Zaatar W Zeit

30 Jun

It has been a really long time that I hadn’t tried Zaatar W Zeit. It was getting late and when I started to think of what restaurants were open late at night, I remembered they open for 24 hours. Drove over and picked up something to eat.

They have all kinds of Saj Bread sandwiches, and main Manakeesh Sandwiches.

The staff were polite and presented me with the Menu, and after my order, they offered to bring it to me in my car.

The Packaging was simple, a nice paper bag closed with a Zaatar W Zeit sticker. It was really hot though! I held it and had to lay it down. I was definitely certain at that point, it was straight out of the oven!

I had ordered 2 Cheese Manakeesh (Akawi type of Cheese, as they have a small selection of Cheeses) and one Hot Dog.

Once I opened (Okay.. tore) the Packaging, they had placed the Sandwiches together and provided a few napkins. The wrappings are two layer (one for the top one for the bottom) and a sticker labeling what the sandwiches were. It seemed well thought off and done with care.

First off I started with the Hot Dog. It is actually Hot Dog with Cheese. I was asked if I wanted ketchup and mayonnaise with it, but thinking about the warm Saj Bread with Cheese, the ketchup didn’t seem like it would fit.

It was cut into 4 pieces and tasted nice actually. The Hot Dogs were the typical frozen kind you find at the supermarket, the cheese was warm and the bread was nice. My only criticism would be that there wasn’t enough Hot Dog slices in it. The whole Saj bread might have had one or one and a half Sausages. It certainly needs around two or two and a half to have been near perfect. As expected, the edges on the top and bottom were mostly bread.

The Cheese Manakeesh (Akwai) Looked nearly the same, except was not cut up. There was plenty of Cheese, and it was thick lovely cheese. Even after a drive home that took 20 minutes, the Cheese was still pretty hot and the Saj bread, just as in the Hot Dog, was hot and nice.

For a nice Manakeesh or Saj Sandwiches, Zaatar W Zeit do a good job.

The Value:

The Cheese Manakeesh costs 13 Dhs each, which is pretty decent especially with it being nice, but the Hot Dog was 28 Dhs which did not make any sense. I just did not see why the Hot Dog had to be more than double the Cheese Manakeesh.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. They have nice Saj bread sandwiches and a good selection of Manakeesh which they prepare well. Also, they are open 24/7.. they can’t go wrong with that.

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