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Re-Visit! California Pizza Kitchen in Mall of the Emirates

I have brought to myself a new problem. I am now asked “Since you review food, where do we eat?”. What do I do? Take them to a new place and risk it being good or go to somewhere I liked previously? Yup, Re-Visit it is!

My previous review of California Pizza Kitchen (Which you can read here) was pretty good! and had got one of my highest views, so a Re-Visit was going to either secure their score, pull them up or pull them down.

First up! The place.

The place looks similar to the other branch, so they do keep some consistency in their layout. Again, plenty of booths and tables. Tables are also found outside as well that let you look at… the mall? anyways.. We sat in the last booth (also the only one that was free). The seating was alright and fairly comfortable as last time. The overall feel though was more pleasurable at Dubai mall. Maybe its the high ceilings or something I am not sure. The booth overlooked the kitchen. Unlike the useless wall cut-out in Dubai Mall, this one is actually open to the kitchen, and also unlike Dubai Mall, you can see them preparing the food! I was watching the whole process. I enjoyed seeing food going and coming as well. Now, this is a kitchen cut-out!

I had the same Appetizer as last time, the Dynamite Shrimp.

“Lightly fried Shrimp tossed in spicy-sweet chili sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Served on a bed of crispy rice noodles and scallions”

It seemed almost identical. There was a slightly different taste, a little more spicy than sweet this time, but it was still just as good as last time.

Along with the Appetizer, we ordered soup, the “Adobe Chicken Chowder Soup”

I did not like this much. First of all, it did not look appetizing. It was very thick and seemed more of a pudding than a soup. It has Chicken and a whole list of vegetables in it. I would not recommend this, focus on the Dynamite Shrimp.

Leaving the soup aside, I tried a new Pizza this time, the “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”, yes, jerk.

Going through my previous review of California Pizza Kitchen, I really enjoyed the Pizza. This one was even better! On the menu it contains:

“Grilled Jamaican Jerk spiced chicken breast with spicy sweet Caribbean sauce, Mozzarella cheese, crispy beef bacon, mild onions, roasted red and yellow peppers and green onions”

Firstly, it had everything mentioned, and in very good balance. The taste was definitely there and the Caribbean sauce was sweet but not over-powering. It was just right.
The size seemed very consistent with before, and sufficient for 1 and a half person (or 2 not so hungry people), even though the Pizza is relatively thin. The Chicken was perfectly cooked, enough of them around and tasted nice.
Overall, I preferred this pizza to their “best selling pizza” and it has a lot more flavors going on. It was hot enough and right out of the oven. 6 slices that like before seems light to eat, yet nicely filling. The beef bacon, as usually is, was a little hard rather than crispy but did add a light flavor to the pizza. I liked the whole combination, it worked.

The other main dish ordered was the Spaghetti Bolognese.

Fairly straight forward. Nothing fancy or unexpected. It was cooked well, the Minced Meat sauce was tasty but there were two little points:
The first, the Spaghetti was a little peppery. Not sure if they meant it to taste that way or the Chef was a little heavy on the pepper.
The second, the Spaghetti was a little thick. I usually find Spaghetti to be thinner than this.
The taste was good though, those are just light criticisms. The Portion was quite good as well, and filling for a hungry person.The Spaghetti is left long and not cut up.
There was some Grated Parmesan, but not enough. I would like if they offered cheese on the side for people to add as they wish. The dish would have been better if was a little warmer, as by half way through, it was a little cold.

The Service: The last time, the Service was spot on very good, food arrived quick and I had a few negative comments on the Kitchen cut-out. This time though, the Kitchen cut-out was lovely, but unfortunately the rest changed too. The food was a little slow, I did have to stop and wonder “hey, where is the food?” in the pause between starters and main dishes. The service was good, no doubt, but they were not as attentive and plenty as before. I had to look around for servers to get the bill, and when I got it with a comment card, again had to look around for 2 minutes for someone to get me a pen. They were a little busy, but almost in par with my previous visit as they were polite, sweet and happy to serve.

The Value: It is quite good for the good food. 1 Appetizer, 2 Soups, 1 Pizza, 1 Pasta and 2 Soft Drinks came a little under 200 Dhs (Kinda what I estimated in my earlier review).

