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06 Jul

It has been a while since I had some Pizza. The last time I reviewed Pizza Hut it wasn’t good.. but that is because I dined at a Petrol Station. The food didn’t suffer though (You can read the review here). I decided to order in me some Pizza Hut and here’s how it went!

They usually take their time around where I live to deliver and food came in about 45 minutes, that is what they estimated.

This packaging is typical Pizza Hut since I can remember! The only addition I believe was a few years ago when they introduced the “HOT” sticker that says “HOT” when… well.. when its hot. and goes Black when cold. Everything else seemed… unchanged really. I ordered a Meal for Two (It has a new name, Tango Meal or something, but they still use the traditional Meal for Two, Four, Six, etc)
The Drinks and the Salad came in Plastic bags, the Chicken Wings and Garlic Bread were in boxes and the Pizza in the Pizza Box (Where else would it be, right?)

Time to Dig in! I started with the Garlic Bread (Specially ordered with Cheese)

The key to know if your Garlic Bread will be good or not is to feel how warm it is. If it is hot you shall enjoy it, if its not warm you are going to end up with a slight disappointment. Thankfully though, it was warm, which meant the center, with all the Cheese and Garlic, was soft and the edges were crispy but not hard as they would be if cold. I really enjoyed it. The Meal came with 4 Pieces of Garlic Bread. These quickly disappeared. One of my favorite parts of a meal when Dining in, because these fresh out of the oven, are delicious.

On the side of the Garlic Bread was the Salad

This is usually the biggest problem with Pizza Hut delivery. You either get a nice, good salad like above (Thank god) or you could end up with a plate that has Chili Peppers, Beets, Cucumbers and Pickled Cucumbers ONLY. Yes, It has happened before! I suggest you tell them what you want in your salad, that would be the only way to guarantee you get what you do like.
The salad this time, was pretty good. There was a mix of about 5 different offerings (These come straight from their Salad Bar at the restaurant) with 1000 Island Sauce on top.

So enough wasting time with the Garlic Bread and Salad, time for Pizza

Unfortunately by the time you reach this point, it lost some of its warmth. I suggest you start with the part you love the most! The Pizza was a Medium, Thin and Crispy Super Supreme, which has:

“Cheese, tomato sauce, beef pepperoni, pure beef, mushroom, green pepper, onion, black olives”

It is a pretty balanced combination. It works and you do get a mix of flavors. I like it, and being basic with good flavor, it is one of Pizza Hut’s best sellers. I can see why. The Dough itself was a little disappointing. I do like thin Pizza’s but Pizza Hut does sometimes disappoint. It tasted bland and the crust wasn’t crispy, It was hard.

Although an appetizer I tend to always order this and have it in the end, their Spicy Chicken Wings

They are fairly consistent between all the times I have ordered these, and I always have the same comment. They need to be grilled a little more! I do not see why they do it this way… Let me explain
It is nice, the flavors are there and excess. It is spicy and delicious. The Chicken wings themselves are cooked, just need a little more grilling/barbecuing and they almost never do it!  Please Pizza hut, just 30 more seconds on the Grill. I like them and I still order them but just wish for that extra 30 seconds on the grill.


I do like this touch. They provide the bill stapled to their latest Menu that would have their latest offers. I think that is good marketing. You have your meal, you look and go “Oh look, they got a new meal, okay next time” and if they are lucky, you do order it!
So, 1 Tango Meal (Garlic Bread, Medium Pizza, Salad and Two Soft Drinks), additional Cheese for the Garlic Bread and 9 Pieces of Chicken Wings came to 71 Dhs. Keep in mind that includes 5 Dhs delivery Charge. I would say the value is pretty decent. Without all the extras, a Tango meal would be 45 Dhs (Without Delivery) and that is 22.5 Dhs per person for two.

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         5 / 10

Overall: 5 / 10

I’d recommend this place, I just think it would be better to Dine in one of their branches to get the best. In terms of delivery, there is a lot of competition and there are others worthy of trying.

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