26 Jul

I have had good experience with Wendy’s in the past and it is one of my favorite Fast Food restaurants because of their approach. As I have mentioned in my Dine in review of them, they do things a little differently compared to most Fast Food places. (You can read the review here Wendy’s for Dinner at Dubai Festival City)

I decided to order in and see if they maintain their quality throughout (Especially since the delivery would be from another branch than the one I tried before)

I made an order online through, So I didn’t get an estimated time of delivery, but it did take 45 minutes.

The food arrived hot, so at least the time wasn’t spent letting the food get cold.

The food came in 2 White paper bags, full with their logo and a slogan. I usually like that, and have spoken a lot about how appearance somehow reflects in food. The smaller bag had the drink, keeping the cold drink away from the hot food. The big one had a huge “Fresh” written across the bag, which with Fast Food is always doubtful, but as per my previous visit, tastes fresher than the usual.

Quickly unpacked everything and laid them out..

They do have a good selection of Appetizers / Starters which is nice, especially for people who like these additions.

I shall start from the top:

The French Fries: They were good, the cuts are nice, crispy from the outside and salted with Sea Salt, something that does give it a different flavor compared to ordinary Salt. I do not know why they did that but it certainly works.
Beside it, The Chicken Nuggets: Obviously, the Nuggets are sitting in a Fries Pack, so I am guessing they haven’t thought of its own container. The Nuggets were good too and they were actual Chicken Cuts, unlike most place’s Minced Chicken Treatment. It does reflect in the Quality and Taste of it for sure! The Nuggets do come with a Choice of Sauces (Barbecue and another one) but I really adore the Asian Spicy Sauce (That comes with the Asian Spicy Boneless Wings) and I had requested they swap the Barbecue for Asian Spicy Sauce which they did with no extra charge.

The Asian Spicy Boneless Wings: I have lost track of how many times I wondered, why are they still called “Wings” but as my previous review, Delicious. Again, they are Chicken Cuts rather than Minced Chicken, which have a nice Crispy outer layer, soft and tender center. With the Asian Spicy Sauce, it is just lovely.

They provided two small cups of Ketchup and Sufficient Tissues. The only thing really missing was Utensils for the Asian Spicy Boneless Wings. Now, time for the Burger! I ordered their Dave’s Hot’n Juicy – Double.

It looks interesting at first glance. The Sandwich comes in Single, Double and Triple Patty options! The Sandwich’s description is:

“2-4oz beef patty, sliced of cheese, mayo, ketchup, pickles, onion, tomato and lettuce, w/ reg. fries and reg. drink”

It is a pretty straight forward and traditional Burger with Ordinary Ingredients, so if there is any flare it has to be from the Quality of the ingredients. Was there any flare? Yup.

The Burger tasted good. The Ingredients were good and seemed fresh, the Cheese was plentiful as can be seen in the picture and the main ingredient, the Beef Patty, was delicious. It was really soft, cooked really well and had a different taste to it than most places. Why the Beef Patty’s are Square I have no clue, but hey, it tastes well, so I am not going to complain about shape! They do have something about the Square Shape that is like a signature factor about Wendy’s. I enjoyed it as everything came together really well.

The Packaging was pretty straight forward, Nothing really special to go about, but I did have an observation that was rather a question mark. The Asian Spicy Boneless Wings was covered with Aluminium foil, and this isn’t the first time it was delivered that way. Odd since when Dining in, they do provide a Clear Plastic cover.

The Value:

It is quite good, more or less on par with most Fast Food places. Dave’s Hot’n Juicy Meal is 24 Dhs, Chicken Nuggets are 12 and the Asian “Wings” are 16 Dhs. They do also charge 5 Dhs for Delivery. No Side orders would make the Meal 29 Dhs including Delivery.

The Packaging: 6.5 / 10
The Food:           7  / 10

Overall: 6.75 / 10

I’d recommend this place. They do have a different flare compared to ordinary Fast Food Burger Places, and it really does work. If you are looking for a change of Fast Food, they are worth a try. They have a good selection of Appetizers and Sides worthy of trying too.

You can now order Wendy’s Online through and save the hassle of telephone calls, wrong orders and wrong addresses while being able to go through the entire menu as well.

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