So how does my Re-Visit to California Pizza Kitchen compare with my Review?

These were my Ratings:

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 8 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 7 / 10

So, what did I think Deviated from the above?

I think that would be The Service. I think it should -1

The Place’s rating drops to 6.7 / 10.

To me, this does means that they are fairly consistent, sometimes the service might be good or slightly under-par but does not drastically change.

I’d recommend this place.

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Paul Cafe – Cakes and Pastries

I really felt like something sweet, and since Paul gave me quite a good experience the other day (Check out my Paul Cafe for Dinner Review) and they had some really delicious looking sweets, I went for it!

I took them home though.

They have a very neat, simple and classy box. I really liked it.

I ordered 2 Coffee Eclairs (I wished for Chocolate but they were out) and 1 Vanilla Millefeuille. Now, I am not 100% that it is a Millefeuille as I was not told what it was, but I think it is.

The Coffee Eclair: It was very nice. The outer was soft, coated on one side with a caramel like sauce and a creamy Coffee filling inside. The filling was thick, creamy and there was enough to go from first to last bite.
I am not the biggest Coffee Eclair fan, but it was very nice, I ate it and enjoyed.

The Vanilla Millefeuille: This was the really delicious one. The top and bottom were pastry of many thin layers (some people call it Puffy Pastry) and Vanilla Custard about 2 CM high in the middle. The Custard-like filling is a little thick to hold it all together. The top was glazed in a Sugary Coating. This one was the real enjoyment, too bad they only had one.

Verdict: Their Pastries (Like their food) were very good. I tried two random selections that caught my eye, and they were really good. They were fresh, soft and did not seem left there for long. Also, most of their pastries were gone by the time I came to make the order (There were whole cakes though) which does mean, there are many other people who share my opinion. I would definitely go back for more dessert soon!

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Paul Cafe for Pastries and Desserts.

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Food & Drink Restaurant – Cafeteria

One thing in Dubai that is interesting is the amount of Cafeterias you find. A lot of people do not get them, but I do. They essentially make low cost meals using Bulk Quantities (across their groups), Frozen foods, Cheap labor, Cheap rent, Cheap packaging, No advertising beyond flyers and Cheap delivery methods (usually bicycles, or motor bikes).

Usually most Cafeterias, due to the above, offer low cost meals and if you find or know a good one, it would be delicious too! Food & Drink near where I live is actually one of those! So I was hungry… and felt like Chicken Shawermas!

So how was it?  Click here to find out!

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I got me a Facebook Page!

I just created a quick Facebook Page!

Like it, share it, you and your friends will get the latest of my Reviews right to your wall!

Thanks for all the views, shares and support!


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Asha’s Contemporary Indian Cuisine for Lunch at Mall of the Emirates

I passed by the new section at Mall of the Emirates and was looking for a place to have Lunch. P.F. Chang’s was very attractive from the last time I had been there but I wanted something new. Decided to go a little far east. Asha’s Contemporary Indian Cuisine. I thought, lets see what all this design and decor was about.

There were few tables outside, looking at the mall and center water fountain. Inside though, there were a few sections between tables and booths. As I usually Prefer, I took a booth. From the line of booths, you can see the rest of the tables.

Decent decor around the place. Many pictures of Asha, and from what I can understand she owns a recording studio that has accomplished a great deal for the Indian Music Industry, or something like that. Nothing food related.

Staff were polite and asked where we would like to sit, and when we decided a booth, they sat us down and prepared the table. The Napkins had Napkin rings which they removed and checked the table for anything missing. They also handed us the menu.

Due to the musical background, the Menu’s cover was of an old school music record.
The menu had a good selection and variety of Indian Cuisines from Starters, Grills, Main Dishes and more. I am sure vegetarians (and quite a amount of Indians are) would appreciate that there is a dedicated section for that too. The lighting in the place is pretty warm. The booth was not as comfortable as I thought. The quality of the seats were low and the bench was sunk-in in some parts.

As soon as we ordered, they brought Bread and Table Sauces.

