Just Falafel for Lunch at Jumeirah lake Towers

19 Aug

I have been meaning to try Just Falafel for some time and today while thinking of what to eat, I saw it right in front of me!

The JLT branch is pretty small, it has 2 tables in the middle, bar stools and a counter around two sides of the wall. The Other end is where the action happens, a counter where they make the sandwiches.

The menu is on the board, and right under the glass panel is where they prepare the food. They have containers for all the kinds of salads and ingredients they use. It is done right in front of you, if you choose to watch.

I didn’t know what to expect or know what to order, so I went for something a little basic. I ordered “The Lebanese”.

It came with a canned drink and French Fries. The Fries were thin, well salted and tasted nice.

The Sandwich is double wrapped (one from the bottom and one from the top) pretty straight forward.

So the Sandwich itself! It has the following ingredients:

“Falafel, Cucumber Pickles, Turnips Pickles, Shredded Parsley, Shredded Mint, Tomato, Tahina Dressing”

The bread I chose was the Saj bread. For one, I thought it would taste better and two, the Pita bread is the small round bread. They prefer it as “Big” and “Small”. It was a little thick (Typical Saj) and I have tasted yummier Saj breads before.

How did it taste? I asked myself that question after a few bites.
It was good. I tasted the Falafels (They squish them in the bread. Helps them stay in place) but they were over powered by all the salad in it. If you check above, there isn’t a good balance between the Falafel and the salads. I should ask for a little less salad the next time. They essentially squish in about 4 Falafels.
I personally liked it. It tasted quite nice and is filling.

I wanted to actually get to taste their Falafels on their own, so the least I could get was a plate of 9 Pieces (This could be a meal with Fries and a Drink if you like)

Now I really got a first hand taste at their Falafels! They were very hot. Fresh out of the Fryer.
I dug right in and it was Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. It was flavorful but could have used some dip. I did not get any, but I would really recommend the Tahina Sauce (A cup is for 2 Dhs) they also have Hommus if you like. Essentially, the Falafel were up to expectation. I shall be visiting, next time I want a quick bite.

The Service: There was not much interaction with the employees but they were polite. When I asked about the menu, they explained how the whole thing works, explained the sizes, breads, combo’s and sides. I did witness some arguments between the Cashier and the Delivery guys, which I do understand can happen but should not be in front of the customers. The food was brought to my table.

The Value: 1 “The Lebanese” Meal and plate of 9 Pieces of Falafel came to 22 Dhs (18 for the Meal, 4 for the 9 Pieces Plate). That’s very good value! Certainly less than most fast food and Definitely more filling than any fast food for the price.

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 6 / 10
The Food:    6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d Recommend this place. Nice Fast Food that is Healthy, Vegetarian, Light yet Filling.

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