China Garden Restaurant

29 Jul

Another new night lost contemplating what to have for Dinner. Especially in Ramadan, it does get rather tough figuring out what you feel like. I decided I wanted some Chinese and also wanted to try somewhere new. This is where China Garden fit. I remembered that I had received their Menu once.

Well.. I remembered I received it, but I lost it. came in handy with that, luckily they had China Garden and I had access to their entire menu.

Speaking of the menu, Here is a shocker, How many items do you find in a typical restaurant? 30? 40? 70? 100?!
China Garden have over 170 Menu entries! Choosing what to have is like making a life changing decision! Far too much! I had to go down to basics, too broad a selection worries me.

The delivery did not take much time, it took about 30 minutes.

The food came in a White plastic bag with their logo on it. It was clear that the quality was low, but still they actually bothered.

The bag had the food in different containers (More on that later) but had no tissues or utensils.

For starters I had their Sweet Corn Soup, with Chicken.

The food came with two small side cups, which had Vinegar and Chili Paste/Sauce.

The Soup was nice but I did have an observation. There was taste, flavor, the soup was thick and hot, just right for soup. So what was this observation?

I have had this EXACT Soup in about 3 or 4 places till now! No really, the very same soup. Taste, Flavor, Ingredients and even color! I have had it in Cafeterias (Food and Drink which I had reviewed their Shawerma) and a few other Cafeteria-like places. I do not know.. do they all have the same supplier? Weird. All that does matter is that it is nice. I just find that having Soup that isn’t specifically theirs, kind of pulls away from how original they are, being a Chinese Restaurant.

For the Main Dish, I ordered the Schezwan Fried Rice with Chicken.

This pack is supposedly half a portion. Certainly enough for 1 person.

The rice was.. alright. There was little flavor going on. The Rice had a little vegetables and a few Chili Peppers (for the Schezwan effect) but weirdly they were just in the center of the plate. Compared to ordinary Chicken Fried Rice there was just a tiny bit of different flavor, not as much as I would expect to have ordered this instead. The rice was cooked well but overall the taste was just alright.

To go with the Rice, I ordered their Chicken in Hot Chili Sauce.

The first thought was that this is too much quantity for my portion of rice. There aren’t half portions for Sauces. So definitely worth getting one sauce for two half servings of Rice or Noodles.
The Chicken in Hot Chili was pretty nice actually. There is a ton of Flavor in there and that is all down to the amount of ingredients in there! Some types Chili Peppers, Onions, Sauce, etc. There are plenty of them in there and the results are pretty good. There is a lot of Chicken in there as well, which are thin strips of Chicken that were cooked well.

Regarding the Packaging, I just wonder why the many types? White container for the Soup, Foil for the Rice and Clear for the Sauce..

Overall their food is not bad. They do have a huge selection of foods and it would be unfair to judge the entire place based on 3 out of 173 menu options! Main factor to take in is that the place functions more like a Cafeteria that is dedicated to Chinese Food rather than an Authentic Chinese Restaurant (Including a few which are Fast Food Authentic Chinese Restaurants too) and this means that the quality is not very high, the prices aren’t very high and is an alternative to Fast Food.

The Value:

One Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup was 15 Dhs, Half Portion of Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice was 18 Dhs and a Full Portion of Chicken in Hot Chili Sauce was 29 Dhs. This totaled to 62 Dhs and they do not charge for Delivery.

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         5 / 10

Overall: 5 / 10

I’d recommend this place for a trial, especially since they have such a broad menu, one might find some interesting dishes. The food is quite alright too.

You can now order from China Garden Restaurant Online through with a click of a button and save the hassle of telephone calls, wrong orders and wrong addresses while being able to go through the entire menu with ease.

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