Definitely a good Indian touch. Almost every big Indian restaurant I have been to has set this up. There are two types of breads and they look innocent, but the rolled up ones are Spicy! I am not sure of the names of these Breads so I shall not make any mistakes. They were yummy. The Sauces were, as I call them, (from the right to left) Something spicy, Something calm, Something Pickly. As can be seen so far, I do not know much about Indian food, and neither am I a Culinary expert. I review restaurants I go to, just as an ordinary person would walk into one.

For starters we ordered Soups. Lentil Soup and Tomato Soup.

Presentation was simplistic. The taste was good. It tasted like traditional Arabic Lentil soup but had more of a cumin taste to it. It was slightly thick and there was a little bits of rice in the soup. (At first I thought this was some rice that fell into my plate, but the Tomato Soup had too!). It was slightly grainy but not too much.

The Tomato Soup was nicer though!

Same simplistic presentation as the other soup. Consistent for sure. The soup was thick and flavorful. Both soups were warm, just the right temperature. There was a definitive Tomato Flavor with a little spice in the Soup. There were a few bits of Rice as well. If I had to choose between them, I’d definitely go for the Tomato Soup.

For the Main Dish (Again not knowing what I was doing) ordered their Special Kebab Platter.

When ordering it, my initial thought was “Mixed Grill”. The first indication that I was wrong was when the waiter grabbed the spoon and fork and was asking to serve both of us. That clearly struck me as “Okay, this is not a plate for 1 person”.
I told him that its for me, and he said okay and placed it. It seemed like a lot of food, and I was right.
So, the meats:
The Chicken Tikka (The First on the left) were 4 big chunks of Chicken Marinated in their special Tikka sauce. I went ahead and “Fork and Knife’d” my way, only to realize it was a little too spicy to be eaten this way. I do not mean spice in the sense of it being hot, but amount of spices and herbs in it were high. This needed bread to be enjoyed.
The Minced Meat on a Skewer (Kofta is also a name known for this. I am not sure of the Indian Name). They were two long pieces. I, once again, took a cut and ate it. Oh My God! I could gladly eat the Chicken Tikka without bread after this! it had “too much” spices! I could not even tell if it was Meat or Chicken! The Meat was literally Maroon like the outside, throughout! I at least needed to wrap this twice with bread to make any sense.
Do not get me wrong, it was not bad, it just had way too much spices, and I had no clue!
Finally, the Chicken on the right, was Grilled like the Tikka, but seemed very lightly spiced. It reminded me a lot of plain Grilled Chicken Cubes (Or Sheesh Tawooq in Arabic Food). It was very sane! I really enjoyed it, straight with “Fork and Knife” no Bread needed.

I, clearly, was not informed of how this dish shall be! As a person who has not had much Indian Food in the past, I was taken by surprise.

The second Main Dish was a famous Indian Dish, Butter Chicken

This was a delight! The mini-pot had sufficient Chicken and Sauce, and was hot enough to enjoy right away.
The Sauce was buttery, thick, smooth and slightly sweet. Not in the sugary sense, but it had a slight sweetness to it that made it near perfect. The Chicken inside, were all clear pieces of Chicken meat. Very nice dish, and one of the best Butter Chicken dishes I have had. The Sauce alone could have been eaten with bread, it was very good.

This, of course, needed Bread, and we ordered two Plain “Naan”

The two plain Naan’s are actually 4 pieces. They were hot and freshly prepared and slightly crispy. These were initially for the Butter Chicken, but with the highly Spiced situation I was in with the Kebab Platter, I had to take a little! The bread was nice.

The Service: It was good. There were plenty of staff going and coming at all times ready to assist. When we walked in, we were welcomed, greeted and offered places any where we wished. While ordering, the waiter did assist in some of the dishes, but could have informed me about how much spices were in my Platter. They were quick to serve, remove empty plates really quickly and the manager passed by to confirm everything was alright, as well.
There was food left over at the end of the meal which they packed up quite nice for take away.
The staff were polite throughout and thanked us upon leaving.

The Value: This would probably be the downfall, to me personally, of this place. I judge the value of a place based on me, and that is why I do not rate value, I just comment. 1 Large water, 2 Soups, 1 Kebab Platter, 1 Butter Chicken, 2 Plain Naan, and a Sliced Salad (Read Below) came to 268 Dhs. I personally found this a bit over priced. I did not expect Indian Food to be priced this high.
The Sliced Salad  was a Tomato sliced, a Cucumber sliced and an onion sliced, and was priced at 24 Dhs. Two plain Naan came at 25 Dhs. The Soup was 35 Dhs each. I personally think that is a bit over priced, especially the Salad and Bread.

