Just Falafel

03 Jul

It has been quite a while since my review of Just Falafel at JLT (Which you can read here) but I had it by myself and I wanted to deliver it home for dinner. So, I checked their website for their number and to check out their menu and here is how it went..

I called them up, made my order at precisely 11:12 PM. Guess when the food arrived? 11:26 PM!

Yes, I do know, that with delivery that there are so many factors that affect delivery time; busy hours, traffic, anything unfortunate with the driver,  mix ups, wrong locations, etc. but I believe their delivery was a bit faster because of two main factors: One, they are close by and Two, falafels are constantly being made over there. Its not like other places where they have a whole bunch of different meats to prepare. It is just 1 thing here, Falafel.

The food came in Two Brown Paper Bags, and a Door Hanging Leaflet that was their Menu.

Pretty straight forward. I liked that. The small bag had the Soft Drinks (Cans) and the big bag had all the food.

I unpacked everything for the picture, and its almost impossible to believe all that food was inside the other bag!

Before I begin the reviewing process, let me explain the contents:
– 1 “The Greek” Meal (Saj Bread, Fries and Coke)
– 1 “The Egyptian” Meal (Saj Bread, Fries and Coke)
– 1 “The Italian” Sandwich
– 9 Pieces of Falafel

Extras: 3 Tahina Cups, Tissues, Ketchup.

First up “The Greek”. It was very nice and it has the following ingredients as mentioned in the menu:

“Falafel, Fresh Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, White Onion, Pesto Olive, Yogurt Dressing”

It was very fresh, more Salad than a sandwich. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. The sauce was light and was not too Yogurt-like. As I said, it was more Salad, so I did like it in that sense, but as a sandwich, I wanted less Salad and more Falafel.

“The Egyptian” (No picture because it looks exactly the same as above) has the following ingredients as mentioned in the menu:

 “Falafel, Tomato, Cucumber, Cucumber Pickles, Romaine Lettuce, Fava Beans, Tahina Sauce”

I liked this more than “The Greek”. The reason being, it was more sandiwch than salad. Also, Falafel in general is something that is coupled with Pickles. This is exactly the point of this sandwich, its pickles and Tahina sauce (which is more salty in nature compared to Yogurt dressing). The Beans also gave an additional taste to the sandwich. I really liked this more than “The Greek”.

Finally, I had “The Italian” this was a bit interesting!

I had checked the menu description before which was:

“Ciabatta Bread, Falafel, Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Pesto Sauce, Fresh Basil”

But, I did not realize what on earth Ciabatta was. As it turns out, this is more of a Panini! So how was it? Lovely! I mean, it is very different from the above two sandwiches. There was cheese that was all melted in the hot bread, very little of the other ingredients and Falafel. It was nice and warm. I considered it more a nice warm Panini with Cheese and Falafel. I liked this alot. Certainly Different.

The 9 Pieces of Falafel were nice as well. They were Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.
Unlike last time I ordered extra Tahina Cups, which went really well with the Falafel! If you order Falafel, do not forget the Tahina or else it might get a little dry.
The Fries were alright, they were slimmer than usual Fast Food, but extra salty. I didn’t like that.

The Value:

Both “The Greek” and “The Egypt” meals were 19 Dhs each, The Italian (Sandwich only) was 16 Dhs, the 9 pieces of Falafel were 4, and 3 Cups of Tahina were 6 Dhs. The total was 64 Dhs. Keep in mind, this is food that is too much for 2 people. This is certainly for 3 people. Considering that, it is quite good value as I previously reviewed.

The Packaging:  6  / 10
The Food:         6.5 / 10

Overall: 6.25 / 10

I actually liked the Sandwiches I ordered for Delivery more than I had at the restaurant.

I’d recommend this place. Light, Simple, Vegetarian and definitely a change to traditional Fast Food.

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