Nando’s – Portuguese Flame-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken

10 Aug

Nando’s is a special restaurant that has been around for a long time, and recently in the news, speak of their expansion. In fact, there is a new Barsha Branch opening up right behind where I live. I usually eat at the restaurant (mostly at the Sheikh Zayed Road branch) but today, I decided to order in!

I rang them up and they got straight to the point. I mention this because before, they had to give a whole sentence of wishing a good day and asking how could they satisfy my cravings today. Too long for me, I just want to order! Thankfully now that’s gone and they get right to the point. I made my order and I was told delivery would take 45 minutes. The food had arrived after about 40 minutes. So their estimates are quite spot on.

The food arrived in two Big Brown Paper Bags

One bag would have been technically sufficient as the bags were mostly empty and even one of the bags just carried the Salad. One thing that disappoints is that there were No Utensils. They provided everything required except Utensils. This is something they have done many times before.

For Starters there was a Mediterranean Salad.

The Salad was nice. All fresh ingredients, everything was crunchy and clean. Onions, Lettuce, Green & Yellow Peppers, Baby Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Feta Cheese Cubes. There were also Two Packets of Salad Dressing (Traditional Vinaigrette with Olive Oil). It was good.

For the Main dish, I ordered the Chicken Espetada (Extra Hot Peri-Peri Flavor). Flavor is an important factor and one should really pay attention! They go:
Lemon & Herb (Near to no taste as they never have enough on)
Mild Peri-Peri (Starting to get some flavor, not enough at times)
Hot Peri-Peri (Where I recommend. It is noticeably spicy. Get some water around)
Extra-Hot Peri-Peri (You really need to have high tolerance! Stronger than Tabasco heat levels)

The Chicken Espetada comes with a Side of Chips or Vegetables but ordering Spicy Rice didn’t have any extra charge. The Meals came with plenty of Tissues and 6 Packets of Peri-Peri Sauce (It is Extra-Hot Peri-Peri) but dare not think of pouring them all as a sauce or anything.
The Rice is the Typical Spicy Rice of Nando’s it has plenty herbs, light vegetables and chili peppers in it. it is fairly Spicy. It tastes good. Nothing extra-ordinary but a good plate of Rice. I took 1 Packet of Peri-Peri sauce and used half of it for the whole rice plate to spice it up.
The Chicken is really good. It was about 5 Big Chunks of Chicken that were Perfectly Grilled. This is something I appreciate about Nando’s their Chicken is cooked to Perfection. I do admit, my ordering of Extra-Spicy Peri-Peri took a toll on my taste buds later on. There were some Big cuts of Yellow and Red Peppers that were Grilled on the Skewer along with the Chicken, for flavor.
The Chicken was hot when arrived and the Rice was warm, and both were hot enough throughout the meal. The plate was a similar Good Quality Plastic Plate like the one used for the Salad above, so no complaints there.

The second Dish was a Meal. A 1/2 Chicken Meal (Hot Peri-Peri Flavor).

The Meal consists of Half a Chicken (in 2 Pieces), a can of soft drink and two Side Orders. In this case, it was 2 Spicy Rice. The Spicy Rice Packs came in a Brown Paper Bag (Keeping Consistency with the Brown Bag usage)
The Chicken itself is put in another Brown Bag but it has a Plastic Lining inside. I find that really good, it does not let the paper bag soak in all the Oils, Sauce and eventually tear apart. (In the past I have popped this into the Microwave for a quick re-heat and that was perfect)
The Chicken, like the Espetada, was Grilled Perfectly. Plenty of Flavor, and due to the Plastic inside the Paper Bag there was a little sauce to dip in the Chicken (There was Peri-Peri Packets if needed)
The Chicken was warm, but not as warm to call perfect, a common issue with most cases of Delivery.


1 Salad and 2 Main Dishes came to a total of 135 Dhs. The Chicken from Nando’s is special and the Grilling always is, or nearly is, Perfect and that is important to consider! It is good value for 2 people, and is certainly filling while satisfies one’s cravings for spice!

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place to deliver. Should not disappoint and if you want a bit more flare though, you should try the Chicken Espetada in the restaurant itself, it comes in a fancy hanging Skewer.

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