The Ratings:
The Place:    6  / 10
The Service:  7  / 10
The Food     5.5 / 10

Overall: 6.2

I’d recommend this place. If you do not know much about Indian food, I’d recommend you to inquire how spicy your order might be and how they would recommend eating it (Bread, Rice, etc)


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Tony Roma’s Ribs, Seafood & Steak for Lunch at Ibn Battuta

While walking around Ibn Battuta Mall around lunch time, I was looking at what to have (Somehow after Dubai mall, this place felt tiny!). I have never tried Tony Roma’s Restaurants so this was a good chance to try it out!

The seating was plenty outside, in big dark leather booths.

The place was rather empty and there was 1 more occupied table only. The seating outside was pleasant and had sufficient views of the China Section of the Mall (Including the gigantic Ship Wreck they have there). The place does need more lighting as it was pretty dark. There weren’t anything special about the seating compared to the other restaurants, nor any special place settings.

The Menus were brought and had a good selection of Meats, Chickens, Seafood and Starters.
When I come to a place like this, my head automatically shifts into my “Chilis Mode”. Let me explain, Generally when I go to a place with a general menu as this, I tend to default with Mushroom soup, Buffalo Wings/Chicken Strips/Or Similar and a main Chicken or Steak dish. I am sure there are people who have, like me, a Default order when offered a general menu, unless something comes out of the menu and strikes them!

I started with their Mushroom Soup. This is not in the Menu as they have “Soup of the Day” on the menu only. I usually prefer a set menu for soups but that is how they function.

I am not going to judge anything too fast but if I do not find an appetizing color to my food, it begins a lower expectation. The soup was Below Average in taste. It was thick and warm enough but lacked in flavor. The soup was slightly lacking in salt but was a bit peppery. I did not enjoy the soup. I have had plenty of Mushroom Soup and this didn’t compare.

On the side of the Soup, I ordered the Boneless Buffalo Bites.

If anyone is following my “Chilis Mode” I still am on it, thus nothing so far caught my eye other than the ordinary.
So, Boneless? Check. Buffalo? Check. Bites? Check.
It came with a side of 2 Carrots, and 2 Celery Sticks.
It tasted alright.. The Buffalo sauce was plenty (Although was not drenched or wet) and seemed to have been cooked well with the Chicken, rather than just tossed on. The Chicken was a little dry inside. There was flavor but nothing mind blowing. It tasted normal.
The Sauce on the side was lovely and helped cool off the Buffalo Sauce.

One thing interesting was that with the Starters they brought Complimentary Nachos.

The Nachos were an interesting touch, even though it made no sense why we were offered these. So, 1 more thing to review. They were salted Nachos. They were not very flavorful as the Cinema type, nor warm. The Dip was similar to the one’s found at Cinemas. They didn’t look similar but the Tomato Sauce with Vegetables tasted really similar.

The Salad had arrived. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.

Things started to disappoint!
First of all, the plate was messy. Something that was noticed lightly on previous dishes. The problem began on inspecting the Salad. The Vegetables were not very clean, and the Tomatoes seemed old. The Dish was sent back, and was re-done. The servers tried to portray what the chef said in his defense, but would it really matter? We just wanted a decent Salad right? Is it technically so hard? No.
The replacement was slightly better, but still, its gone.
It had decent sauce and tasted quite nice.

After that mess, I could not wait for the Main Course, as it was appealing on the menu. The dish was the Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken.

