QD’s for Dinner at Dubai Creek Resort

24 Jul

QD’s is one of Dubai’s lovely outdoor places to relax, listen to music, have shesha and enjoy the atmosphere. On normal days they usually have a DJ. For Ramadan though, they have a part of the place covered and air conditioned, including Arabic style menus and hot drinks.

In their new tent styled area overlooking the Creek, they have revamped the place with TV screens and redesigned the table settings. As soon we walked in, the waiter asked us how many people we were and took us to the area with the best places actually, which is good considering that we had not made a reservation. They were polite and brought over the menus quite quickly.

Their menu does not have a big selection of main courses, but do cover the basics. I guess their main focus is the Ramadan Buffet.

Once I ordered the food they brought the Place Setting

Pretty straight forward I guess. Paper Napkin holding the Knife and Fork. Interestingly, the Orange color is part of their theme (Which is found on the Logo, Menus, Staff Uniform, etc)

The tables already had Salt and Pepper Shakers.

I went through their menu and fancied their Shesh Tawooq (Grilled Marinated Chicken Cubes) which is something they have in both their Ramadan and Ordinary menus.

First of all it looked quite appealing! Yes, usually a person will not go through all the things on the plate but still, it does give a nice feel to it. So how was it? One of the nicest Shesh Tawooq dishes I ever had!

First of all, The Chicken: Marinated Perfectly and Grilled Perfectly as well. It was presented on a really big Skewer right off the grill. At the beginning, just looking at it, you can know it was Grilled to perfection. It had lovely spices and was very tender. Absolutely Delicious. It is a big skewer though, and has about 6 cubes but it might not be entirely filling, especially since it tastes really good and gets finished up fast.
The Rice: It was nice, but had no seasoning. There was a slight flavor to it, but really needed seasoning.
The Sauce: Incredible! Nothing fancy, but could possibly be the best Garlic Sauce I have reviewed till now. The Garlic isn’t overpowering, certainly will not leave any after taste or smell because it is more creamy than strong. It really went well with the Shesh Tawooq. I usually pull back from Garlic because they are usually very strong but this was very creamy yet having good enough flavor.

The rest of the things on the plate are hardly eaten like the Grilled Lemon, Tomato and Onion. Onions, Lemon and two slices of Bread. These are as expected, ordinary. Still nice to have on the plate for mixed tastes! Someone might use the Bread, cover a Chicken Cube, add some Onion and Sauce and enjoy it as well.

The Service: Very good. The servers are nice and polite. They smile and interact with people, greet them, ask how they are doing, etc. There are plenty of servers and shesha people around and asking for something is pretty easy and quick. Upon leaving we were thanked. Especially with most of the people sitting in the closed area they are more servers around. When we requested to lift the blades on the Air Conditioning, the waiter instantly did so. You really do get a feeling they care about the customer’s overall experience. For a place that received so many awards in the past (Among most of their restaurants), they do live up to the expectation.

The Value: The Shesh Tawooq dish is 55 Dhs. Considering it is a hotel level setting, with good service and high quality food, it is pretty good.

The Place :   7  / 10
The Service:  7  / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall: 7.2 / 10

I’d really recommend this place. Good Service and Food with a lovely Atmosphere.

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