Al Farooj Fresh

18 Jul

I have seen Al Farooj go through many of its transitional stages where they had quite a few bumps. There were times where they were more Arabic Restaurant than Fast Food, times in the middle, and times like now where they have totally transformed into Fast Food.

What does keep them different is their partnership with Al Islami (For those who aren’t familiar with Al Islami, they locally produce all sorts of Chicken Products, from Full Chickens to Burgers). This means they do get Fresh Chicken through their supplier, which is always a good starting point!

Food took about 30 Minutes to deliver, which was their estimated time when ordering.

They have their own branded plastic bags. I do not want to make this an official comment, but as a mere observation, I have experienced that many places that just provide plain bags without any branding turn out to get lower ratings. Now I certainly never rate the food based on the packaging but an observation. Perhaps the attention to detail and importance of their branding does in some way reflect in food?

I was really hungry and I unpacked everything real quick. The smaller bag had the drink I ordered.

Let me start from the Left:
The Drink, 4 Packets of ketchup, 1 Cup of Garlic, Paper bag 1: The Sandwich I ordered with its Fries, Rice with Chicken Strips, Tissues, Utensils and finally Paper bag 2: Dessert.

First up, the Sandwich Meal, which was their Super Fillet Combo.

Without a second of doubt, this is certainly Al Farooj’s spin off Zinger Supreme of KFC, and had the exact same ingredients:

“Cheese, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Chicken, and Turkey Mortadella”

The first thing I noticed eating it was the fact that the Chicken Tastes quite good. I think it has to do with the Freshness of it. I definitely am not expecting or saying that its Freshly Cut Chicken Fried on the spot, but it is certainly fresher than big Fast Food brands. All together, it is pretty good!
The Fries were ordinary fries, they lacked salt.

Alongside the Meal, I tried their “Crispy with Rice”, which is essentially their yellow rice, with some herbs and a side of a little vegetables with 3 Pieces of Chicken Strips on top. The rice was cooked well, soft and plentiful but its sauce did require a little more flavor and seasoning.
The Chicken Strips were really similar to the Chicken in the sandwich. It was soft, crispy and fried well.

For Dessert, Apple Pie

This was very typical Fast Food Apple Pie that I have had in several Places. The outer bit was really crispy and crunchy and deeper in, nice and soft. On the inside, it was sweet and the Apples were soft. The only thing missing from this was Sugar on the outside! Without the sugar, the outer crust definitely felt like it was missing something.
I also know why there is no sugar. The packet that its in, has a big cut out so you can see the Apple Pie. If they had added sugar, it would end up everywhere. I’d say, close the hole and add the sugar!

A nice touch Al Farooj has, bringing back the topic of packaging, is that their Paper Bag has a little history brief of the company. I found that interesting, a quick read into the company.

Any real purpose other than information? No. Is it required? No. Is it nice to have just because they can? Definitely!

The Value:

1 Super Fillet Combo, 1 Crispy with Rice and One Apple Pie totaled to 37 Dhs which includes a 5 Dhs Transportation Fee. I believe for the quantity of this meal and taste, it is very good value! Mind you, Crispy with Rice is pretty much a second meal, too!

The Packaging: 7 / 10
The Food:         6 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place to deliver. Decent food that has freshness to it, not really common with Fast Food and good value.

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