Gelato – Italian Restaurant

07 Jun

Been a fan of Gelato for several years now. Mainly the Grand Cineplex Branch next to Wafi City. Their food has always been nice and their menu has a huge amount of choices. They also have a branch on Sheikh Zayed Road that is 95% as good. Being that I live closer to the Sheikh Zayed Road branch, they are the ones that deliver to me. Not much of a complaint but I do keep in mind the 95% thing.

I ordered some food for Lunch. The photo of the Bag was blurry so just picture a White Thick Plastic Big Bag with a Big Gelato logo on it.

The first thing I noticed was I was getting hungrier and the food had not arrived. On the phone, I was told that the delivery would take an Hour (Keep that in mind if you order) and it was 15 minutes Late. That is right, 75 minutes delivery.

One thing I like about them is good Utensils. They came in a Plastic Pack with a Fork, Knife, Spoon, Salt, Pepper and a Big Tissue. I really like when I am offered good Utensils with delivery. I really dislike having to use my own Utensils for Delivery.

For Starters I had the Mushroom Soup (Also known as Crema Di Funghi). No, I did not know that by heart I have a delivery menu. That menu is worth mentioning because it is a complete high quality booklet with the entire menu as it is found in the restaurant, just in mini form. Good maintaining of standards I think.

The Soup came in an ordinary Plastic Container. It was hot and had light smoke coming out of it, so at least the delay had not affected the food’s temperature, so far!
It was very good. Creamy with Mushrooms cut up very tiny (Is it Diced? Chopped? I can’t think of the right word). The flavor was really good and the Soup was thick and creamy. One thing that was nice is that it manages to keep itself warm throughout. The quantity is a lot too.
The Soup comes with a side of tiny Garlic Breads with Cheese. It is a nice side to go with the soup, just needed to be warmer.

The First Main dish was the Spaghetti with Pan Fried Chicken (Also known as Supreme Di Pollo in the menu)

First thing I noticed that it was a little colder than I would have liked, but only at the Spaghetti Point. The Chicken below was still warm. The Spaghetti and Chicken are tossed around Alfredo Sauce with Sliced Mushrooms. In the Menu, the Main dish is actually the Chicken with the Sauce and the Spaghetti being a Side Dish.
The Spaghetti was cooked well, just a little cold. It worked well with the Sauce. Well.. It was Alfredo Sauce.
The Chicken was very nice. It was Tender, Juicy and Perfectly Cooked to my taste. The Chicken slices were Chicken Breasts and there were 3 Slices in the dish. The seasoning was quite good too, I didn’t need anything except a tiny bit of salt.
The Mushrooms were nice too. Big chunks of Mushroom Slices with the Sauce worked.
Finally, taking a fork full of Spaghetti, Mushroom, Chicken rolled in the Sauce worked really well. Nice combination. The dish is big, and very filling for 1 person.

The second Main dish was the Grilled Shrimp (Also known as Gamberoni Grigliati in the menu)

The Shrimp Dish is fairly straight forward. 4 Pieces of Large Shrimp Grilled in a Lemon Garlic Sauce. They, thankfully, were still a bit hot. They do require some hard work as can be seen in the picture. After pealing off the shell, the Shrimp was really good. They were perfectly grilled and the cut in the bottom allowed the sauce to mix in with the Grilled Shrimp. The Meat was just right in terms of chewy-ness and flavor.
The Grilled lemon on top added a little reminder there is more to the dish than just Grilling.
The Lemon Garlic Flavor was light but noticeable while eating the Shrimp. It would not be filling enough if one is very hungry. Good time to try to get some Supreme Di Pollo from the other plate.

This dish comes with a Side of Plain Risotto. I do not like their Plain Risotto from what I tried in the past so I ordered their Mushroom Risotto.

Did I mention that I did not like Plain Risotto? Well this was essentially Plain Risotto with Mushrooms added to it! It was bland, super sticky and a little cold. I could easily lift quarter the serving with a fork. The reason I ordered Mushroom Risotto instead of the Plain is because in the Grand Cineplex branch, the Mushroom Risotto is actually Brown in Color, has a sweet flavor to it, and Sliced Mushrooms. That is delicious. This is just Bland and tasteless.

The packaging is varied for different things, which has things that can be reheated and others that are not. The Main dishes came in very high quality plastic containers (Black bottom, Clear covers) that are Microwave-proof, the Soups in fully clear containers, the Garlic Breads in a paper bag, and the Risotto in Aluminium foil. I just find that a little too much types of packaging. Not a problem really, just an observation.


2 Soups, 2 Main Dishes and a Rice order… (Apparently Upgrading from Bland Plain Risotto to Bland Plain with Mushroom Risotto cost 10 Dhs) came to a total of 156 Dhs. It was good value for 2 people from an Italian Restaurant. The upgraded Risotto was just a waste. I do suspect if you are nearer to a branch the food would come quicker, and be warmer.

The Packaging: 5 / 10
The Food:         4 / 10

Overall: 4.5 / 10

I do not recommend this place to Deliver. The food was alright but is really good at the restaurant itself (especially the Grand Cineplex Branch in Dubai) but the delivery took too long, and most of the food was lukewarm.

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