Pompeii Italian Restaurant & Cafe

05 Aug

I really like Italian Restaurants, something about their specific type of cuisine that is really delicious and when I hear of a restaurant that serves Italian food, I am always intrigued to try it out. In this case, I have been hearing about Pompeii having good food. I had to try it out..

I went through their menu on (An online portal to order all your food delivery with absolute ease) and went for two things that should be really good!

The food did take about 45 minutes to come from Jumeirah Lake Towers to Dubai Media City.

They had a nice looking bag. I like the little description on the bottom and all. Good first impression, just hoped the rest would hold up! I aint going to eat the bag, the food better be good!

First up, I ordered their Mushroom Risotto.

Before anything, I really love Risotto. Some people consider it as rice that’s cooked wrong, but that would mean they really do not get this dish. Also, a perfectly executed Risotto is a good sign they know what is doing because it is really simple (For a professional, of course) yet could easily go wrong.

Their packaging is pretty neat. I like the little ribbon sticker with their information. The problem here is, the Packaging is nice and it is sealed real well, so nothing is going to get out by accident but, the plastic has no tab! There is no way to open it with ease, you will need to get your finger to make a gap and move your finger along till it pops. Bad design for sure, no clue why it does not have a tab, I mean how hard could it be?

Of course with my finger run down the sides to open the lid, it got messy. I did not enjoy that. So, how was the Risotto?
It was alright. The Rice was cooked well, there was plenty of Mushrooms and the taste was fine, but it did not blow my mind and I would not consider it a dish I enjoyed having. I assume with a little more flavor, seasoning (which it lacked) and heat, it might have been much better. There was quite a bit of oil around the dish. I understand when it is on a plate and it is lightly on top, but having oil here wasn’t nice.

Along with the Risotto, we ordered a Pepperoni Pizza, which ought to be good!

Again, they really do well with packaging. Very consistent and good looking.

I expected a lot from the Pizza, and Once I opened it… well… I was let down a bit.

First of all, the side of the pizza that is upright because it was held against the side of the box. If the pizza can get hard like that just tells me it did not come out of the oven crispy as it should be.

I just had an amazing Pepperoni Pizza a few days ago at Oregano Restaurant, quite possibly the Best Pepperoni I have had, so Pompeii had a lot to make up for!

Yeah… they didn’t.

Bland pretty much sums it for me. I really can sense, that on a different day and Dining in, the experience might differ, maybe not a lot, but would certainly be much better than this! The Pizza had the sauce that’s seen around the edges before the crust, there was a little cheese only. I do not understand why they couldn’t cheese it some more, and the Pepperoni taste was hardly evident!
The worst part for me though, was the last few bites, around the crust where I just had bland dough in my mouth. Yeap.. I did not enjoy it so much. I wouldn’t say it is terrible or really bad, but it was below average for me.

The Value:
The bill was lost but the Mushroom Risotto was 40 Dhs, and a Large Pepperoni Pizza is 42 Dhs. Decent value for the quantity but I just wished the food was better, at least a little. It isn’t worth the food quality.

The Packaging: 6.5 / 10
The Food:          5   / 10

Overall: 5.75 / 10

I personally would recommend Pompeii as a Dine in, I would expect the food to be better. Certainly is not an excuse for their delivered food to get a 5 / 10 rating.


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2 responses to “Pompeii Italian Restaurant & Cafe

  1. Francesco

    August 15, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Next time try my own truly italian restaurant called Romantico and in as well ciao!

    • internem

      August 15, 2012 at 10:26 pm

      Sounds good! We got a deal 😀


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