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18 Jun

One thing in Dubai that is interesting is the amount of Cafeterias you find. A lot of people do not get them, but I do. They essentially make low cost meals using Bulk Quantities (across their groups), Frozen foods, Cheap labor, Cheap rent, Cheap packaging, No advertising beyond flyers and Cheap delivery methods (usually bicycles, or motor bikes).

Usually most Cafeterias, due to the above, offer low cost meals and if you find or know a good one, it would be delicious too! Food & Drink near where I live is actually one of those! So I was hungry… and felt like Chicken Shawermas!

So how was it? 

The Packaging as mentioned earlier was a white Plastic Bag with the name and logo printed on it. The name is the name of the group “Eat and Drink” rather than the name of the Restaurant itself. Low costs keep in mind.

Most Cafeterias have a really wide selection of food. The one I ordered Shawermas from has Grills, Indian Dishes, Arabic Salads, Chinese Dishes, Shawermas, Sandwiches (some imitate large Fast Food Chains), huge assorted list of juices and more. Some places I came across had Fried Chicken (like KFC) and others even had Pizza ovens.

The Contents were straight forward. 1 Pack of Pickles and a paper bag with the Shawermas inside. The Shawermas were wrapped in paper wrap, quickly rolled and tossed into the bag. No waste of time. Nothing fancy, just the Sandwiches.

As I said before, Food & Drink Restaurant is one of the good cafeteria places I have tried.
Their Chicken Shawerma is delicious and juicy. The contents were:

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Seasoned Onions (They are spiced), a little french fries, Shawerma Sauce (A combination hard to point, but its like light Tahina, but more creamy) and the Chicken itself. All these wrapped in a thin round bread.

I really enjoyed their Shawermas because the Chicken was cooked well (on their giant skewer of Chicken Shawerma that gets rolled around a Flame in the back) and there were some slightly crispy bits. It is pretty filling although small, I was pretty hungry, had 3 and I was full!

Value: I do not have a picture of the bill because it is essentially a standard bill from a receipt book and hand written (Cost Cutting). I had ordered 5 Shawermas (not all for me, of course) and it came to 25 Dhs, that is 5 Dhs each. They do not charge for delivery even.

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         7 / 10

Overall: 6 / 10

I’d recommend this place to deliver. If you live around Barsha 1 or have a good Cafeteria near you (There are many of them around), there is some good food to have.

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