More Cafe for Dessert at Mall of the Emirates

07 Jul

After my last Dinner at More Cafe (You can check my review of that Dinner here) I decided to have some Dessert at More Cafe.

They do have a good selection of Desserts and a whole list of Ice Creams (Including some rather unusual ones) I, though, went for their Chocolate Mousse. Their menu described it as:

“Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce on the Side” 

I like Chocolate Mousse, although the Chocolate Fondant looked intriguing.

The first thing I was shocked to realize was the sheer size! The plates are big, and there is a lot of Mousse on the plate! It was topped off with custard. The sides of the Dessert came on another plate.

The chocolate sauce was lovely, thick and delicious. The Vanilla Ice Cream was ordinary Vanilla Ice cream about the size of one small scoop.

So how was it?

Verdict: Something absolutely inconsistent about their portion sizes. The Chocolate Mousse was good. It was thick, creamy and did not disappoint. It was yummy. The confusion was why it was so massive. It was good for 2 or even 3 people. The taste went well with the custard, but was not mind blowing. The Chocolate Sauce was nice, but did not fit perfectly with the Mousse.
The Ice Cream was a small scoop size and I do not know why it had to be. I would have really preferred if they had provided half Chocolate Mousse serving and double the Ice Cream.

Due to this big amount of Mousse, the Dessert cost 38 Dhs, which is slightly pricey considering it wasn’t necessary to be this much. Cut the portion by half, and cut the price by half and we’d all be more appreciative.
It tasted good, so a service for two people would be more suitable.

When the waiter came to pick up the remains of my Mousse, he was like “It’s big right?” so I am sure they get that a lot. Also, after finishing the Dessert, he was like you should try the Fondont, it is nicer. Great.. Thanks for telling me after I am done.

Rating: 6 / 10

I’d recommend More Cafe for Dessert, especially after their good food!

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