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01 Aug

What does one do when absolutely bored of all types of food? When Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Grills and Sandwiches are not options? You either eat something you aren’t happy with or go down the risky path of trying something new!

Guess which one I went with? Yup.. The path of something new..

I am an affiliate of (An online portal to order all your food delivery with absolute ease) and they offered me a all expense paid meal from Chimes. Worth a try then! I opened their website and ordered a good selection of the online menu.

The food took about 40 minutes to arrive.

The food arrived in their branded bag with a huge logo of theirs. This should be a good start then!

Aside from the food, the bag had packed 3 pairs of Chop Sticks, and a variety of sides in cups. They were: A Sweet and Sour, A Vinegar with Red Chili Peppers, A pinch of Dried up Chili, and a sauce that was very Tangy and also a bit Vinegar like. I had no clue what that last one was, nor why it was in a bigger cup than the rest.

The thing missing though was traditional Utensils. I understand Asian places usually do not offer Utensils, but how about a spoon for the soup at least? Even if I could eat using Chop Sticks, how am I to Chop Stick my way around a soup?

Before I get to the soup, I have a slight warning for all the people that are reading this. You really must understand what you are going to receive ordering Far Eastern Cuisines. There are a lot of Vegetables (Not a bad thing), A lot of Fresh and Raw Ingredients (Also not a problem) and there are some dishes that have too much flavor strength (And this might be a problem for some people)

The Soup I ordered was their Hot & Sour Soup

Where do I start? It was nice, but the flavor was too strong! The menu describes this Soup as:

“(Chilli) Tangy savoury soup flavoured with mushrooms and Thai spices”

And no doubt, it was very Tangy and Spiced up! It does have a very evident Soy Sauce kind of Flavor and very Tangy attack on your taste buds! I could hardly identify what was in it.. Seeing a baby corn was like an “oh cool a corn”. I am sure people from this region would identify it all in an instant. It is nice, but be warned, it is very strong. If you like that kind of thing you will love it!

Along with the Soup, I went with their Fresh Vietnamese Prawn Spring Rolls

What more could be said about this dish over what is seen in the picture? The menu describes it as:

“Fresh prawn & vegetable spring rolls. Wrapped in rice paper served – with a tangy dipping sauce”

It actually was this white Rice Paper (Rather rubbery) layer that covers little raw Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Cooked Prawns and some stringy white things (I have no clue what so ever what these are!) and they had lemon on top. These tasted Fresh and Salad-like.

For the main dish, I had the Khaw Pad (In English that is Prawn Fried Rice)

I guess I enjoyed this the most. It was a little sticky (That is due to them cooked this way for Chop Stick use) and tasted nice, but my god! I have never seen so much Salad in Rice like this! I have seen places use a little bits and pieces, but the Khaw Pad essentially has big pieces of Lettuce, Tomato and Green Onions.

It tasted nice and it was a Thai dish. I am no expert to rate this based on what an Original Khaw Pad might be, but as far as I tasted, it was pretty good. The serving is enough for two people, and considering the portion, it is good for two people. What is odd is that I selected Medium size for these dishes (Soup, Rice and Chicken Sauce Below), so I could imagine Large would cater for 3 people or so.

I never order a Rice Dish without a Sauce, so I went with a little Chinese inspiration, Sweet & Sour Chicken

As far as the Chicken and Sauce went, it was typical Sweet & Sour chicken (with very little sauce) that could be found in most places, but again, with their own touch, there was a lot of Vegetables in it. I saw Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions and Marrow. The Chicken was tender and definitely Sweet & Sour. I would prefer it to be Crispy on the outside but it was just a soft coating.

The Flavor was nice and matched the rice very well.

The reason why I decided to give the little warning is because I would know of many people that would easily dismiss this food, or find it not delicious. I personally liked it, and I always try to look at things as objectively as possible without bias. The food was good, had plenty of flavor (some things too much flavor), and fresh ingredients were evident in most of the dishes. All aspects of the dishes and starters were cooked well (Except for raw Vegetables of course).

The Value
I was not given a bill, assumed because had sponsored my review and paid for my meal, but from the menu; The Medium Hot & Sour Soup was 24 Dhs, The Prawn Spring Rolls was 24 Dhs, The Medium Sweet & Sour Chicken was 25 Dhs and The Medium Khaw Pad (Prawn Fried Rice) was 33 Dhs. All this totals to 106 Dhs. Certainly enough food overall for 3 people, which makes it quite decent value. If ordering for a bigger group of people it would be more value as the difference between Medium and Large orders is very minimal.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place in the case of liking Far Eastern Cuisine and/or having bold and Courageous taste-buds.

You can now order from Chimes with a click of a button and save the hassle of telephone calls, wrong orders and wrong addresses while being able to go through the entire menu with ease.

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