Paul Cafe – Cakes and Pastries

18 Jun

I really felt like something sweet, and since Paul gave me quite a good experience the other day (Check out my Paul Cafe for Dinner Review) and they had some really delicious looking sweets, I went for it!

I took them home though.

They have a very neat, simple and classy box. I really liked it.

I ordered 2 Coffee Eclairs (I wished for Chocolate but they were out) and 1 Vanilla Millefeuille. Now, I am not 100% that it is a Millefeuille as I was not told what it was, but I think it is.

The Coffee Eclair: It was very nice. The outer was soft, coated on one side with a caramel like sauce and a creamy Coffee filling inside. The filling was thick, creamy and there was enough to go from first to last bite.
I am not the biggest Coffee Eclair fan, but it was very nice, I ate it and enjoyed.

The Vanilla Millefeuille: This was the really delicious one. The top and bottom were pastry of many thin layers (some people call it Puffy Pastry) and Vanilla Custard about 2 CM high in the middle. The Custard-like filling is a little thick to hold it all together. The top was glazed in a Sugary Coating. This one was the real enjoyment, too bad they only had one.

Verdict: Their Pastries (Like their food) were very good. I tried two random selections that caught my eye, and they were really good. They were fresh, soft and did not seem left there for long. Also, most of their pastries were gone by the time I came to make the order (There were whole cakes though) which does mean, there are many other people who share my opinion. I would definitely go back for more dessert soon!

Rating: 7 / 10

I’d recommend Paul Cafe for Pastries and Desserts.

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