Pizza Hut for Lunch at Mirdif City Center

29 Jun

On the side of my main meal, I felt like trying Pizza Hut’s new Boneless Chicken Wings before the promotion ended.

The good thing is the Variety. In their theme “Wing Street”, the Chicken Wings come in two types Ordinary (With bones, called “Bone in”) and Boneless (Called “Bone out”) with 4 flavors: Original, Chili, Honey BBQ (Which is actually Honey Mustard) and Grilled Flavor (I forgot to ask what that is).

They come in 4, 9 and 12 Pieces (10 Dhs, 19 Dhs and 24 Dhs respectively).

I went with the 9 Pieces with the Honey BBQ Sauce.

They came in their Traditional Take Away Box but with a new design and color. They provided Tissues, Ketchup and Utensils. It smelled really good and I could not wait to dig in!

They had given me a Buzzer and the staff had been polite and friendly from the start. Welcoming and greeted us too.

I opened the box and was greeted by 9 pieces of Boneless Wings. I have had this issue before, why “wings” ? I shall not go through this again, but I always wonder. I quickly dug in and I really liked it!
The Chicken: They were hot, crispy on the outside and were delicious. What really made a difference was the sauce! There wasn’t a lot of sauce but sufficient for taste. The Honey BBQ was actually Honey Mustard. There was more Mustard taste than Honey which was very good. I absolutely loved it. A really good Appetizer!

Value: Pretty decent. 19 Dhs for 9 pieces of Chicken “Wings” is quite alright. Their ordinary Chicken Wings cost exactly the same, so it fits well especially since it is nicer.

Verdict: Go for it. Try it as an appetizer even if you want something else, it is worth it.

The Food: 7.5 / 10

I really recommend this Appetizer.

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