Chicken Tikka Inn

12 Aug

The last time I reviewed an Indian Restaurant it was a fine dining one. The thing with Indian food is that theres a broad spectrum of levels and classes of its food being served. I wanted to give Indian food a try but I didn’t want anything fancy. I wanted the basics. The only thing that rang a bell in my head was Chicken Tikka Inn!

I have had their food for years, across many of their branches and they have always maintained good standards, I believed. It was about time to give them a review!

Delivery does not take a lot of time, as long as the restaurant is close by. In my case it was, and it took about 30 minutes.

The food arrived in a White Plastic Bag

They have two bags by the way, One in white and one in yellow. No idea why, though. The bags have their logo, slogan and at the bottom pretty much all the contact information one would ever need. Based on previous review expectations, a well executed bag usually has good food. I hope it kept up to their older standards!

Quickly dug in and took everything out

Clearly, they are a big fan of Aluminium foil! They do cover everything in it. In an attempt to prevent anything getting spilled. I do think that it is a lot! Keeping in mind they are lowering their costs of packaging and all, I guess they would rather go this way than upgrade their Plates,Cups and containers.

Chicken Tikka inn always provides this plate as a side for almost all orders

If you have been following the reviews from a while back and have read Asha’s Dining Experience Review, they charged for this. With Chicken Tikka Inn, this is always free. Sometimes it includes Cucumbers but this time they didn’t. What more could I say about this… Plenty of Lime and Onions..

I had ordered 3 main dishes for this review and shall start with a Butter Chicken Curry

It came in a clear container and in the above picture I had poured it into a bowl. For starters, it is plenty! It would be eaten with Bread (more on that in a bit) and be enough for 2 people with ease!

So, how was the taste? Pretty good! There was plenty of sauce, which was delicious on its own. I mean, I would sometimes just take some bread with the sauce and enjoy that alone! It is a little thick, plenty of flavors to go around. It isn’t necessarily spicy per-se but there are Chili Peppers that do spice it along with the butter taste. Another important factor, some places make Butter Chicken more sweet tasting, and that isn’t always executed well. This though, is not sweet.
It’s called Butter Chicken, and so there is chicken in it. The thing I really appreciate is, unlike most places that would use any cuts of Chicken since it would be hidden in the sauce and would just slide, Chicken Tikka Inn really do use main cuts of Chicken Breast. Actually, in the picture you can see the little Cube on the bottom right and see for yourself, they do not cut short in their dishes.

As for the Bread, they have a selection of about 5 or so breads. This always confuses me because I do not know what to have! This time, I went with Puri Paratha

The thing I really like about this bread is, after unwrapping it, it slowly crisps up. I like it a bit crispy and it does have a good flavor. Major warning though; it is really oily! You really got to be fine with oil because it is a very oily bread. I usually would pull back but its really delicious! It works well with the Butter Chicken and even to just dip in the Tamarind Sauce (A sauce I will show and discuss below). I really do like this Bread. They serve it in Half’s as seen in the picture.

Along with the Butter Chicken I ordered Chicken Boti

It took me quite a while to even know it’s name, and I still have no idea what “Boti” really means but I do not even care! This, simply put, is the Sheesh Tawooq of the Indian/Pakistan cuisine. It is marinated Chicken cubes that are grilled on a skewer.

Delicious sounds like the most appropriate term to use. There is plenty as can be seen in the picture, 8 big cubes really marinated well and have very good flavor, but most importantly, perfectly grilled! The Chicken is cooked really well, tender and soft throughout!

Chicken Boti is served usually with Tamarind Sauce, and a Cucumber and Mint Raita

I can’t really explain either really well but I shall try..
The Tamarind Sauce: This is a weird mixture of… I dont know… Almost everything! It has Tamarind (it is apparently grown on trees) and all sorts other ingredients like Brown Sugar, Masalas, Ginger powder, Cumin and god only knows what else!

The result? A confusing but delicious sauce! I like to dip everything in it! Chicken Boti or just the Puri Paratha by itself. It is spicy in the sense of heat, and also spicy in the terms of having plenty of herbs. It even has a sweetness to it!

The Cucumber and Mint Raita: This is essentially a Yoghurt Mixture that has Cucumber and Mint and is very cooling! Being that most of the food is spicy, you might visit this often to cool things down in your mouth. Before you blow it up again!

Finally, I had ordered a Chicken Biryani

I mean come on.. How could you have an Indian/Pakistani cuisine review without one? (I actually didn’t before… but I’ll ignore this realization for now…)

Again, very nice. I personally am not a fan of picking things off my food, so picking out Herb Leaves and whole Black Peppers out of my plate is a bit annoying for me, but as far as flavor and taste goes.. It is quite worth having them in it!

The Biryani is is a bit spicy and has a lot of flavor! There are two big pieces of Chicken (Whole with bone) in the rice, cooked very well. The rice had different herbs and even colors, all coming together gave it a unique taste.

Biryani came with Yoghurt too!

No Cucumber and Mint here, but does have Onions cuts in it. This is really nice to have with the rice, really does taste well. Again, serves as a bit of a cooling factor.

The Value:

Really good value, sums it pretty well. I had ordered a really big amount of food. The Dishes ordered would serve 3 people with ease. The Chicken Biryani was 18 Dhs, the Chicken Boti was 24 Dhs, the Butter Chicken was 24 and the bread was 9 Dhs. Very well priced for quantity and taste. Makes me wonder if the difference of going fine dining Indian, worth it? That thought alone, really works in their favor!

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend Chicken Tikka Inn, whether for Delivery or Dine in, they have very good food with good value.

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