Leil Nhar Dubai Festival City

22 Jun

While walking around Festival City, I felt like something for Dessert. I decided to pass by Leil Nhar to sit a bit and also have dessert.

The menu had quite a selection of desserts, including a few Arabic ones too.

After making the order, the waiter brought the place setting.

Sitting outside was a little unpleasant but they were air conditioning units outside, that essentially blow slightly cool air. Shortly afterwards the rest of our drinks arrived and my dessert was brought.

I ordered myself something that seemed a little different, a Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. Quite a risk it seemed.

The presentation was nice, and it was time to dig in.
The Ice Cream: It was nice Vanilla Ice Cream, I could not identify which brand it was, but it was nice.
The Cake: Boring. It was thick chocolate cake. It had a weird taste, a taste one gets from those supermarket cake boxes that you make at home, a weird scent. It didn’t have the yummy bakery freshness or taste to it. The only good thing is they considered warming the cake. I could imagine, if it was cold it would have been quite hard. it was fairly thick on its own.
The Marshmallows: Small multicolored Marshmallows covered in chocolate sauce. They were interesting but I did not see them matching the rest in terms of flavors.

Verdict: I did not really enjoy this cake. It was pretty fine, but I ordered a Chocolate Cake, fine is not what I want! The taste of the Chocolate cake having that little taste usually found in cakes made at home wasn’t what I expected. Also, when going in, I saw a whole load of these cakes put on display. They basically use this chocolate cake for all their chocolate cake dishes. This isn’t made to order. The Ice Cream was the part I enjoyed. The rest wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good either.

Rating: 3 / 10

I wouldn’t recommend this dessert, try something else if you are there.

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