Cafe Ceramique for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

13 Jul

I have seen Cafe Ceramique in many places around Dubai and have wanted to try it out a few times but never got the chance. This time though, I did.

There is plenty of seating inside and a few on the outside. It was crowded inside so we sat outside. At this point, crowded must have meant that there is something to crowd for right? I was hopeful!

A server came and brought over the menus. No smile, No hello… just brought the menus quite literally. The Menu looked classy I liked the picture on it. The tables had these sheets describing a bit about colors of paint with painting tips. They did forget one important factor which was; what if someone does not know about what they do? For example, If someone sits at a table, with no clue that children can color up Pottery and there is a club for children where they get benefits and discounts, All a person would see, is a restaurant with sheets of paper describing how one should paint. Maybe the purpose is to ask? but then again… I shall later discuss how that would be a problem too..

The menu had a good selection of food and pastries. So far, aside from the service, seemed rather promising.

I went ahead with an Appetizer of Spicy Potato Wedges.

It was really good! but there was a big issue! It was the ordinary Frozen Potato Wedges that anyone, anywhere could just go and get for themselves. I find it quite hard to believe that they cannot chop up and spice Potato Wedges themselves. Without a doubt these are the exact Potato Wedges I had at Columbus Cafe previously. Annoyingly they weren’t even spicy.

Yes, I did enjoy them, and I liked the MayoChup or Ketchonnaise (Mayonnaise and Ketchup mixed). It was hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and delicious.

At this point… I was a little less excited about the place. My friend who had ordered a Coffee also mentioned it wasn’t that good. I was beginning to worry, but I let the final decision to come from my main dish! The Grilled Beef Tenderloin with mashed potato! Sounds good doesn’t it?

Looks interesting too, right? Wondering how it was? Well you are in the right place!
Before I begin, this is what the menu thinks the dish is:

“Well marinated beef tenderloin served with sautéed red& white cabbage, mashed potato, steamed beans, white sauce, tomato confit, thyme potato and brown sauce.”

Sounds good right? It wasn’t.

The Mashed Potato: Bland. There were chunks, there were under-cooked parts, and it seemed like there had been no cream or so with the mixture. A little bit of butter on top but then it was missing so much to begin with. I had to salt and pepper a lot to even begin having some taste.
The Steak: Putting the Tomato that was covered with garlic and herbs aside, I got to the meat. Tender? Nope. It was mostly really dry. I just disliked the inconsistency. Some parts were a little soft, some were hard. It doesn’t seem like the meat was seasoned either. I really like steak but I did not enjoy this so much, and I really like Tenderloins! I tasted no Marination what.. so.. ever..
The Sauce: It was nice. It was a peppery sauce. It went well with the meat and for me, helped season the Mash a bit.
The thyme Potato: Terrible. It felt old and tasted of nothing.

I decided to have Dessert, bold move I know, but I thought things might turn around!
I went ahead with the Molten Chocolate!

It was alright. That is about it.
The Cake: First of all, it did not seem fresh. A day old, refrigerated perhaps. It was hard, really thick and was not even close to Molten, it was slightly warm. only slightly. Would have tasted nice if fresh.
The Ice Cream: I haven’t ever had an Ice Cream this Tasteless. Yes, Tasteless Ice Cream. I thought the menu said Vanilla Ice Cream (It did by the way, I had to recheck) and all I thought was that it was just Milk Ice Cream. First off, it was Milk white, and tasted like Milk Ice Cream, if such a thing didn’t exist before this post, it does now.

They have so much potential I feel. I have been to restaurants with this kind of case before. Nice restaurant, good decoration, a meaning and purpose behind their existence, doing something special and unique, yet the food isn’t good because the Chefs aren’t executing it well and the Service has less supervision than required.

The Service: It was Mediocre. The server at the beginning had no smile, didn’t greet us, didn’t give enough time to go through the menu and just came and stood there and when giving the order he barely was able to re-read the order back. He was weak in English, but so was the other server too. The food was brought rather late, there was that obvious “time” between the Appetizer and Main Course. At the end the bill was brought and taken away, no thanking & no welcoming… They literally did the minimum they had to do, serve. It really felt like an awkward thing to talk to the server. This would be a mess if one had to ask about what they do at Cafe Ceramique.

The Value: 1 Appetizer, 1 Main course, 1 Dessert, 1 Large water and 1 Coffee came to 125 Dhs. The value in monetary terms is pretty fine, but the place does lack in service and food quality.

The Place:   5 / 10
The Service: 3 / 10
The Food     4 / 10

Overall: 4 / 10

I generally do not recommend a place with a rating of 4 or less, as one could easily have a meal at a restaurant rated at 5 or more within walking distance in Dubai. I would not recommend this place.

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