Wendy’s for Dinner at Dubai Festival City

24 Jun

Another weekend day at the mall, walking around and after our movie, I got hungry. I had a slight craving for Wendy’s BBQ Boneless Wings. Wendy’s it was then!

First thing I wondered was, how to rate the service since it really isn’t a Dining Restaurant, So the rating will be limited to service over the counter and delivery to the table.

The place has quite a popularity even though its at a corner where there isn’t that much movement.

I stood in line (As above), reached the counter and saw they had new sandwiches which has Mushrooms in them. I like spiced up foods so I ordered something called “Spicy Mushroom Chicken” and “Asian Spicy Boneless Wings”

The place isn’t really big. They have about 6 or 7 tables inside, 3 on one side, the rest on the other. Behind the place though (where I was sitting and taking the above photograph) they have about 10 more tables. If really busy, there is sufficient seating across the restaurant in the general food court tables area.

Wendy’s is rather different than other fast food places due to a number of things; The Chicken is literally a Chicken Breast (No processed, minced, etc Chicken here) and you do get to see the inside of the chicken with its lines, stringiness, texture, and taste. This is something I really do appreciate. Also, their fries are salted with sea salt and this has a different taste to it, rather than just salted.
The meal came with the large coke (I ordered up size), large fries, the sandwich and 2 ketchup cups. Due to loving the sauce in the Asian Spicy BBQ Wings, I asked if they could put some in a cup, which they did.

The Sandwich: It was good. I found it to be a little small. I was not really that hungry, but it did not entirely satisfy. Maybe my Chicken Breast was a little smaller than usual. The Sandwich essentially had the Chicken, Cheddar Cheese (lots of it!) and Mushrooms. It was yummy actually. It was called Spicy, but the Spice is mild. Nothing to blow anyone’s tongue, but you do taste a slight spice. If I had a real criticism aside from the Breast Size, it would be that the sandwich was placed upright. Can you guess where all my Cheese was?
The French Fries: They were really good. I mean it may not be as good as some Fast Food’s traditional ones but it is different, and in a good way. The fries seemed fresh (look a whole load like New York Fries) and is salted by Sea Salt. The significance of this is, that its not just salted but there is an interesting taste from Sea Salt. With a little sauce, the ketchup or the Asian Spicy sauce I ordered and it was lovely.
The Drink: I don’t know why I even added this. It tasted like Pepsi… because it was.

After the sandwich was done, I turned to the Appetizer, The Asian Spicy Boneless Wings.

I just do not get why they insist on calling these Wings. It has no bones, it does not look like wings, and it certainly does not fly. Why wings? how about Cubes? Balls? BBQ Chicken Wonders? BBQ Chicken Something.. I duno.. Anyways, it was great as always! There is certainly plenty of them in the plate.
The reason is, you can have this as a Meal as well!
The Chicken was cooked when ordered, not stored somewhere heated and waiting to be ordered. They were Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and with the sauce, it was just lovely. The sauce is sweet, spicy, sour and just delicious. Try this sauce. Even if you don’t order the “Wings”.

The Service: Was basic and good. The Cashier was polite, listened and was happy to serve. She told us to have a seat and she would bring the food to us. As we sat and saw the table was not so clean, there was a guy going around cleaning and clearing tables, so I asked him and he quickly dropped what he was doing and came to clean the table. The food was brought to us. They only provided 1 Fork for two servings of “Wings” but again, that guy happily brought like 3 forks. As far as Fast Food is concerned, the service is pretty good.

The Value: Pretty Decent and Consistent with Fast Food. The Spicy Mushroom Chicken meal was for 23 Dhs, and enlarging the Drink and Fries cost 3 Dhs. The Asian Spicy BBQ “Wings” was 15 Dhs. This totals to 41 Dhs, which is good considering the amount of food (I know the sandwich was a little small, but there was sufficient food ordered), the good and speedy service.

The Place:   6 / 10
The Service: 6 / 10
The Food:    7 / 10

Overall: 6.3 / 10

I’d recommend this place. One of my favorite Fast Food places, and is different. If you want Fast Food but a change too, try Wendy’s.

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