pizza. In Original Crust.

You might ask what is in it… but the question might probably be whats not in it.

Officially, this pizza has: beef pepperoni, spring onion, cherry tomato, orange bell peppers, grisu chili, pimento chili, and gambia chili.

I have absolutely no clue what those Chilis were, but let me tell you, this is one flavorful pizza!

First of all, it is spicy. I mean, that’s quite a given right? The Crust isnt thick, its fairly medium and cooked well with the crust being slightly crispy. You really do get to taste a whole load of flavors from the Peppers, Onions and Chilis that even the Pepperoni might be missed. This is definitely one of the most flavorful pizza’s I have had in a while! “Firehouse” definitely suits it for all the spice for sure! I can literally say, I have no criticism, its a very good pizza.

The second pizza I ordered had a lot to make up for, lets see if the “Omnivore” could. I ordered it in a thin crust called “Skinny Crust”

It looked pretty good too! The menu list the follow as its ingredients:

“pepperoni, hamburger, turkey ham, mixed bell pepper, mushroom, black olive”

Right off the first bite, I knew 2 things. 1) This is a nice pizza and 2) It isn’t as good as the “Firehouse”.

The Omnivore is an overthrow of meats. First thing to clarify is that the “Hamburger” ingredient is basically tiny meatballs. I was wondering how they managed to get a hamburger on the pizza.
The Flavor was nice and you really do get to taste all the meats and it does go well with the Olives and Mushrooms. The Bell Peppers were cut really tiny and spread all around the Pizza. It did spread the taste quite well! If you like your Pizza with a lot of meats, this is a very good option and as always, you can play around and add or remove ingredients! The Skinny Crust is really nice and crispy. Slightly thinner than the Original one but very nice.

As a side option, I went with their Potato Wedges

You do get a selection of Sauces, and I went with Barbecue Sauce. If anyone is wondering where the Sauce was… I did too. Then I realized it was under the foil on the bottom right of the picture above.

It was a Medium sized cup with lovely Barbecue sauce.

The Wedges themselves were all spaced out as much as possible not to stick together and were nice. Nothing special really. They were nice, soft and were well seasoned.

The thing I wanted to mention about the Pizza Boxes might be easily over seen by many people, but I dislike Pizza Boxes. They never just close with ease. I do not know why they choose to widen their flaps and all. For some reason, N_K_D’s boxes just open and close. I do not know if it was because they were small sizes or their boxes are good, but it was worth mentioning because it just closed! Finally! a Pizza box that works!

The Value

One thing quite cool about N_K_D Pizza is their pricing is one per pizza size, not based on toppings. Of course if you go Custom, that’s different. So, 2 Small Pizzas were 29 Dhs each, and the Potato Wedges was 12 Dhs. This totaled to 75 Dhs including a 5 Dhs Delivery Charge. I think that is quite good value for good quality Pizzas.

The Packaging: 7 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 7/10

I’d really recommend N_K_D Pizza for sure. They have very nice Pizzas.

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