P.F. Chang’s For Lunch at the Mall of the Emirates

20 Jul

I have only once tried P.F. Chang’s and it was a good experience. Passing by Mall of the Emirates, I decided it would be nice to have lunch there as I have never been to this branch before.

First impressions walking in? Wow!

I could have sworn it was Night time even though my watch said 3 PM! They have really done a very good job with the way the place is decorated. It certainly looks not in the Mall. The decoration was very nice, and there are tables and booths to go around. This is one big restaurant! I really like the design and the amount of work done. Well done!

The servers were very polite and very excited to assist and somehow lead us to a booth which I would have picked either way. Co-incidence but a nice one. They do care about spreading people out nicely. As soon as we sat we were handed their Menus.

Soon after sitting down the server came over telling us of their sauces and they mixed and matched some sauces in the middle cup saying that is the special sauce. I tried it, it was not bad but then again, I had nothing to use it with at the moment, or later even.

When coming to order individual Soups and Dishes, the server was saying how most of their Menu was designed for two people. So instead of two soup, We ordered one. The Hot and Sour Soup.

I didn’t really enjoy the soup so much. It had a lot of vegetables that I have never tasted in my life, and it was a delight when I chewed on some Chicken. The flavor was quite Soy Sauce like and there was certainly plenty of Hot and Sour going on. On the other end of the table, the Soup got some acceptance. I had my serving and it was alright. The main Bowl could easily serve 6 cups. Suitable for 3 people with ease.

For the Main Course, We ordered the Chicken Fried Rice, and Chang’s Spicy Chicken as sauce. Again, each serving was sized for two.

The Rice: It was very good! My first observation was that it was a bit sticky, now most people would consider this over cooked, but as it turns out, P.F. Chang’s has a spoon-phobia, the rolled napkin had 2 forks, 1 knife and Chop Sticks. When the Rice came, it made some sense, that is how they do it!
Flavor-wise, it was very good, there was a good mix of ingredients and flavors. Nothing was under cooked, chewy or crunchy. It reached nice and hot, not too hot to burn either.

The Chang’s Spicy Chicken. It was Delicious! There was sufficient to go around the Rice and it was really flavorful. The tastes of all the Chilis, Onions, Sweet and Sour sauce were all there. The Chicken itself was very tender and soft. All the Chicken cubes were pure Chicken Breast cuts (as it seemed to me, do not quote me on this). There were no skins, fats, or any weird pieces. It also really complimented the Rice. It certainly was a really good dish.

The Service: It was really good. All waiters were polite, sweet and quick to react. They were very welcoming when we entered and thanked us when we were leaving. The delivery of food was also fairly quick. I did enjoy the little show of the “Special Sauce” that the waitress created. The only downfall of the service was, in the gap where we were having the Soup, and the Food came. The server placed the food on the table and left. It was highly disorganized rather than trying to set the table for us to easily reach the food (The Rice was placed in front of me, and on the other end of the table was the Chicken, rather than push the Soup bowl and let us both have the Chicken and Rice in front of us both). They need to consider placing down food with a bit more thought.

The Value: 1 large bottle of water, 1 big bowl of Soup (Suitable for 3 people with 2 servings each), 1 Rice Dish (Suitable for 2), and 1 Main Sauce (Also suitable for 2) came to an exact total of 150 Dhs. Which I think is really good value! The place is huge, the decoration is good, the service is good, and the price is good too.

The Place:   7 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 7 / 10

I’d really recommend this place, but be sure to at least go with a friend, almost everything is a service for two.

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