Cafe Havana for Lunch at Spinneys Umm Suqueim

25 Jun

Every time I go to Spinneys (The Umm Suqueim branch) I tend to have lunch at Cafe Havana. Today was a grocery day. Time to review Cafe Havana then!

The place overall is very open to light from the outside and it does have a very fresh wide-awake feel to it. Cafe Havana has plenty of seating from outside (By where people pass) to inside around a Fountain that’s in the center. In the back there is a long counter for the Chicken and Service.

The place looks nice, chic and has a lovely feel to it. It is calm, and has nice decor. Also, Their previous seats were annoying, tight, uncomfortable and had bad support for the back. Their new seats literally fixed all those! It is spacious, has good support for the back, and comfortable.

Quickly after picking a table for ourselves, the server had brought the Menu. One nice touch was she moved the Salt & Pepper shakers a bit away from us to make room for the Menu and the Food that’s to come.

The menu did have a good selection of food, from starters to dessert. There was no Soup section in the menu even though they do have a soup of the day (So you got to ask for that). There is a dedicated Kid’s menu though.

I have tried most of their food before and it has been good, so it was time for a little change. So we went for Sea Food. First up, the Appetizer. Deep Fried Calamari.

It did not take too long and the plate arrived nice and warm. The first impression was a good one, I liked the simple presentation, and the Calamari looked golden crisp. Before anything, I took a few without dip to check it out. They were Crispy on the outside, and very well cooked on the inside. Not stringy or chewy like I find in most places. Also, they were seasoned with Black Pepper.
On the side, there was a Mayonnaise sauce with diced up pickles. I really liked this sauce with the Calamari.
It was plentiful and there was enough Calamari rings to share.

For the main dish though, I went with Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. The dish though, had a sweetness flare to it. I was intrigued!

From the first look, the thing that clicked in my head was “Wow, Colorful”. Lots of greens, reds, yellows, pinks, etc going on! So I dug in, I was surprised, but in a nice way!
The Rice: This was the biggest surprise. I pushed the shrimp aside, took a nice spoonful only to find a piece of Pineapple inside! The Rice was nice and hot, and it had cut up pieces of Yellow Peppers and Pineapple with a little seasoning. It tasted quite good! Different, but good! it somehow.. worked!
The Shrimp: I got 4 Pieces of Grilled Shrimp. The Shrimp were grilled perfectly. Hot, Tender, evenly grilled, and seemed like it was pealed from underneath. This meant it was really easy to remove the shell, I liked that. That was not all though, they had brushed or poured a little Sweet and Sour sauce on the Shrimps. Not too much that it was overpowering the taste of the Shrimp but just enough to give a flavor. It was good.
The Sauce: Same sauce as the Calamari. this would have worked with ordinary Grilled Shrimp, but the Sweet sauce on the Shrimp would not compliment Mayonnaise so much.
The Salad: It was a typical freshly cut salad with Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onions with Lemon sauce on top… and a few pieces of Chopped Pineapple.

I tell you this dish was crazy! But it was really good, the Sweets never were too strong, and it was great. I added a touch of Tabasco after my first bites, and it was superb. 4 Shrimps would not be filling alone, it does need an Appetizer or a Side.

The Service: It was good. The waiter was polite, smiling, listening, patient and attentive. When taking our orders she asked if we wanted the Calamari with or before the food, she asked if we wanted Bread with Butter, etc. The waiter put effort to satisfy our needs. Upon leaving, even though she was away she came rushing to thank us and wished to see us again. Simple, Straight forward and effective. I like to be served with a smile, and they did exactly that.

The Value: 1 Deep Fried Calamari, 2 Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, 1 Large Local Water, and 1 Pepsi came to exactly 240 Dhs. Considering the good food, ambiance, service and the fact that Sea Food is priced above average usually, I would say it is good value.

The Ratings:
The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 7 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.7 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Calm atmosphere, good service and good food.

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