Brooklyn Diner for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

10 Jul

Another day, Another meal and I wanted to try something new.. I thought of a few places, and then saw a sign board of Brooklyn Diner. Okay, so a Burger in a Diner Styled place sounded appealing!

There was a main issue though… Getting there! I saw the sign board outside, walked into the building and nothing… No signs anywhere. I assumed it was upstairs, took the elevator up and saw… nothing. Walked around some more and saw a sign board but no sight of the place. As it turns out, we had to walk to the end of the place, go outside and then go back in from the next door.

Finding the place was complicated. We walked in and no wonder why the place had just 1 table, how could anyone find it?!

Plenty of tables but all gone to waste since no one can find the place! There are several types of seating; tables, booths and bar style seating. We took a booth and noticed they have strange table cloths, they were paper. I found it a bit unexpected. I always just expect cloth never expected paper, slightly like issue.

There was a bigger concern though and it was rather unpleasant, temperature-wise. It was a little hot. The person that took us to our table was very polite and when the waiter came to gave us the menu, he apologized and explained to us that their air conditioning wasn’t working and the mall management were on it.

The menus were tall, kind of like what i’d expect from a Diner, plastic covered with black material edges and all. It had a wide selection from Pizza’s (weird), Pastas, Sandwiches, Salads and more! One thing worth noting was, we were thirsty and so we ordered water. The thing that I didn’t like was that they had no local water. 16 Dhs for a 1 litre bottle of water.

There was a wide selection but I really felt like a burger, so I went with something that had an interesting tagline to it, their Brooklyn Diner Cheeseburger Deluxe.

At first glance it looked really good, really appetizing to me. In the menu, the description was:

“Prime ground beef, cheddar cheese, hickory smoked beef bacon, frizzled onion rings & french fries”

The tag line that got me intrigued was:

“Best Buger in New York” Gael Greene, NY Magazine

This ought to be good then! How was it?
Quite alright. It didn’t win any awards with me in Dubai. Do not get me wrong, it was nice, just didnt blow any minds or win any awards.
The Onion rings: Seemed rather fresh compared to most places. It didn’t have a soft filling that tastes like nothing, found in most places. It was literally Onion Rings Deep Fried. It was good.
The Fries: Ordinary cuts of Fries, salted a little extra. They were fine, especially with the ketchup.
The Pickle: Yes, Pickle, just one. Was Pickley.

Enough sides, The burger itself.
The Bun was greasy and a little hard around the edges and soft on the middle. It didnt feel like the bun was old or anything, it was made this specific way. I liked it.
The beef patty, was juicy, cooked well (When asked for temperature we asked for well done) and just so soft.
The Bacon was stringy a bit, but then again, all bacon is. It was a little salty.

All together, it was a good burger. The only concern I had was, it was missing a sauce. This was a bit of an issue, we had the Ketchup cups and knives and forks. We asked for mayonnaise that came also in a cup. In a typical Diner scene you’d expect Ketchup and Mustard bottles, but they stretched it more towards a “finer dining diner”. So I used a knife and spread some ketchup and mayonnaise on the sandwich along with some Onion Rings and it was good.

The second Burger was the BBQ Chicken burger

It looked totally the opposite of what we had expected. I mean, when you read BBQ Chicken, one expects Grilled Chicken probably with BBQ Sauce or something within that region.. It was totally the opposite. The menu described this as:

“Hand-pulled chicken, BBQ sauce, with a choice of Brooklyn Diner cole slaw, french fries or split pea soup”

No clue what Hand-pulled Chicken meant, but certainly wasn’t what the plate had! The Fries, ketchup and Bun were exactly the same as the Cheese Burger.
The BBQ Chicken: It was interesting. It was shredded Chicken bits (similar to a Shawerma) that seemed to be cooked in a BBQ sauce. Now, it was supposed to be BBQ’d Chicken so I’d assume they BBQ’d the chicken and then mixed it with the sauce. It seemed to have Onions as well in the sauce.
It was definitely different and tasted nice too. The only thing was there was a little too much of the Chicken on the bun. It wouldn’t be possible to just put the top bun and eat it, some of the Chicken had to be eaten first, which wasn’t a problem.

The Service: It was good. We were greeted with plenty of smiles and welcomes, we were offered any type and place of seating we wished. The menus arrived really quick, and they were kind enough to explain the Air Conditioning problem. The food did take some time to arrive, but other than that they were quick with everything. When asked for tissues, they brought a whole pile of tissues, they certainly were not holding back.

The Value: 1 BBQ Chicken Burger (49 Dhs), 2 Cheese Burgers (54 Dhs each) and 2 Bottles of Water (Annoyingly and Expensively not local water. 16 Dhs each) came to 189 Dhs. I would say The prices are average for the Dining Experience. Good service, Decent food, and a change of restaurant.

The Place:    5  / 10
The Service:  6  / 10
The Food:    5.5 / 10

Overall: 5.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place if you want a change of tastes and feel like a freshly made burger.

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One response to “Brooklyn Diner for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

  1. nadia

    December 12, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Landed here while searching online for Brooklyn Diner. That shredded chicken bit is what exactly ‘hand-pulled chicken’ means.


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