More Cafe for Dinner at Mall of the Emirates

02 Jul

We were hungry and clueless what to have. Walked over to the Fashion Avenue, looked around… Nothing really caught our eye. I looked up and saw More. Something clicked.

Two levels up and we walked in, greeted by a waiter and we asked for a table for two. We were offered essentially any table we liked but in moderation (He pointed to tables around that were for 2-4 people. I didnt expect him to offer us a table for 8 anyways)

The decor is pretty interesting at More, many colors going around and various subtle styles. (Picture is kind of blurry) Also, everything is nicely spaced out, no tables near each other, plenty of room given to the tables. It really was comfortable that way. There is plenty of seating and different lighting. You could surely find a place to suit your mood.

The place is quite big, and there is all kinds of seating for almost any number of people. We sat by the bar, at a table for 4.

The table is interesting and has a Stainless Steel Middle (All scratched up, as real metal would be). Something interesting about that.

On all tables, they had a Bottle of Antipode water, Salt & Pepper Shakers and a Booklet. From what I could tell without opening it, it lists all their external services like catering. I was wondering about the water though. It wasn’t a big concern but I wasn’t certain if we were forced to have this water, we get to choose the water we want or if they hoped people would just open it.

As it turns out, they put a bottle of Antipode water on every table, but if you choose not to have it, you aren’t charged and they had local water as well.

Something always odd about More was their menu.

There is a huge Bolt sticking out that holds the pages… The back is recycled news paper and you can actually see the content. The pages of the menu are ordinary A4 paper printed from a printer. I personally found going through this menu annoying. It is different, but not impressively different. Why a bolt that big? or why a bolt in the first place?

One nice touch though was a few moments after the menu was brought to us..

I have been to More before, but haven’t been served this. It is basically a glass of water with a small slice of lemon and lime. I just guess, its hot outside, they wanna refresh and re-hydrate their customers. I liked that.

So enough of the place and the service, lets get into some food! Straight off that was a bit of a problem. The menu is big! There is a really wide selection of foods to have, from many different regions you literally get lost. I mean there is Indian influences, Thai influences, Arabic influences, Moroccan Influences…. It goes on!
Surprisingly though, I didn’t find any appetizers that made my mouth water. So I didn’t order any!

For my main dish, I went with the Peppered Beef Fillet.

I looked at the dish and was immediately food-turned-on! I really wanted to eat it! I really liked the presentation and the smell was really nice. I ordered it with Mashed Potatoes (You get Mashed or French Fries) and Vegetables (The Vegetables could be substituted with a Side Salad). I usually order my Steak well done and its nearly always over cooked. This time, I ordered my steak Medium Well. The plate was covered in fresh Black Pepper. The menu describes this dish as:

Served with a Creamy Cracked Black Pepper Sauce. Served with a Side Salad and a Choice of Mashed Potatoes or Chips”

The Steak: Very good! No.. I mean really, very good! The temperature was near perfect, it was just a little stringy. There was no pink anywhere. In fact, this is what I think professional fine dining would call Well Done. It was still juicy and soft. Absolutely enjoyed this steak. The dish was poured with the sauce, which meant that it was on the steak, down the sides of the Mashed Potatoes and on the bottom.
The Mashed Potatoes: Very good too! It was under the steak and there was about a whole big potato worth of Mash. It was soft, not lumpy and with the sauce, it didn’t require any additional seasoning.
The Sauce: It is really hard to identify the sauce, but the menu assured it was a Black Pepper sauce. Now it did have the taste of Black Pepper but it didn’t seem entirely a Black Pepper sauce. It was more creamy, but superb. I liked that it was poured on top so it was on everything.

The Side order was Vegetables, but it kind of surprised me.

If you order a steak, and as the side order you select Vegetables, how do you expect them to be cooked? If you thought steamed, you would be wrong! The Vegetables were grilled! That, to be honest, was a first time for me. They may look a little dark, but they were really good. You get more flavor somehow. It had Green and Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Mushrooms and Marrow). I liked it and think more places should offer this option. “Steamed or Grilled Vegetables sir?” I like the sound of that too.

The Second Dish was out of the ordinary, Thai Green Chicken Curry.

First of all, I thought serving a curry in a little sauce pan was interesting. You order Mexican Food, you get a Taco, it fits. You order Lebanese Food, you get Pickles and Bread, it fits. You order a curry, you get a little Copper Sauce Pan, it fits too.

The Dish came with a Plate of Rice.

Before I get into how it tasted, just so that everyone has basic information on the dish, this is how the menu described it:

“Thai green chicken curry with baby eggplant, corn and delicate spices, served with lemongrass scented Thai rice and a lime wedge on the side.”

So, how was it? Consistently very good!
The Rice: It did have a slight taste of lemongrass, but was more white rice than anything else. The lemon wedge being put on the menu wasn’t really of importance. It was cooked well. There is enough Rice to cater for the Curry even though it looks a little.
The Curry: A very good Thai Dish. Now I do not really know what was in it from taste alone, but it was creamy had plenty of spices, and a lovely taste. It is really hard to explain how the dish tasted in text, but it was a good amount of flavors with a little vegetables in it. I really liked it. It was not spicy (I mean not hot – Green Chili Pepper Hot) or anything, just had a lot flavor. It is definitely worth a try! I did not expect it to be like that. It had small Chicken Strips that were cooked well within the sauce.

The Service: Pretty good. We were welcomed upon entering, we were served a table. The menus arrived fast. They provided complementary water with lemon and lime to freshen up. The service was good throughout the Dining Experience. Upon leaving we were greeted and thanked too. While sitting and taking pictures, I took a picture of the Dining Area’s and a waiter quickly came to tell me that I could take pictures of myself or the table,  but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the place because other people might make a complaint or comment about that. I assured him that people who may appear in my pictures would be blurred and that I wouldn’t take any more of other people, I mean, its not like I am there to picture people. I do like that fact (Although annoying at first) because it does show a sense of care for their customers, also, they noticed me doing that so they were attentive.

The Value: 1 Large bottle of Local water (I left their Antipode where it was), 1 Thai Curry, 1 Beef Fillet and 1 juice came to exactly 179 Dhs. I think this is quite good for the quality of food, the service and place, but it doesn’t end there!
You’d expect a chic place to end the Value at the Bill but it doesn’t at More. They have a little Card (reminds me of Subway’s card) you can ask for (I found it under my bill) that has 9 slots. For every main dish you order, you get 1 stamp. After you have 9 stamps, your 10th main dish is free! Now I do not know the rules or if there is any limitation but lets assume, the cheapest main dish on the bill will be free. I think that is pretty cool, its a little encouragement to come back, not that they need much of that.

The Place:    7  / 10
The Service:  7  / 10
The Food:    7.5 / 10

Overall:  7.2 / 10

I’d really recommend this place.


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5 responses to “More Cafe for Dinner at Mall of the Emirates

  1. Rohit Satyani

    July 7, 2012 at 1:47 am

    will surely go for this , for the thai green curry specially =D
    Enjoy reading all this as i love food

  2. internem

    July 7, 2012 at 2:06 am

    I am glad you are enjoying! I try to constantly bring new places on to the website 🙂

    • Rohit Satyani

      July 7, 2012 at 1:32 pm

      keep it goin on =D

  3. sonic news network

    May 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm

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