Leil Nhar for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

19 Jul

Leil Nhar is one of the most popular Cafe’s in Dubai Festival City. This is because of its location that overlooks the Festival City Marina, Indoor and Outdoor seating, and because they have Shesha Indoors and Outdoors, which gets busy every evening.

I have eaten here a few times in the past but haven’t had anything there, in a long time. In my last visit they had Ramadan Offers and had revamped their menu. I was a little hungry so went for one of their light sandwiches.

All their tables have everything you could possibly need already set!

I do find this convenient, and you would rarely need to ask anything from the waiters, which helps them too.

Their menu has a new look, is bigger and is nicer to look at and read.

They have a wide variety of Sandwiches, Saj’s, Salads and other dishes. They also have a big selection of desserts and drinks.

For dinner I went with the Chicken Fajita Sandwich. Their sandwiches come in soft white bread that is prepared fresh, and is rather delicious in all sandwiches. As an additional charge option, you can get brown bread.

The presentation is too straight forward, in the sense that it is lacking something. The first thing it lacks would be some sides! A few French Fries? Wedges? Salad? Coleslaw? Something on the side I feel is always necessary. The second thing I feel is missing, is a care for appearance. Maybe layer them at an angle above one another, add some garnish, etc.

The Sandwich itself was pretty delicious!

The ingredients of this sandwich are:

“Chicken Fajita, Mozzarella, Guacamole Sauce, Green Peppers, Onion and Mayo Dressing”

I got to say, they all come very well together! I really didn’t feel or taste much of the Guacamole Sauce but pretty much everything else tasted really well. The Chicken was soft and Tender and cut into small pieces.
It was hot, soft, and pretty juicy, no dryness at all. Very well made.

The Service: The staff at Leil Nhar are nice and polite. There is no Fixed entrance being that one can enter from 2 places and they could probably sit outside which can be reached by 2 ways as well, which basically means there isn’t always someone to greet you. We walked in and we picked a table and took a seat. Sometimes if a waiter is by a door and notices, they do wish the customers. The menu’s came and we were left for a few minutes to go through it. They are almost always busy so the waiters do have a lot on their hands, but the service isn’t affected by this much. The server was smiling and was happy to serve us. Then on, everything was smooth and every time we asked for anything they were happy to serve.

The Value: One Chicken Fajita Sandwich and One small water came to around 40 Dhs. It is pretty decent value considering that the sandwich was really nice with good service. A real advantage to most people that visit is the ability to smoke Shesha and Cigarettes Indoors!

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 6 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.3 / 10

I’d recommend this place. They have lovely sandwiches which are unique in their own way, good service, and pretty decent value.

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