It looked appealing when it landed, and was not messy. I guess perhaps the Chef took extra precautions? (This kind of thinking initiates when something gets messed and replaced)
There were 2 Big Chicken Breasts, a side of Rice and a side of Broccoli (This was supposed to be Vegetables, but I was informed beforehand that it will only be Broccoli, and I agreed)
The Chicken: It was dry. It was nice juicy or delicious. A good Chicken Breast Over-Cooked. The menu specifically stated:

Two grilled chicken breasts smothered in our Roasted Garlic & Rosemary BBQ sauce and sprinkled with grated Romano cheese. Served with rice and mixed vegetables

Smothered? As far as I could tell, it was merely brushed with the sauce. The Sauce was more BBQ than anything else. It tasted good as a BBQ Sauce but I tasted no Garlic. The real problem was that the Chicken Breasts are big and the Sauce are just a little on the top. I needed more sauce, especially since the Chicken was dry. Another thing I noticed was the missing “Grated Romano Cheese” I didn’t see it or taste any Cheese.
The Rice: Bland Yellowish rice. It needed plenty of salt and pepper, and could have used some sort of Sauce. The Chicken was dry, as I said, so the rice didn’t help much.
The Broccoli: Yummy. Steamed fresh Broccoli. Nothing much to say there other than it tasted like well Steamed Broccoli.

The Service: It was good. The staff were helpful, attentive and polite. Even though there was a problem with the food, the staff are not to ever be blamed (Unless it concerns the delivery), and they did well to satisfy the table. The Chef came later on trying to explain his view (That this salad requires all vegetables to be cooked, and that is why there was discoloration, not that its not clean), which we didn’t buy. It was a normal Chicken Caesar Salad, but I appreciated the attempt even though I do not like too many people coming and going from the table. At the time of the bill they were quick and kept apologizing for the mishap. Upon leaving they were all smiling and wished to see us again.

The Value: 1 Soup, 1 Starter, 1 Salad, 1 Main Dish and 2 soft drinks came up to around 150 Dhs which is fair value for the quantity of food. Considering the food wasn’t all that I expected, I wouldn’t consider it good value.

The Place:   4 / 10
The Service: 5 / 10
The Food:    2 / 10

Overall: 3.7 / 10

I would not recommend this place.

Notice: I have heard experiences from friends of other branches that were Significantly better than my review. I stand by my review on this visit, but I shall in the near future, Re-visit Tony Roma’s Restaurant and provide a Deviation Rating of how the experience differed.. or not.

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Gelato – Italian Restaurant

Been a fan of Gelato for several years now. Mainly the Grand Cineplex Branch next to Wafi City. Their food has always been nice and their menu has a huge amount of choices. They also have a branch on Sheikh Zayed Road that is 95% as good. Being that I live closer to the Sheikh Zayed Road branch, they are the ones that deliver to me. Not much of a complaint but I do keep in mind the 95% thing.

I ordered some food for Lunch. The photo of the Bag was blurry so just picture a White Thick Plastic Big Bag with a Big Gelato logo on it.

The first thing I noticed was I was getting hungrier and the food had not arrived. On the phone, I was told that the delivery would take an Hour (Keep that in mind if you order) and it was 15 minutes Late. That is right, 75 minutes delivery.

One thing I like about them is good Utensils. They came in a Plastic Pack with a Fork, Knife, Spoon, Salt, Pepper and a Big Tissue. I really like when I am offered good Utensils with delivery. I really dislike having to use my own Utensils for Delivery.

For Starters I had the Mushroom Soup (Also known as Crema Di Funghi). No, I did not know that by heart I have a delivery menu. That menu is worth mentioning because it is a complete high quality booklet with the entire menu as it is found in the restaurant, just in mini form. Good maintaining of standards I think.

The Soup came in an ordinary Plastic Container. It was hot and had light smoke coming out of it, so at least the delay had not affected the food’s temperature, so far!
It was very good. Creamy with Mushrooms cut up very tiny (Is it Diced? Chopped? I can’t think of the right word). The flavor was really good and the Soup was thick and creamy. One thing that was nice is that it manages to keep itself warm throughout. The quantity is a lot too.
The Soup comes with a side of tiny Garlic Breads with Cheese. It is a nice side to go with the soup, just needed to be warmer.

The First Main dish was the Spaghetti with Pan Fried Chicken (Also known as Supreme Di Pollo in the menu)

First thing I noticed that it was a little colder than I would have liked, but only at the Spaghetti Point. The Chicken below was still warm. The Spaghetti and Chicken are tossed around Alfredo Sauce with Sliced Mushrooms. In the Menu, the Main dish is actually the Chicken with the Sauce and the Spaghetti being a Side Dish.
The Spaghetti was cooked well, just a little cold. It worked well with the Sauce. Well.. It was Alfredo Sauce.
The Chicken was very nice. It was Tender, Juicy and Perfectly Cooked to my taste. The Chicken slices were Chicken Breasts and there were 3 Slices in the dish. The seasoning was quite good too, I didn’t need anything except a tiny bit of salt.
The Mushrooms were nice too. Big chunks of Mushroom Slices with the Sauce worked.
Finally, taking a fork full of Spaghetti, Mushroom, Chicken rolled in the Sauce worked really well. Nice combination. The dish is big, and very filling for 1 person.

