Pizza Company

22 Jul

There are so many places that make Pizza and it really is hard to decide where to order from. Essentially there are two main types of Pizza places in Dubai; the Fast Food type (Made in Modern Ovens, quick and not as Authentic Pizzas) and the Authentic Italian type (Wooden Ovens, Done the Italian style, usually thin, etc). In each category there are the good and the bad. Pizza Company is one of the really good Fast Food type of Pizza Places.

As with typical Fast Food Pizza places, ordering items individually is almost always more costly than going for a Meal, and they had a good variety of meals to offer thankfully.

I decided to go for their Meal for 2 and the delivery did take about 45 minutes.

The packaging had two Aluminium Packs and the Pizza box. Why one of the Packs was in a Bag and why the other wasn’t I have no clue. The Bag and the Box had all the logos and branding expected.

I had ordered the Meal for 2, with a Medium Pizza and a Pasta, and BBQ Chicken Wings.

First up, the Pack in the Bag had the Pasta. It came with Utensils and Tissues.
The Pasta ordered was their Spaghetti Diavola. It’s ingredients are:

“Spaghetti, Spicy Chicken and Onion in White Cream Sauce”

I think that the Pasta needs a little re-think. In a Meal for 2, it would fit perfectly as a person can have the Pasta and probably have a Slice of the Pizza. That way it would be filling, but if ordered on its own, it might not be really filling.
But how was it? Good. Could be much better easily though.. The Spaghetti isn’t actually Spicy, there are herbs and spices but not enough. Another thing that isn’t enough was the Sauce. It tasted good, its just that I had very little on the bottom and it left most of the Spaghetti a little dry. A little more Spices and Sauce and it would be very good. The Chicken Pieces are nicely cooked, and fairly sufficient.

For the Pizza, I went with their signature Pizza, the Super Deluxe

They really made sure they cut it! aside from that it was quite good actually. The Super Deluxe has a lot of ingredients and they are:

“Pepperoni, Sliced Chicken, Beef Ham, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Onion, Capsicum and Black Olives”

Might sound like that is a whole lot of ingredients but they are put reasonably, its not like a Mountain of Pizza toppings as you can see. The result though, is interesting taste. There are a lot of flavors to go around, and it was good. The Dough was soft throughout and it gets Crispy around the edges. It was actually yummy eating the crust alone as it was Crispy on the outside and Soft on the inside.

As a side order, I had their BBQ Wings

There is definitely something special about Pizza Company’s BBQ Wings, something that I have not had anywhere else till now. They are not covered in any Sauce like in most places, but the important part is that the Chicken Wings have a Flavor that came from the Wings being Marinated before Barbecuing or something (In most places, after biting in the outer part, there is not much flavor in side) and with the Barbecue Sauce provided, it was delicious.

The Value:
I usually have a copy of the Bill but weirdly enough, they didn’t provide me with a copy! The Meal for Two was 45 Dhs, the BBQ Wings was 24 Dhs and they have a 5 Dhs Delivery Charge totaling to 74 Dhs.

It is good value for two people in general, but I do feel the BBQ wings is slightly overpriced compared to the Meal for Two. There is a 8 Pieces BBQ Wings order for 18 Dhs as well.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place. As with all Pizza places, I suggest you actually go to the restaurant rather than ordering because this Pizza, Fresh out of the oven would be amazing!

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