21 Jun

I have filed this under Delivery, but everyone is well aware that in Dubai, you have to deliver it to yourself! (Unless you are in Dubai Media/Internet City). Passed by a drive through at a petrol station near home and got me some McFood.

The time between ordering the food and picking them up is sometimes shockingly fast. They do sometimes define “Fast Food”. Alongside KFC (Having Chicken Ready), I do believe McDonalds is one of the fastest Fast Food Places out there.

They had given me this huge brown bag! It is recycled as far as I recall (I am not 100% certain). Inside, it seemed to have more paper bags. This needed a lot of extraction!

I know what I ordered but it seemed like a lot was going on! Inside the main bag, there were 2 brown paper bags, the drinks, plenty of ketchup, some tissues, and two of the wrong sauces. (I ordered Sweet Chili, they gave me Sweet and Sour). What was special (I have heard of this but I forgot) was that they had given me 2 glasses (London 2012 written on it) for the 2 meals I ordered. They are clear in color and came with white bands in the bottom which can be removed and used as wrist bands. Cool!

Overall, I did feel that there were just too many bags used. Maybe because they were thick brown bags..

Unpacked the bags, and started with the Garden Salad with 1000 Island Sauce.

This came separately in one of the bags. It had its own utensils, and packet of sauce. The container of the Salad had all the ingredients of the salad and was attractive to look at and read. It was a cardboard base with a clear plastic top. The Salad was cold and tasted fresh. All the vegetables seemed cleaned well too. Online the description of the Salad is:

“Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crunchy carrot shreds and a dash of Jack Cheddar cheese”

First of all, there was no dash of Jack Cheddar Cheese. Instead, there was Cucumbers and Green Peppers.

Of course, one does not go to McDonalds for the Salads. We had ordered the Grand Chicken – Special, and a Spicy McChicken Spicy.

The McChicken Spicy is one of my favorite sandwiches from McDonalds, but I have it with a little twist. Long ago, They had an offer where they added an extra patty of Chicken. The offer came and ended, but you can still order it with another patty! So this McChicken Spicy is Double up’d!

Being a meal, it came with a drink of your choice (can be substituted with juice) and fries, which I had up-sized as well.
The Sandwich: Very nice. There is something about McDonalds that is very consistent in their food, rarely does it change and if so, it would be due to a temporary issue (busy place, supply issue, or something like that) and it goes back to how it was. Even their Chicken Patties remain relatively the same shape too. The sandwich had plenty of crunchy lettuce, 2 patties of Spicy Chicken, enough Mayonnaise to go around the sandwich and Cheese. One of my favorite and maintains its status. Doubling the patty gives enough meat with the bread and the flavors are good. It is not very spicy, but has that spicy tingle.
The French Fries: In typical McDonalds tradition, its slightly over salted. I do not know why but it always has been that way for some reason. The fries themselves were nice, hot and crispy. With a little sauce to dip into, it is yummy.

The Grand Chicken – Special: I did not try personally. It looked up to standard, and was wrapped unlike my sandwich. I was told it tasted good. The size is pretty big compared to my sandwich even with double the patty. Very filling. It had lettuce, roca (Jarjeer in Arabic), tomatoes, Cheese, slice of chicken roll and the sauce is what McDonalds calls the “grainy gourmet sauce” which is essentially some sort of Mayonnaise derivative.

The Value:

The bill at McDonalds is not very people friendly. It seems like the drinks cost 12 Dhs and the Sandwiches are under-priced. Essentially what happens is, they list the sandwiches alone, and the fries and drink of the meal alone. 1 Spicy McChicken is 21 + 4 Dhs for the extra patty, 1 Grand Chicken Special is 23 and 1 Garden Salad is 12, totaling to 60 Dhs. It is good value considering the amount of food, and quality & clean feel of their food.

The Packaging: 6 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10

I’d recommend this place. Just note that they have no Delivery in most places, so you will have to Dine in, or Drive through and Pick up the food yourself till they start delivery.

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