Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

30 Aug

After lunch at Mirdif City Center, we really felt like dessert. It is pretty hot so I wanted something to cool off. While walking around, we passed by Pinkberry. It was full. So we took another round to find a place to sit.

About 15 minutes later we found a few empty places, so we ordered! The staff were really polite and really friendly.

They have a few flavors of Frozen Yogurt, but most of them are seasonal. The Original and Chocolate are permanent, but their Strawberry, Mango, Peanut Butter and Watermelon are seasonal, they end at some point. The latest addition though was the watermelon. So that’s what we tried.

I ordered half Watermelon and half Original. It comes with 4 toppings. The lady at the counter offered a special Watermelon Puree which I could have instead of 1 of the 4 toppings. I was intrigued and as it turns out its a thick watermelon sauce that was ICE Cold, so after being poured it gets frozen around the Yogurt. I liked that, especially on the original flavor’d Yogurt.
For the rest of the sides I took some Strawberries (for 1 more topping) and Hazelnut (for 2 toppings).
So, how was the Watermelon Yogurt? Pretty good! If you like watermelon (or even if you do not actually) you will like it. It has a clear flavor of watermelon and yogurt. I liked it. I still prefer the Original to be honest, especially if you can get the watermelon puree. The Strawberries were fresh just like most of their fruits from the way they looked.

Verdict: A very nice, cool, freshening and different alternative for having something cold compared to Ice Cream. It is healthier too (if you stick to fruits and normal flavors). They have a nice variety of flavors which they will let you try as you wish. I really liked Pinkberry and watermelon is a nice addition to their flavors. If you want something to cool off, try Pinkberry. The small size is very sufficient for one person, only go for the large if you are two or more!

For 23 Dhs you get a small sized Yogurt (Which you can have as two flavors as above) with 4 toppings.

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Pinkberry for dessert.

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