Gourmet Burger Kitchen

15 Jul

I always found the name interesting, and previously had good food so it was about time to give them a review here. I gave them a call to deliver.

The order did take about an hour and 15 minutes to arrive! So keep in mind they can get delayed!

As soon as the the delivery guy arrived and handed me the bag, I was pleased.

I was pleased because it was quite a while now that I haven’t ordered from a place that put some care into their appearance! I was kind of tired of white plastic bags. Here though, they had a nice Brown paper bag with their logo, a slogan and website.

I quickly unpacked everything..

Pretty straight forward. I had ordered two types of Burgers and a “Half and Half” which is half a serving of French Fries and half a serving of Onion Rings. The only issue was that everything seemed pretty Greasy.

As an Appetizer/Side, I thought Half and Half would go well with Burgers.

The problem with the delivery was due to the time, the food had got a bit cold, including the Half and Half. They weren’t French Fries as much as Steak Fries as they were chunky. They were soft on the inside, and I could imagine they were Crispy when hot.
The Onion Rings were very nice. They were really crispy, I mean really really crispy! Nice flavor as well.
This order definitely compliments Burgers well.

The first Burger, was the Hot Chili Grilled Chicken Burger.

This was a lovely Burger with plenty of flavor. The ingredients are:

“Hot chili sauce, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and mayonnaise”

I ordered mine without Tomato. The Burger tasted pretty good. The Chicken breast was grilled well, juicy and was quite large. The sauce tasted more BBQ sauce like than spicy. In fact, I didn’t taste any spice, just flavors. It was seasoned well but the sauce had got everything messy, I guess from the transportation. Definitely a nice Burger for Chicken lovers.

But the highlight Burger was definitely the Mushroom Swiss Burger.

The First thing I noticed, compared to the Grilled Chicken, was that it certainly looked more Gourmet like and that it was smaller. The ingredients are:

“Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, caramelized onions, and mushrooms”

I got to admit, this was really good. I quickly warmed it up in the Microwave (The picture is before reheating) as it really looked good enough not to eat slightly cold. The flavors were really there! The Caramelized Onions really do give a distinct flavor that is slightly sweet, while the Mushrooms and Cheese just went really well together. For the meat, I asked “Medium Well” temperature as Well Done is usually too dry, and it was just right. The Bun how ever was a little hard, might have not been freshly made today, but overall, a very delicious Burger. The size might make it seem like its not enough, but it is quite filling.

The Value:

2 Burgers with 1 Side order totaled to 81 Dhs including a 4 Dhs delivery Charge. Pretty decent value considering their Burgers are quite good, especially that Mushroom Swiss one! The only issue I would have to mention would be the temperature due to the delivery time.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. They have some very nice Burgers, and a wide selection of Burgers for almost any taste. I would recommend going there rather than delivering though.

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