Oregano for Dinner at Dubai Media City

03 Aug

Ever since I can remember, I would see Oregano, would want to try it out. Recently I have been hearing about it again and decided it was about time I actually got to do so!

I drove over and parked across (There isn’t parking in front of it) and walked in. They do have seating outdoors, but in this weather…. that is just ridiculous to try. Walking in, I was surprised the place was actually empty!

It was kind of expected in a way… The location is in Office Park, Dubai Media City. That area is mainly Offices and Universities at night, neither are open.

Anyways, Leaving the empty dining room aside, upon walking in we were greeted and welcomed into the place. There are two levels, but I did not take a look upstairs, I’d assume the warm decor was similar. We were free to sit where ever we wished, and as soon as we did the waiter brought on the Menus.

The Menu was actually quite interesting! There is a really big selection of food, but not just a long list of food, but very interestingly, there were sections such as Ravioli, Pasta, Gnocchi, Pizza, Calzone, Risotto, and even Chef’s Specials section! That is of course aside from the starters, salads, desserts and more! I got to admit, I love their Menu! I found a lot of things I wanted to try, especially this “Gnocchi”, I had no clue what it was, but it looked real good!

As soon as we placed the order, the waitress brought the Table Setting for us.

The place isn’t too bright in lighting. One thing I noticed that did make a good impression was the Tissue under the Knife and Fork. It was one of those Green/Eco/Recycled type of Tissues made from reused paper. I mean, It is not what I would really look for or care for, but when there, it is a nice touch!

Speaking of Tissues, the table had Salt and Pepper grinders and a bottle of water but no extra tissues.

A little bit after that, they brought on their Bread Basket

The bread was actually nice and soft! Except for the bread sticks which were a little hard, as they should be. Along with the Basket they brought Oils and Butter. Another point for a nice touch!

So time for the actual food, which did not take too long actually. The place was empty but throughout our meal, there was about 3 or 4 people that came in and made take-away orders.

To start with, I just had to try the Gnocchi! The picture in the menu looked like some kind of Curry/Sauce dish that you would have with Bread or Rice. When I asked the Waitress she said it usually is ordered alone. So I did.

I ordered the Gnocchi Siciliana

Before I get into how it was, the description might help everyone understand it a bit better.

“Potato Dumplings in a spicy sausage & mushroom sauce”

It was absolutely delicious. The sauce was lovely, thick but not too much, there was a lovely amount of ingredients and flavors! The only thing I did not fully understand was how the Potato Dumplings were spongy… It was like Potato Marshmallows.. in a good way! I really liked this dish!

About having Rice or Bread to eat it with, my judgement was right, it does need one of them. Thankfully, the Bread Basket was still around and it catered well enough.

For the second main dish, a Pizza was due! So we went with a Large Pepperoni Pizza

Before anything I got to admit, I absolutely love Pizza, so my expectations might be higher than usual.
Fortunately, it did not disappoint one bit! On the menu it was described as:

“Beef Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce & Herbs”

The Pizza was thin, the crust was crispy but not too hard and the flavors were really there! I have to say that out of all the ingredients which were really good, the key factor that is lacking in most Pizza places is the “Herbs”. It really does have a strong effect on how the whole Pizza came together.
It had 8 slices and both dishes together, shared, was enough for two people. It was really hot and really delicious. The dough was soft beyond the crust, just right!

The Service: it was very good. The waitress greeted us when we entered, was polite, quick to respond, and was willing to serve. The serving was all spot on and straight forward. When asked a question about whether they had local water or how the Gnocchi was eaten, she seemed pleased to interact and explain. Upon leaving, we were thanked and welcomed again. Everything was smooth, nothing out of the ordinary or anything spectacular but plain good service.

The Value: 1 Large Pepperoni Pizza, 1 Gnocchi, and 1 Large Local water was 93 Dhs. I think this is good value for a place that is warm and comfortable as it was, has good service and most importantly really good food!

The Place:    7   / 10
The Service:  7   / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.2 / 10

I really recommend Oregano. The Place, Service and Food really are up to expectations, and it is surprising that a place like this was there all along.

You can order Oregano Online through as well and save the hassle of telephone calls, wrong orders and wrong addresses while being able to go through the entire menu with ease.

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