The second Main dish was the Grilled Shrimp (Also known as Gamberoni Grigliati in the menu)

The Shrimp Dish is fairly straight forward. 4 Pieces of Large Shrimp Grilled in a Lemon Garlic Sauce. They, thankfully, were still a bit hot. They do require some hard work as can be seen in the picture. After pealing off the shell, the Shrimp was really good. They were perfectly grilled and the cut in the bottom allowed the sauce to mix in with the Grilled Shrimp. The Meat was just right in terms of chewy-ness and flavor.
The Grilled lemon on top added a little reminder there is more to the dish than just Grilling.
The Lemon Garlic Flavor was light but noticeable while eating the Shrimp. It would not be filling enough if one is very hungry. Good time to try to get some Supreme Di Pollo from the other plate.

This dish comes with a Side of Plain Risotto. I do not like their Plain Risotto from what I tried in the past so I ordered their Mushroom Risotto.

Did I mention that I did not like Plain Risotto? Well this was essentially Plain Risotto with Mushrooms added to it! It was bland, super sticky and a little cold. I could easily lift quarter the serving with a fork. The reason I ordered Mushroom Risotto instead of the Plain is because in the Grand Cineplex branch, the Mushroom Risotto is actually Brown in Color, has a sweet flavor to it, and Sliced Mushrooms. That is delicious. This is just Bland and tasteless.

The packaging is varied for different things, which has things that can be reheated and others that are not. The Main dishes came in very high quality plastic containers (Black bottom, Clear covers) that are Microwave-proof, the Soups in fully clear containers, the Garlic Breads in a paper bag, and the Risotto in Aluminium foil. I just find that a little too much types of packaging. Not a problem really, just an observation.


2 Soups, 2 Main Dishes and a Rice order… (Apparently Upgrading from Bland Plain Risotto to Bland Plain with Mushroom Risotto cost 10 Dhs) came to a total of 156 Dhs. It was good value for 2 people from an Italian Restaurant. The upgraded Risotto was just a waste. I do suspect if you are nearer to a branch the food would come quicker, and be warmer.

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         4 / 10

Overall: 4.5 / 10

I do not recommend this place to Deliver. The food was alright but is really good at the restaurant itself (especially the Grand Cineplex Branch in Dubai) but the delivery took too long, and most of the food was lukewarm.

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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at the Mall of the Emirates

It has been a while that around Dubai there are sign boards advertising Krispy Kreme’s new Doughnut holes. While at Emirates Mall, I thought I’d pop by and try them.

The Mall of the Emirates branch is tiny. There is a big counter and just 1 row of about 5 tables for 2, each. They have a wide variety of Doughnuts, and on the top there are 4 trays filled with the new “Doughnut Holes”. At first thought they looked different from the advertisements and I was expecting that but I thought they would be smaller and more circular.. in a more unified balls, kind of way.
I ordered a box with 24 Pieces for 20 Dhs.

It was not as attractive in the box as in the pictures, but I would not judge till I tried them. They come in 7 Flavors (Although only 5 were available at the time): Chocolate Cake, Original Glazed, Vanilla Cake, French Toast Crunch, Banana Cookie Crunch, Mocha Cookie Crunch and Caramel Cookie Crunch.

Verdict: I could not taste anything special but they were not bad. I had the Mocha, Chocolate, French Toast, Caramel, Original and well.. they were average. I liked the Chocolate and the Original because they tasted like their Doughnuts. In all fairness, it is nicer and easier to have, but having a Doughnut isn’t a Military Mission now is it! I did not like them much. They are nice to try, maybe have some, but if you are going for flavor and taste, go for a normal Doughnut in whichever Flavor you wish! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are usually very yummy.

