Griller UAE

08 Jul

I came to hear about Griller UAE through Twitter. I heard how they have fast food but utilizing healthy techniques of cooking their Chicken. They also had Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken.

I thought of ordering when I saw the branch while driving around the area. From a glance it looks like a typical Fast Food place so I was intrigued to find out more. I gave Griller UAE a call and asked about what food they had. From what I understood, they had Burgers, Wraps, Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken and more.. I wish I had found an online menu to assist though.

I went with a Whole Chicken Meal, Grilled with Hot Peri-Peri. They had not estimated any time for delivery but it did take about half an hour.

First of all, I was rather disappointed with the Packaging. I thought a new restaurant, all fresh, having publicity on Facebook and Twitter, would care about their packaging looking good. At least have their own branded bag. It isn’t a terrible thing but just was my expectation.

I pulled everything out of the bag and on to the table

So what did the meal come with?
No Utensils mainly…
– A Can of Soft Drink
– A Medium sized container with Rice
– Tissues
– Mayonnaise and Chili Sauce in small Cups
– And finally, a Paper bag with the Chicken

I haven’t said much about the meal so far have I? There is a reason behind this. I wanted to sit and write the whole thing together because there is quite a bit to discuss.

First, The Rice: Straight forward, it is Biryani. Two shades of Yellow Rice, tiny cuts of Vegetables, plenty of Herbs, whole Black Peppers and whole Cloves. Fortunately, I just had a Biryani the other day and it tastes exactly the same. It was not bad, it was rather good, but its just not what I expected.

The Chicken: In terms of Grilling, it was grilled well, there were some parts that were over cooked, but pretty good. There was though, 2 problems with the Chicken. 1) The Cuts! Aside from a Thigh & Drumstick part that was obvious, the rest was just a mess! There were parts that were just meat, others just bone, etc. It was a mess! It was hard to identify the parts. I am more used to a whole Chicken being traditionally in 2 parts.. Maximum 4. Also, What Fried or Grilled place provides you with a Neck? I do know some people who like Neck, but… just skip it. 2) The Flavor! They have “something Flavor” (the lowest in terms of flavor, the phone wasn’t clear), Mild Flavor and Hot Flavor. I went for Hot. What I’d expect is it being Hot. It was a little spicy only. I do believe everyone’s tolerance for Spice is different, but wouldn’t it be cool that their Hot is like scary hot? (Have you tried Nando’s Extra-Hot Peri-Peri?! It will melt your skin off)

There is another factor that is actually missing. A real Sauce. You see, they provide you a little cup of Chili Sauce (Kind of like the type you find at Chinese Restaurants) but no real Sauce to go with the Chicken. I am asking for something like their own Spicy Peri-Peri Sauce. The liquid of the Chicken had actually sipped through the Bag. Surprising since the bag was Paper on the outside and like Foil on the inside!

The real problem I felt with Griller UAE is one simple factor. They have not found their “Identity” yet. There is nothing that is really “Theirs”. They use good ingredients, their Chicken is Fresh and they Grill it well, It’s just they seemed confused. Biryani Style Rice, Grilled Chicken with very little Peri-Peri influence, and a Fast Food style menu seems a little lost to me.

I am no expert, and I do not own a restaurant but I feel (In my own personal opinion) that if Griller wants to  Succeed or at least stand out, they need to:
– Redo the Rice Idea. Create a Rice that is less Biryani-like, and more unique to Griller. How about a Spicy rice? If that feels too traditional to Peri-Peri Chicken places, create your own!
– The Grilling is good, get the Chicken Supplier (Being they supply it fresh) to get better Cuts of chicken, and skip the Neck.
– Have more Flavors in the Peri-Peri Chicken!
– Create your own unique Sauce! Peri-Peri sauce for each of your Peri-Peri Flavors! That would be amazing to go along with the Chicken, or even poured on the rice.

There is good potential and I hope to see Griller Improve with time! They got a great Social Networking team, just wish the food was as good.


The whole meal cost 55 Dhs. Pretty Decent value for what would be a Meal for Two people. I just wondered why a Whole Chicken was served with 1 Can of Pepsi only though. It seems they do not have a system to save people’s locations yet, as the Bill seemed to be an ordinary Dine-In bill with the location written on the top.

The Packaging: 4 / 10
The Food:         5 / 10

Overall: 4.5 / 10

As much as they have been nice to me on Twitter, and as much as I have been anticipating trying their food, I do not recommend the Peri-Peri Chicken. They have a broad range of food, so I am not judging the entire place’s menu on their Peri-Peri Chicken. I shall keep you all posted. For now, and as far as Peri-Peri Chicken is concerned, I’d recommend you Pass.

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