Fern W Fekhar for Dinner at Uptown Mirdif

11 Jul

Uptown Mirdif has a big Food Court but I didn’t fancy any Fast Food, so we headed towards Fern W Fekhar. They are a Lebanese place and have all the Salads, Grills and more.

One nice thing about the place is, that very little is actually happening behind the scenes. There is the Grill Station in the middle, the Shawerma station on one side and the Bread and Saj oven on the other. You really do get to see most of your food being prepared.

Another thing that is interesting is their counter.

You could look at a menu in your hands, or just.. look at the counter, the entire menu is right there. I just had one thought about this, if they are busy and there are people with trays and all, the menu will get covered. Other than that, when empty its a very big and clear way to see what they have.

We went with Shish Tawooq Sandwiches.

The Sandwiches came with 2 plates of Pickles and Tissues. We had ordered 3 7-up drinks on the side. The presentation was simple and to the point. Plain paper wrappers in two layers. One on the bottom and one on the top. I always found that simple to eat, just Pull the top out and start away.

The Pickles were crunchy and tasted really well.

So, I picked one, unwrapped it and…

Was impressed! I mean, I have had this sandwich before, but it was a long time and I had forgotten how it was.
The Chicken was perfect. The whole Sandwich had about 4 Chunks of Chicken. It was not over-cooked or under-cooked in any way. The Chicken was soft, tender and juicy. No dark sides or anything, they grilled it perfectly.

Essentially what they do is (and I know this of course, because I could see them do it) they prepare a Skewer with Chicken and Green Peppers, place it on the grill and once done they place the skewer on the prepared bread and just pull it away, leaving everything the way it was on the Skewer.
Speaking of the prepared bread, they traditionally would put Pickles and Garlic, but you can substitute it with pretty much any comparable replacement. We asked for Hommus instead of Garlic, and it was delicious.
They roll it up and wrap it up. Simple, straight forward, warm, with a lovely flavor.

Value: Each sandwich is 10 Dhs and the 7-up (Or any similar soft drink) is 3 Dhs. Two sandwiches is filling for a person, so that would make it quite a good value.

Verdict: They have very good, straight forward and freshly prepared food. The Shish Tawooq Sandwich was very simple, and apparently the quality and taste comes from this simplicity.

The Food: 7 / 10

I’d really recommend this place, especially the Shish Tawooq, whether Sandwich or otherwise.

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