Rating: 3 / 10

I’d recommend you stick with a regular Doughnut. Try if you feel like it, they do resemble their respectful Doughnuts and aren’t bad.

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Re-Visit! Dahleez Restaurant in JBR, Dubai

For dinner, I found myself sitting in Dahleez in JBR, Dubai. I have had good experiences with them in the past. This would be a Re-Visit review, where I discuss new dishes I tried, and compare the Dining Experience with last time! (Full Review of Dahleez Restaurant JBR can be read here)

For today’s visit I had the Cream of Chicken Soup Reviewed last time and there were some Unfortunate changes. The Soup was more watery than the last time, being a Cream soup, it was better thicker.

The Contents of the Soup were lacking too, the Chicken was about less than half the amount I had received the last time.
The Soup went from Good to Fine.

For my Main Dish, I had their Dahleez Mixed Grill.

The plate seemed full of food, and it certainly was! There was 2 Skewers of Minced meat (Kufta), 1 Skewer of Chicken Cubes, 1 Skewer of Beef Cubes, 1 Piece of Lamb Chop, 1 Piece of Arayes (Basically Minced Meat cooked in Bread on the far right of the image) and 2 sides!
I shall start with the sides. The Vegetables, as before, they were ordinary. They have been Steamed more than the last time, but were still bland and needed Salting.
Fries were also ordinary, a little Salt, some sauce and you get normal French Fries.
The Kufta: 2 Skewers of Kufta were extremely soft. It had light flavors, nothing delicious but had a little flavor. picking it up with a Fork could split it. I think that was a little too soft.
The Chicken Cubes: Very good. Perfectly Grilled, tender, soft and juicy. (These are generally called Shesh Tawooq on the menu, so I would recommend ordering a Plate of Shesh Tawooq as a Main Dish)
The Beef Cubes: Grilled well, a little chewy but had nice flavor. I personally like a little contrast and the Grilled Onion in the corner when sliced and had with the Beef Cubes were good.
The Lamb Chops: It was Grilled well but was missing flavor. The piece was rather small and didn’t have more than one bite worth of meat.
The Arayes: Bland. It was cold and had no flavor.
On the top of the plate, as a typical Mixed Grill tradition, is a Toasted Bread with Tomato Sauce and Sesame Seeds on top. I don’t really fancy this personally as it was bland.

After the Meal I felt like something Sweet. I still have not decided whether to create a new section for sweets or not, so for now, its together with the Meal and I had ordered me a Tiramisu.

I have not have not had this before at Dahleez. It was really good! It was soft, creamy, and delicious. Not too much cream, not too much coffee. It was just right. The piece was fairly big and was filling sweet-wise, I neither felt like I wanted more sugar, nor felt like I couldn’t finish it. They do have a dessert stand with a fixed amount per day, which I think gives the impression (might be the truth as well) that they make them daily and once what they have is done, there’s no more.
The Presentation was interesting. I like the Sprayed Chocolate Powder around the plate but the Spoon and Fork were creative, and looked attractive on the plate.

The Service: As reviewed earlier they were all polite, attentive and willing to serve. There was plenty of staff around and do maintain their standards.

Value: Dahleez Restaurant remains good value. The Mixed Grill was 59 Dhs which is very good for the quantity of Meats served.

So how does my Re-Visit to Dahleez compare with my Review?

These were my Ratings:

The Place:   5 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    6 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

So, what did I think Deviated from the above?

I think that would be The Food. I think it should -0.5

The Place’s rating drops to 5.8 / 10.

To me, this means that they are fairly consistent, sometimes the food might be good or slightly under-par but does not drastically change.

I’d recommend this place.

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Re-Visits! A New Type of Review!

While at Dinner in Dahleez (A place I have already reviewed) I got a cool idea. In many places, not everything is always consistent, whether the food or the service may change. I also haven’t reviewed everything on the menu.

In my Re-Visit section, I shall review different dishes that I have at the same place, remind the reader of my previous ratings of the place, and provide a new kind of rating, “Deviation & Change Rating” where I shall express how much difference has the food, service or place gone through from the time I reviewed it.

More deviation would mean that the place is constantly changing, less consistent and accordingly shall describe whether it was a good change or a bad change compared to last time.

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Posted by on June 3, 2012 in Personal Notes

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